WP7 launches In Thailand, then flies off shelves

Windows Phone 7’s launch in Thailand yesterday was a monumental success, selling out immediately.  Microsoft, partnering with HTC and Dtac, released the WP7-powered HTC HD7 to eager consumers, making Thailand the fifth country in the world to have WP7. [Well, maybe they count countries differently in Thailand, but last we checked, WP7 is in over 30 countries right now  -ed]

HTC offered the phone at a price of 22,900 baht (about $760) with a 3GB monthly plan for 799 baht (about $26.50).  According to HTC’s Nattawat Woranoppakul, the Surround was originally considered, but passed up for the HD7’s larger screen, better speakers and smaller form factor.

As we reported previously, Microsoft will not be providing WP7 Asian Language Support until the second half of 2011, so in the meantime, the HD7 is using an HTC application which makes Thai language support possible.

Source: Bangkok Post; via:wmpoweruser, Pocket Now (opens in new tab)

Daniel Rubino

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  • Would be interesting to know how many devices "flew off the shelves". The omission of this figure is somewhat telling. MS was able to release a number of devices that have shipped to retailers, they must have a breakdown by country -- for all we know, they could've shipped 1000 to Thailand with the intention of 'sell-out' headlines...
  • While the omission is interesting, you lose me at the conspiracy theory part. Microsoft doesn't "ship" phones, HTC does. Are sell-out headlines in Thailand really going to change things?
  • I went to a big shopping mall last Tuesday and I could already get it at 22,900 ฿. There were only two units in stock...
    It's too freaking expensive, I'll get an Omnia 7 from France instead...