Windows phones from an Android perspective, Smartphone Round Robin style!

What do you get when you shove an HTC Touch Pro 2 and HD2 into the hands of a longtime Android user? Besides a pair of hands that tremble under that much power, you get Casey Chan (of AndroidCentral fame) in the opening round of the third annual Smartphone Round Robin. Casey gets a look at how HTC Sense and TouchFLO 3D stand up to stock the Android OS, as well as on HTC Android fare. Check out the fun here.

But even better than that is the discussion Casey's started in our forums. He has questions, and you guys have answers. And remember that every time you post in a Round Robin thread (either here or at one of our sister sites), you're entered to win a Windows phone from us, worth up to $1,000. Cause we're givers.

Phil Nickinson

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