Windows Phone YouTube app removed from the Store as Microsoft, Google come to terms

Changes continue to impact the Windows Phone Youtube app at a fast pace. First came the official Youtube app recieved a major overhaul, then Google complained that the app violated YouTube's API and Terms of Service, then Microsoft updated the app to comply with some of Google's requests.

The latest chapter in this saga has the Youtube app being pulled from the Windows Phone Store and news of a collaboration between Microsoft and Google for a solution.

According to YouTube communications manager Matt McLernon,

"Microsoft and YouTube are working together to update the new YouTube for Windows Phone app to enable compliance with YouTube's API terms of service, including enabling ads, in the coming weeks."

Part of the arrangement has the current YouTube app being pulled and replaced with the previous version of the app until a "compliant" version is developed.  As far as the when is concerned on the release of a new version of the app, Microsoft wouldn't expand beyond "in coming weeks".

Source: The Register (opens in new tab); Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Microsoft really needs to give Google this same type of treatment
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  • Agreed, but how?
  • Give Microsoft Google Reader.
  • Problem there is that Google Reader is being shut down
  • Microsoft holds patents on SMS. You cannot do SMS in a phone with out paying Microsoft. Google passes the buck on this and lets the phone makers pay for the licensing on this. If microsoft wants to be mean and really stick it to Google then they only have to not renew the licensing deals with every phone maker out there. Right now only Apple and Motorola do not pay. Apple does not pay due to a cross licensing deal the made with Microsoft a long time ago. Motorola Mobility does not pay and is in violation of Microsofts patents. Microsoft has dragged them into court several times and Motorola has lost. I believe there is a standing injunction in Germany right now that bans the sale of Motorola Android phones. Microsoft also holds patents relating software keyboards...
    I say turn off SMS and software keyboards for every android phone and watch the world grind to a halt.  
  • If Microsoft really wanted to bend Google over, they'd put a built-in ad blocker in the next version of IE, and prompt users to turn it on in the setup wizard. Take a massive bite out of Google's revenue. It would also be the end of the (free) Internet, but hey... ;)
  • Microsoft would most likely end up being order by a court that thy have to licence out the SMS patents. It's what happens everytime a company tries to hold out licencing a technology that is considered required. Just look at the recent motorolla/microsoft disputes.
  • Possibly in Europe if it is a FRAND patent. In the US, there's nothing stopping Microsoft from withholding the use of their patents. Microsoft doesn't really seem as concerned about growing market share as they do about growing profits (after all, they are a public company). That being said, I think they'd rather have every Android OEM paying their fair share and just let Windows Phone languish in <10% market share unless the market chooses to being adopting it more rapidly.
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  • I agree but Microsoft actually cares about customers on all platforms not how many customers are on that platform 
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  • LOL!
  • it reminds me of the math's algebra. LOL!
  • +ATIV S ... I mean i8750 ... :(
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  • Microsoft should block google search on its Windows PCs, block you tube, block Gmail email, block chrome, etc. Say Google does not play nice with Windows Phone, we deserve the right to block your sh*t. :p
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  • And the next day they will get a call from the DOJ and EU.
  • Thats exactly what I thought. Sad...
  • ... but that's the 'unfairity' of DOJ and EU about Microsoft. Oh, man...
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  • How I like the sound of that venom5150. Leave google chrome but Block google's chrome "Google now" API should make them bleed out just right.
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  • Yeah, the only problem is that users that have been on Gmail far longer than Windows Phones will be screwed. It wouldn't be fair to those users. It's plain childish to do so and it would be on par with what google wants, which is exactly blocking services to those who own WP and would benefit google only.
    It's obvious that many users want to continue using Gmail and for WP to defy Google's attempt to shut down that link will send out the massage to google that they need to play fair with their Gmail users. Google hates WP because MS will not allow their users to be spied upon through email ad targeting.
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  • +Bingo was his nameo
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  • + what about 7.x ?
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  • Totally agree. So ridiculous.
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  • micro soft should remove skype from bugdroids and say "we are currenty having some server problem of the resaon we cant provide skype access to current android user sorrey for inconviniency please try again later"
    this yould keep google silence after all people cant live a second without skype. OR else talking about add MS should flood skype free user with and give excuse its just for money... 
