WM6 "Hack" to Create New Documents

I've complained about Microsoft's boneheaded decision to keep WM6 Standard Edition from being able to create office docs natively before. Why on earth would they allow that to happen? Well, Jason Landridge offers this little tip:

Just create a blank document on your PC for Word and Excel and copy them into your My Documents folder.  You can then open these documents and Save them As something else...

Ok, that works. But still, will somebody tell me why it's so difficult to just add "new document"? Is it just a decision that's based on a desire to keep the "Pro" edition more "pro"? In any case, it's a nice tip. Here's a better one, just use Documents to Go instead of the built-in doc editor.

Read: Jason Langridge's WebLog - MR Mobile! : Windows Mobile 6 Standard - can't create new documents?

WC Staff