Windows Phone SMS bug disabling Messaging Hub

Reports are scattered about the internet concerning a Windows Phone bug that is sent via text message that will reboot your Windows Phone and disable your Messaging Hub. The SMS bug is not device specific and the only solution that is available so far is a hard reset.

To make matters worse, if you've pinned a friend to your Start Screen and they get the message via Facebook, when the live tile updates to display the message, the reboot is initiated.

Nothing official from Microsoft on this kink in the system. We don't know the message sequence (and don't really want to know) but according to @ryanlowdermilk (opens in new tab), host of Windows Phone Dev Podcast, it requires "A LOT of characters" and not something easily figured out.  Still the risk is there and we wanted to let you know and if you find your Messaging Hub crashing, this may be your problem.  As best we can tell, this bug doesn't expose what is on your Windows Phone but instead just makes life a little inconvenient with the hard reset.

Hopefully Microsoft can develop and distribute a software patch to fix this bug soon.

source: winrumors

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Damn! And what about the disappearing keyboard bug? Any news on that, its really starting get on my nerves!
  • LOL, wut? That bug sounds really weird. And yeah, the dissapearing keyboard: I've developed a reflex to quickly tap the textbox aftear it dissapears...
  • I guess that's another bug to add to the list: Zune crashing, disappearing keyboard, and now SMS. I love Windows Phone but Microsoft really needs to get a faster update schedule. Screw the carriers and push out bug fixes OTA. Only give the carriers advance notice if its a major update.
  • Zune crashing? I haven't heard that one.
  • I've never had Zune crash on me at this point, and the KB vanishing doesn't happen as often enough to drive me crazy so I can wait for a fix.
  • +1 about the disappearing keyboard bug. Starting to drive me NUTZ. If it would only disappear once during a message or email that would be okay, but sometimes it desappears as much as 8 or 9 times! Step it up Microsoft!
  • hahahah  Zune crashing, disappearing keyboard, and now SMS. Have never experience any if these issue on my wp7.5. What a joke has i do not even see much posting on the web issues of these problems. 
  • There's a video of it at Neowin.  I wonder if unpinning the tile would help.
  • I saw the video, take a good look at battery indicator while he is doing it and you will have your answer as to why the phone shut down and messaging will not start after restart.

  • yeah, the battery indicator is dead and there's no reception.
    SMS bug my ass.
    Did someone get payed by Google or Apple for staging that hoax?
  • i haven't had this problem nor any of these other problems, ever.
  • Don't know about Zune crashing or the SMS bug. But the keyboard thing sucks. And in fact, it disappeared when I started this post
  • Zune crashing? keyboard disappearing?.... and a weird sms bug I probably will never get... so ok? now, i don't understand any of these issues people have and complain about...
    I only know, there will be alot of trolls about this issue (i have seen them in other sites) since its Windows Phone and its from Microsoft. but i dont care what they think :)
    my Windows Phone Works perfectly and i have never had any issues. so for me its been a great year with Windows Phone.
  • I've experiencd the keyboard disappearing bug. It isn't frequent enough to be showstopping, but it is a nuisance that should have been fixed by now. (Mango was RTMed almost 6 months ago.)
    The majority of problems I see are actually manufacturer firmware and driver issues: HTC and the Zune freezing issue, Samsung messing up the Bluetooth volume in the latest firmware. Those are both due to drivers that the phone makers are responsible for, not Microsoft. Regardless, Microsoft needs to come down on these guys and get them to push patches out faster. It's not the carriers, because even the non-branded devices haven't been updated yet. Just the same, Microsoft needs to get a fix out for the keyboard issue. 1-2 months is acceptable for a non-security related bug to go unpatched. But 6 is absurd.
    Ultimately, because of mounting issues like this SMS bug or the 3+ month delay on the SSL certificate revocation (build 7392) for many devices, I fear Windows Phone is going to start getting a reputation that resembles Android where, despite the ability to update, bugs and security threats persist because the phone makers, carriers, and even Microsoft prevent fixes from getting to consumers in a timely manner.
  • I love my HD7 but ignoring other problems is not fixing it...check out the link for Zune issues and yes I had the issue for 6 weeks until they finally fixed it. But not everyone is still fixed.