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  • Holding onto my app till the new one releases.
  • Don't update to that. It'll be worse. I expect MSFT to keep the UI looking awesome, but functionality is going to take a huge hit a la Google.
  • and if i dont like the new version i wont install it either
  • How do you know of you don't like if you haven't tried it.. ? :P
  • Screenshots will help a bit,right?
  • Same I haven't updated and won't till something better comes out
  • what are you talking about? it already came it. it's called metrotube ;)
  • Metrotube doesn't play videos not allowed on mobile.. So no.
  • Supertube does
  • I have metrotube on my 920 and it does play videos, it also allows me to download videos to my phone.
  • Metrotube plays videos but not ones that block mobile, which a lot of music videos do.
  • I don't understand what you mean by that, I've only experienced that when I go to YouTube from my phone's browser but not from the app itself. when I use the app to look up the same video, it shows up and plays as it should. Now I'm wondering if it could be an issue with the app the way the app works on your phone. what device are you using?
  • Its because they don't show up in your results on metrotube.. You only see what's available on mobile.. I still prefer the interface and use it.
  • ok, that makes sense. But I swear I can find the same vids on both and still be able to play them. IDK, I could be mistaken.
  • From The Verge:
    Microsoft, for its part, has said that it'shappy to include ads in its YouTube Windows Phone application if Google allows it and provides access to an official API. The Verge understands that Microsoft will have to use a publicly available iframe embed API, meaning its updated application will likely lose a lot of functionality.
    Not good in my opinion. embedded iframe is old school. 
  • Thankfully already have the app, will have to live with 1 available update as long as possible!!!
  • I wish that "1" went away now that the app was pulled.
  • Haha, same here.
  • That's will drive me crazy to see that 1 update there. I don't use the app anyway. Mytube and metrotube are perfectly fine.
  • Will drive me crazy to see "2" there. I have a stuck update for MetroTalk that refuses to install. It would be nice to have the option of actually cancelling the download and having the stupid notification go away.
  • Uninstall Metrotube. Worked for me ;)
  • I uninstalled it and now it wants me to pay again....
  • Click buy, it should think for a bit and then say "you already own this" then allow you to Install. Or perhaps try reinstalling from reinstaller (if it still works), or
  • I got metro tube when it was free, when i reinstalled it i had to pay. Obviously an error but didn't care this time as it is worth the 79p.
  • I was able to download paid games which were free before, with a tip similar with schlubadub's tip.
  • One more reason why I don't use Google products.
  • Funny how a lot of us are saying quit google services but nobody says screw YouTube, MSFT forget abt it.
    Although I hate google for this, I don't think a lot of us can just stop using their services.
  • Youtube and main google browser on laptop and desktop are the only google services i use. I'm finding that nokia and microsoft, because they're not wedded to advertising and targeting adds, they provide much better services with things like maps because they don't do things to force you to stay on the internet.
  • Microsoft should find a way to sign an exclusivity deal with HTC - that be a "fcuk you Google"
  • Shoot, couldn't download the app because I was visiting family in Europe. Now the day before I get back they take down the app. Grr
  • It was available in Europe. Downloaded it from France and more recently from Sweden. Where were you?
  • You can't download apps outside of your carrier's service, even in WiFi unless you switch the sim.
  • Sure you can, at least if you have a decent carrier deal which is normal here
  • I don't know where "here" is. When in Europe I could not download apps over WiFi because my carrier did not have coverage there as they are a U.S. Company. So for tamas305 he probably could not download the app while he was in Europe.
  • Unless you're using carrier billing, it shouldn't be anything to do with your carrier...
  • That may be the issue, since I did have carrier billing.
  • Are you sure? I didn't experienced any problems with installing apps or updating them two weeks ago when I went to another country.
    Where do have this information from?
  • First time I hear about that as well. I think this may be due to devices bought at a restrictive carrier.
  • The fact that it didn't work on my phone or my family's.
  • I just got back from a vacation too and I could download just fine. You don't need a carrier connection for that. I still download/install apps on my old focus that doesn't have a SIM card in it.
