Word Lord – a simple but fun Windows Phone word game

No argument here. There is a vast selection of word games available in the Windows Phone Store and many of them are entertaining, enjoyable and addictive titles. Word Lord is a fairly new word game offering that hopes to join the ranks of the must have Windows Phone games.

The game is basically a hidden word game that has two gaming modes and three boosters to help you along the way. Graphics are minimal and in playing Word Lord for a short time, it comes across as a fun word game to pass the time with. Word Lord is available for low memory Windows Phones.

Word Lord Menus

The main menu for Word Lord greets you with options to choose between the two gaming modes, start game play and pull up additional menu items from the three-dot menu. The additional items includes viewing the leaderboards, viewing a help screen on the boosters, accessing the game's options and viewing the About screen. Gaming options include setting your nickname, muting the sounds, choosing one of three themes (Daytime, Night and Sea) and choosing your language.

The two gaming modes with Word Lord include a timed game and a move limited game. The timed game challenges you to identify as many words from a 5x5 grid of letters in two minutes. The move limited game also has you identifying as many words as possible from the grid but you are limited to ten moves. The longer the word, the more points earned and your words have to be at least three letters long.

Word Lord

Just tap and drag your finger along the letters to create the words with horizontal, vertical and diagonal connections being allowed (cannot back trace).

As you create words, the letters used will be removed from the playing field and new letters will fall into place. Boosters line the bottom of the screen that can be used to help you create larger words and score more points. These boosters include:

  • An X mark that will remove one letter from the field of your choice
  • An asterisk that will create a universal letter at a selected place
  • A Plus Mark adds ten seconds or one move to the game

As you complete games, the points you score are banked and can be used to purchase additional boosts.

Game play isn't much different than any other find a word type game. The move limited mode adds a nice challenge to the mix in that you really need to hunt down longer words to make the most of your ten moves. This mode is more of a concentration game with the time game is one of reflex or speed.

Overall Impression

The more I played Word Lord, the more the Windows Phone game grew on me. The game doesn't have many bells and whistles but the simple design makes Word Lord well suited for short gaming spurts as well as longer gaming sessions. The game is just a nice, clean looking, challenging Windows Phone game. I have to agree with one of the Windows Phone Store reviews that Word Lord is a real time killer.

The two gaming modes complement each other and the theme options are a nice touch to offer up a little variety in the game's appearance. It's hard to find anything to complain about with Word Lord. The game ran smoothly, was challenging enough to avoid becoming stale and the graphics were nicely drawn up. Word games may not be your cup of tea but if they are, Word Lord a title worth adding to your Windows Phone gaming library.

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