    Stop acting like an Apple user thinking everything is rosy when it is not. Microsoft needs to fix things quicker. End of story.
  • Are you hurt my phone works fine?
    did i say Microsoft doesnt need to fix this? do you understand that I don't care about it since i know i will not get it?
    and i don't get a keyboard disappearing and zune crashing ever. the only issue i have its so not important that i don't care about it either since it happens sometimes. so its nothing i will die about.
    if i act like an "apple user" stop acting like an idiot nosey commenting on others comments because they think different than you or they have experienced something different or dont say "poor macutvol, i hope he gets his phone fixed". i definitely don't care about you or your phne. i ONLY care about my phone. there is no reason to care about you or your zune crashing.
    this bug is simply a bug no one will really have, and if someone else have it, whatever. Microsoft has to fix alot of bugs, its not like this is the only one. software = bugs, i thought that wasn't a secret. and this bug is more a reason for Trolls to troll about how insecure and bad is Microsoft Windows Phone, than a bug that worries me, because im sure i will not get it.
  • I didn't get the Zune issue until Mango so if they gave me this bug, you are foolish if you think they can't break something else the next update. Mine is working now and I hope I never get it again nor anyone else for that matter because it sucks.
    You are welcome to think different but don't spout nonsense about WP7 not having issues since your one phone out of thousands works correctly. Just be glad it did. I care about WP7 users as a whole because if Microsoft makes another misstep we could all be looking at Android or IOS as the only options in town.
    Have a good day.
  • Bravo Macutvol, A grounded opinion that also happens to also be a -gasp- critical one. God forbid if a WP user is critical of the flaws and MS. Nice to see actual users questioning things vs the blindly saluting ze furher.
  • att
  • Personally, I've experienced the Zune problems before. There was a time of a week or so in early November when Zune and Marketplace would crash when I tried to open it. I haven't experienced it since that week but it was super annoying since I had to do battery pulls like when I had my Blackberry. Just turning it off and on wasn't enough to fix that problem. I know it's not a widespread problem but it does happen.
  • I'll take a flawed windows phone any day compared to the other os's. I can no longer stand by androids laggy dual core hype hype hype. Not Everyone is a nerd and wants to custom rom their phones. I was in a At&t store in my area and sparked up a conversation about the wp7, pretty much asked him why there are only dummies on display for wp7 but all the androids and iPhones had live working units. He told me that everyone in the store that worked there has an android. I said hmm what do u think of android. "I love it". This is where i official give myself the title of "Official WP7 ambassador". I asked him if he has a working unit of at least the Titan. Common its the flagship device. Nope just throws a bunch of dummy units on the desk. I asked if he knows anything about wp7 or their devices. He says not much because he hasn't had a chance to play with one because there aren't any in he store. I pulled out my Titan and showed him...i know that sounds dirty but get your minds out of hr gutters... His reaction is the same I get when I show off this beautiful beast. "Wow! That screen is amazing!" The screen was on automatic for brightness and the thing still just pops. He had the new Moto atrix 2. I have the first atrix and the screen just sucks in comparison to the Titan, so did the atrix 2. He was just drawn in by the screen and all of its beautiful glory, then i turned the display all the way up. He was little a kid in a candy store. Sorry for being so cliché. i was there about an hr discussing different platforms and giving him a tutorial of what Wp7 had to offer. This is basically how it went.... Bright beautiful screen = amazing voice navigation (tell me)= wow it can do that Contact integration with apps(Facebook..etc) = wow that's sick Live tiles/easy navigation of UI = this thing is fast These were just a few main points i wanted to share with everyone i discussed many more but these are the main ones that the average consumer focuses on. I've owned and used many phones i said to him but this Os here, and u can quote me "It just Works". He agreed and said "I am getting tired of android. I've been wanting to try something new and i love this UI and screen"
  • the disappearing keyboard seems to happen on certain 3rd party apps, not on the least for me.  Never had issues with Zune yet.
  • I have run into the disappearing keyboard bug most commonly when using the browser, not often at other times. It is supposedly due to one or more background agents running, just don't know which ones. It might be an interesting exercise to compile a database of people running into the disappearing keyboard bug along with what background agents they have running.
  • My virtual keyboard disappears now and then. If it gets too annoying, I head to Settings -> Applications page -> Background tasks and turn off what ever background tasks are running. (Check Turn background tasks back on for this app the next time I open it).
    I haven't had the Zune issue.
    As for the SMS issue, and actually for demo vids in general: folks, charge the phone or have it connected to a stand-alone USB charger. It seems like such a minor detail, with the battery so low in the SMS vid, I found myself thinking the same as kg4icg, that the Messaging hub won't start because of the battery.
  • So glad I have the keyboards issues whatsoever....Haven't seen the SMS bug either.....
  • My Windows Phone 7.5, build 7720, a Dell Venue Pro, has not experienced the SMS bug or disappearing keyboard. In fact it is very stable and works all the time, so I don't know what these guys are talking about.