Wordfeud coming to Windows Phone

Wordfeud (Wordfeud.com), a cross-platform multiplayer word game, is coming to Windows Phone, according to an email sent from a member of the team. The game allows players to go up against other players at a personal pace. Multiple games can be played (as illustrated in the above screenshot) and multiple dictionaries are supported (English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish).

Snippet of the email response that was sent to WordFeudPro from the Wordfeud team a month ago:

"At this point we do not have any plans for a BlackBerry version of Wordfeud. This May change in the future though. However, we have started working on Windows Phone 7 version yesterday."

Good news for those who are fans of the game, be sure to keep an eye on the development blog for any articles or announcements relating to the Windows Phone app that may be published there.

Source: WordFeudPro (Translate), thanks Lobbie1978 for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • This news is almost a month old! Here's my tweet about it from November 25...
  • You should have tipped WPCentral then! Doesn't matter, I just did ;-)
  • We're slightly late the ball but best to cover the fact that their app is coming than not at all :-P
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