  • Don't reset your phones kids!
  • Don't reset your phones kids!
  • I won't
  • Lol
  • I won't
  • Lol
  • Google sucks. Pure and simple
  • A sore @$$ loser is what google is.
  • Google does not suck. Not at all, they're a corporation just like Microsoft, they want money and things to go their way.
  • Exactly why they're sore losers. They want it their way -- at the expense of a massive consumer base.
  • And keep in mind that google always presented themselves as "do no evil". It's times like this that we see that they believe in do no evil unless there is a profit to be made. I never trusted google. It always irritated me how they make a huge profit just by tracking what I do in the internet.
  • +livetiles
  • I thought something weird was up. I went to a Verizon store (with my Lumia 920 in tow...sold my first 928 today, and I'm really proud) and when I tried to show a customer the youtube app on the 928 it wasn't there in the WP store. So I showed them MetroTube and myTube (and the YouTube app) on my phone. It all makes sense now.
  • anyone got the xap?
  • Check the previous article on YouTube which was published few days ago when MSFT released an update that disabled downloads. Somebody in the comments section provided a link to the xap that had the download feature.
  • I somehow doubt the xap will help, particularly with that version of the app removed from the marketplace. The xap is mainly to just bypass downloading over the device, but still checks the marketplace to ensure the xap is valid and matching what's for download.
  • I will find a way my phone is dev unlocked not sure if that will help though
  • Glad my Lumia 928 came in the mail two days ago -- already downloaded it!
  • I really hate Google, and this whole saga doesn't help with that. One could argue that MS played dirty here, but in the end what they did is resulting in something good for mutual customers of both parties. Something that Google could learn to do.
  • This is a good thing. Hopefully setting up a framework for the 2 companies to work together on bringing more google services to windows phone.
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  • After all this you still want more google services? This is exactly why they pull the crap they do, there is nothing that google produces people can't do without if they wanted to
  • +1 @theefman
  • Good thing? I'm skeptical. Google has been dragging their feet and stalling MS at every opportunity. They may have said, "Okay, we'll talk if you remove the app" and will proceed to EXTREMELY SLOWLY iron out a deal that wouldn't materialize until next year. Or they could wait several months and say, "Nah, we don't accept the terms, go away. We're suing the moment you put back up an app without ads. No API for you!"
  • Good thinking about sadistic Dirty 'G' Harry :D
  • Well what exactly Google could sue them over is debatable. Just cause a company sends a C&D doesn't mean there is any legality to it. No, MS took down the YouTube app because they believe (finally) that Google is willing to work with them on it, not cause they were worried about a supposed lawsuit.
    This was obviously the plan all along.
    As for why i would want other Google services after all this, well i live in the real world. A lot of people use a wide range of Google services, and the more of those services on WP, the easier it will be to convince others to switch. It's good for the platform.
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  • Reports from Tom Warren say this is going to suck now. Its going to be basically a webapp. IF thats true, screw google. I for one, find the app as is to be excellent. Its evey way better than t he app i have on Android.
  • Yes, this is the part that I wanted to clarify and read since Tom's article was updated.  So, the old app is going be put back in the store, and the new version is not going to be as robust as the one being pulled from the store.  If so, then it looks as though perhaps this isn't quite the victory that some users were hoping for.
  • We don't know that. They said they were collaborating so perhaps google will offer exclusive apis to fit Microsoft vision for the app and meet their part
  • As much as I would want that I have to say 'come on it's google' they won't comply, too stuck up...
  • No kidding...what we'll get is the old YouTube app but with ads.
  • Hope they add the ability to upload videos.
  • Its really too bad MS didnt buy YouTube.  Google getting YouTube was the worst thing that couldve happened.
  • Could've been worse if Microsoft bought it back in the days when they were still evil old farts.
  • Maybe. But MS puts its content out there for all other platforms, even Android.  Google seems to bend over backward to screw MS over.
  • MS tends to restrict their content, services and products to very little regions, while Google delivers worldwide.
    Oh, an MS very often cares more about other platforms than Windows Phone. They are really not that much better than Google in this regard.
