WP7 Root Tools 0.9 coming soon with new features

Well known Windows Phone hacker Heathcliff74 announced an upcoming revision to his homebrew suite of tools on Twitter today. He noted WP7 Root Tools 0.9 will bring additional device support and allow homebrew developers to mark their applications as "trusted", opening up unfettered access to the file system and Windows APIs.

He also noted that he'll release a mini SDK, allowing developers to use both Windows APIs and use model-specific functionality without infringing on the copyright of any major carriers, OEMs, or Microsoft [ed: like Julien Schapman's TouchXperience].

Keep your ear to the ground, we'll let you know the moment it's ready!

Rafael Rivera
  • I want a version where I don't need to interop-unlock.
  • And we all want to hit the lottery :)
  • Agreed. That would be ideal for us folks on a Titan at least.
  • Things are moving in the right direction at least. No thanks to Microsoft.
  • Be fair, its thanks to MS that we dont have a malware ridden OS like Android.
  • Be fair, Microsoft could have implemented these settings straight in the OS. Or create an Advanced Developer Unlock, or whatever. Would have saved me countless hours of hacking. :-P
  • Heathcliff74, there is always Android for people like you. I totally agree with Gmotagi, MS has done the right thing. It is a consumer device not a computer science lab
  • Plz dont make me laugh. Android for me.. LOL!! An Android device with 2 cores still can't do smooth scrolling. Pff. WP7 rocks. I'm just trying to make it even more useful without compromizing security :-P
  • What about the registry tweaks section :(