World Record: 144 Windows Phones create a massive display [Video]

Symbio created a 12x12 Windows Phone formed display, totaling 144 devices, at the TechDays 2012 event in Helsinki, Finland. The display is able to take input from a single Windows Phone for control and relay content beamed from a web server (over WiFi). The result is pretty spectacular and is also a world record. 

Impressive stuff. What do you guys make of this? 144 phones would be a fairly expensive investment (in cost and power), so we'd still recommend a decent 50" TV instead.

Source: YouTube, via: WMPU, thanks to everyone who tipped us!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Thats impressive!
  • Neat, but it would of looked better if the spent a little extra time and lined all of the phones up into a nice grid.  Some phones are at angles and not all spaced evenly.  If they could of found USB connectors that were at 90 degree angles, the could of gotten the close together which would of created a better effects.
    But still neat!
  • But solo useless ^^
  • U mad bro
  • Pretty awesome... They should've been put closer together though. Amazingly simple and effective.
  • Unfortunately the phones we got to lend were quite "used", so they would not stay powered without being plugged in all the time. And because of the location of the charging plug is on the side on both phone models used (Trophy & Optimus7), we couldn't put them next to each other. That's why some of them are a bit crooked as well, as the charger cables were constantly pulling them sideways and we had no time to tape them to the wall.
    Buying 144 90 degree usb cables would have been quite expensive as well, so we went with the stock chargers and cables.
  • How do the phones know where they are in the matrix?  You say the WP7 in your hand is telling them...but how?
    I see this as a pretty neat mass event tool...such as everyone in a football stadium opens an app and raises their phone above their head.  You could implement a virtual 'wave' that would cycle around the stadium, looking pretty dang sweet.  Just pictuing the Super Bowl mostly.
  • Am I the only one not impressed by this? It looks good, but I can hardly see what the video actually is playing.
  • At first I wondered why do this. Then I thought how it could used with some W8 tablets and cool art installations and messaging ideas popped into my head. Pretty cool I guess. Not sure what the previous record was that got shattered though. ;)
  • 9,600x5760 screen res beat that iphone!
    HTC Trophy controlling all of them... you would think it would be a Lumia 800 or something