  • Dear Microsoft, please remove Skype from Android for a while :) 
  • I'd love to see this happen, but in the end, MS cares about their customers, even on different platforms. And Google suck dick.
  • Good idea, but it won't happen. Microsoft gets revenue from Skype on Android. Google currently is NOT getting revenue from YouTube on Windows Phone.
  • Google isn't getting YouTube revenue on Windows Phone because they chose not to get revenue on Windows Phone. MS could do the same with Skype and Android.
  • Yes, MS *could* choose to do that... but revenue from Skype on Android is likely a LOT higher than revenue from YouTube on WP would be.  There are many, many more Android devices (unfortunately).
  • More than likely it's: MS *could* choose to do that, but they're not dipsh!ts, like Google, who don't provide app support to users while simultaneously saying those users are worth money.
  • I'd rather they delivered fully functional Skype on WP already.
  • Microsoft needs to block and all the other country's from there Windows PC's!
    Google is and was NOTHING without Microsoft!
  • WTF. No MS. Nooooooooooooooo. Not updating ever.
  • I'll be happy if the new app is as good but incase its not i would have loved Microsoft fighting this. Would've loved Microsoft to be stubborn and not pull it down, even if google blocked access for the app somehow. To die fighting than compromise :)
  • They would lose the high ground, and the legal argument if they did that. All this time MS has been able to that they tried and its google who are refusing, now google have agreed to it, MS has to comply. Its still a win though, and while the first itteration may be poor, future ones wont be. It will get better and better.
  • MetroTube is still king though!
  • yes it is. I don't get why people are so excited about this youtube app. metro tube has been out for a while and it's freaking awesome. is there something out there I don't get???
  • Its two things, the principle of it is the most important thing. Google wont allow it because they are trying to discourage competition and damage windows phone. That alone means its worth the column inches. Secondly its the whole "officialness" of it. MS cant advertise they have a youtube client. Because technically they don't, they have illegal pieceses of software that were made by a third party to wantonly dismiss googles terms of use. As awesome as they may be, they arnt something MS can advertise
  • 'Tis the principle of the matter! Snarlsnarlsnarl
  • Yeah I don't get it, its crazy how other apps are way better then the official ones, in this case metrotube.
  • Yea, click a YouTube link and it doesn't open in MetroTube. I could care less about the official YouTube app if you could set which app you want to default for YouTube links.
  • You can only play mobile video on metrotube
  • Fuck! If this is true this sucks!: the verge reports that part of the agreement is that Microsoft will have to use the ifile API which means that app will be no better than the web browser!
  • If that's the case, FVCK Google. They keep pissing me off even more. It better be an ACTUAL App. Otherwise this is all for nothing because we are right back to square one.
  • Nope. This is a win. The best version of the YouTube app wasn't as good as MetroTube or MyTube is now. Get those if you want a solid app. This was about WP fighting to stop the cold shoulders. Hopefully this means Google shows a little more cooperation and practices what Larry Page preaches. Same to be expected from MS.
  • This is kind of a win. Those Android fanboys are stubborn folk. I showed my friend this article to show how the story was unfolding and he says "well duh, what did Microsoft think? They could just skirt around the terms and conditions? What were they expecting? They are just a huge company trying to workaround the rules". I almost slapped him because obviously he doesn't get the Catch 22 Google threw MS into with this application. But then I thought..."you're unreachable" and sipped my beer in silence.
  • Except The Verge knows as much as we do at the moment. We don't know if this will use the ifile API or if it will be an updated version of the app that was taken down.
  • MetroTube is pretty awesome, I don't understand the ruckus over the "official" app being removed.
  • Metrotube!!!
  • Round 1. The winner, MS!!!!!!!
  • Nope
  • Yep
  • This sucks big time. They shouldn't of agreed to remove it.
  • Well wasn't that expected, lol.
  • Metrotube is 100% perfect and you can download too!
  • Never even got to see what ms did with their own app. :/
  • Haven't got and update for my YouTube app on my lumia 7.8
  • That's because you never got the new YouTube App that Microsoft had released.
  • Google is just hating cause WP is coming up!!!
