WM6.5: Successfully ported to (CDMA) HTC Devices

Well, that didn't take too long...

Just days after the succesful port of a very early release of WM6.5 on various GSM devices, Conflipper over at ppcgeeks has released a kitchen that opens the door for a ton of  CDMA devices (Touch, Diamond, Touch Pro, Mogul).

Now, be warned: this is pre-release, early build stuff for WM6.5, meaning a lot of "things" are broke--so your help is needed. 

Also, we should be on the lookout for a newer WM6.5 build around January 26th...so sit tight.

Having said that, here's what to expect...

Read on for the nitty-gritty details!

Conflipper was kind enough to summarize what this kitchen is about. Below are his notes:

  • Based on alltel  xip, and alltel driver base
  • 6.5 at this time, is very fast, there is no new GUI, we are having a hard time porting that over, others have got it to work, I will include the files in the kitchens so others can try to make it work has well
  • The new Pocket Internet Explorer, only works on 6.5, it is greatly improved over PIE6. Flash rendering is very fast, page rendering is very fast, There is a new double tap feature to zoom in, Also the menus are different has well. Different order of the menus
  • We are still working on everything at this time. We have the following issues fixed. Media Player, PIE, Office, Volume control
  • There is still very limited startup animation, we are tracking that down, trying to figure out what has changed there, if we use an older Startup Animation Engine driver from HTC, that came stock on the Vogue, it will play, there is however no sound, Since then HTC has moved to a newer animation driver called. HTCAnimation.dll. and that driver is not being picked up by 6.5, we are still working on this at the time.
  • There is a new locking feature in 6.5. but It is highly recommended not to use it, it is not working properly at this time. And more then likely will lock up your phone, requiring a hard reset. Some people have got it to work, others have not.
  • On the QVGA side of things, everything seems to be going better, since the leaked 6.5 source we got was a qvga device, that helps. On VGA it is a different story, the camera will not work at all, it says it can not initialize GAPI, we are not sure why it is doing this, and it looks like might not be fixed until we have a better source, but I could be wrong

Sounds exciting to us! Let us know how it goes and congrats to Conflipper and the rest of the ppcgeeks for this huge release!

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