WM6 Standard Edition Office Can Only Edit, Not Create

I think Luke speaks for all of us when he says "No. It can't be. That's not true. That's impossible!" But just as (spoiler alert) Luke was forced to admit that Vader really is his father, so too we come to a sad realization. Jeff Kirvin points out a tidbit that I missed about Windows Mobile 6 Standard Edition. Namely, that while it can finally edit Word and Excel files, it cannot create them natively. Is Microsoft just breaking Standard edition for the sake of differentiating it from Professional edition?

As Kirvin points out, this rock-dumb decision by Microsoft leaves a tiny little window open for Documents To Go which not only can create new office docs but also apparently should offer more robust editing features.

One last bit, as I was searching for confirmation I read this Laptop magazine review of WM6 which also points out that the Standard edition, like today's WM5 Smartphone edition, does not include a basic text notes app. FOR SHAME.

(Thanks to Smartphone Thoughts for the tip!)

WC Staff