Winterface gets a Facelift

Vito Technology has released an new version of Winterface, a Windows Mobile Professional (touchscreen devices) user interface. The new version adds more customization by adding new skins, changeable backgrounds, and customizable headings.

Not only do you have new skins such as the "Casino", you can also download additional skins from Vito's website. You can also customize the background on the skins either by adding a photo or by changing the color.

There is also some improvements with functionality with the page dots at the bottom of the Winterface screen becoming 'clickable'. While you can finger swipe from page to page, now you can jump ahead by tapping on the dots.

Vito's Winterface is available at the WMExperts Software Store. We also have a Developer's Forum for Vito Technologies software where you can share your thoughts on any Vito software title including Winterface topics.

Phil Nickinson

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  • Tried it on different HTC phones, on WVGA it seems very slow, on qvga it's a little bit better but not even close to TouchFlo 3D or Mobile Shell.
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  • Well they are getting close. I have always loved the idea. I tried each new version of GoodWin but it was always buggy. Winterface was a step closer but also very slow and buggy. I hope they can get busy and write some bug free code because even though I was given a free licence for SPB Mobile Shell I dont use it because it misses the point of a simply finger friendly GUI. C'MON Vito you can do it!
  • P.S. Touch Flo 3D is just semi functional finger friendly eye candy. Flipping threw music, pictures, contacts and email in TF3D is retarded!