WM6.5 pre-Beta ported to HTC Fuze/Raphael

And the WM6.5 leaks-n-ports are starting....

Looks like Da_G, famous for his kitchens, has released his "very beta" port of WM6.5.  He say very beta because he expects bugs and even gives a list of known issues already, so this is only for the brave of you who absolutey must have the latest.

Officially, this build is 5.2.21139.5.0.0 for you number counters and you can find the thread/download right here.

It does have the Pro version of "Chrome" which is also known as Sliding Panels found on WM Standard, so that should be fun.  We should mention that this build of WM6.5 is built off of one ROM that is X-months old--so we don't know how much of this stuff is new, what has been left out, or what has been added since.

Hopefully once someone gets some actual screen caps, we'll post 'em here.

[via XDA]

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