  • Thank the heavens I still have access. Look forward to the new version soon.
  • Who do google think they are? They think they're above paying taxes and now this!! I protest by cancelling my gmail account.
  • I use gmail for my junk mail
  • hahaha me too !! pure junk ! Greetzz.
  • Is there any way to remove the youtube update from my store tile?
  • You have two options. 1) update the app and 2) uninstall the app. Otherwise, get used to that pretty little "1" notification and individually updating all of your other apps.
  • yep. just give the new app a download and pause it in between
  • Well fuck Google. Use Vimeo instead. Google buys up talented devs and services, before destroying them.
  • Yep still not updating from my current version. I just never will hit "Update All" again on my store section.
  • I sure hope this doesn't slow down the development of the Windows Phone 7 youtube app
  • It doesn't slow down. It throws it in the trash bin. They'll have to redo the App.
  • This is a good thing. Finally Google and MS working together as companies should do.
  • No big loss really. MetroTube is pretty awesome.
  • I'm not updating either!
  • This is prob y i cant update the app lol
  • Maybe I've been living under a rock for the past few years, but since when did Google turn into such detestable loathsome scum? I have the original YouTube app with downloads enabled, and its staying that way. I hate google now :/
  • Google Sucks. Wow.
  • the only thing that will be better of having the official app is if MS updates the OS to open every Youtube video on their app. currently there is no default Youtube player, so if you click any link for a youtube video it will just open on the wesite,  thats one thing android is better as you can set default apps.
  • Fine, an official google/Microsoft collabo will be a good thing. Until then, my YouTube app by Microsoft is still working and hopefully will remain operational until the new app comes out.
  • Paid a dollar for Metrotube like a year ago and have definitely saved myself from a dollars worth of drama.
  • Got it for free before it cost :-)
  • Google = Idiots
  • Well...I wouldn't even bother if I were Microsoft. Google will do anything to provide a f*cking sh*tty WP App and Microsoft, apparently, will not have the balls to say no.
    We'll have, again, a terrible official YouTube App to make everyone waste their time. I'll stick to MetroTube, thanks. Apparently Daniel spoke too soo about Microsoft's "starting to throw their weight around and even take a few legal challenges on the chin in order to gain marketplace traction."  
  • Agree.  Sounds like the app will be like the original only WITH ads.  Doesn't sound a great experience.  I wonder if the iOS or Android versions have ads?  If not, then WP users are definitely being penalized.
    Sounds like 3rd party YouTube apps will be the best bet.
  • Why don't we wait and see, maybe Google & Microsoft will work together and produce a good app in "the coming weeks" as suggested. I think Microsoft has invested too much into this particular issue to let it return to a mobile web link.
  • I commend your faith in the kindness of corporations such as Google. Naïve but admirable.
  • Its funny how all this drama unfolded and the wp7.x users were left aside as spectators... :P
  • Cunts!
  • Intelligent contribution.
  • It'll be interesting to see if Office for Android ends up being delayed...
  • Even better would be for Microsoft to create an iframe for the web based version of Office on Android!!!
  • +720
  • Well, unforfunately I am getting my phone replaced because there is a red and a blue line going across the screen that can't be removed.So, I guess it will be metrotube for me.
  • Use metro tube
  • Cheers for MetroTube and our developers for backing the platform. Dear Microsoft, DO NOT LET GOOGLE DOWNGRADE THE OFFICIAL APP!!!!!
  • Check out TubePro too. It is as good as Metrotube, plus you can transfer your downloaded file to your computer too.
  • Scroogled.
  • This situation is pretty much the definition of scroogled
  • I really don't understand why this is important. Who the heck cares about the Microsoft Youtube app when MetroTube blows it out of the water completely!
  • I prefer Microsoft's YouTube app over metrotube, and since I already have the app, I'll continue to use until they work it out and then I'll see which is best.
  • Official apps are important to a platforms viability. Why is that hard to understand?
  • Google is a petaQ! They will never be able to beat Microsoft with Chrome OS. It's just ego and ignorance!
  • I just smashed my android tablet with youtube app launched
  • Well done, if my brothers Android tab was mine, i would have done the same! I love my Surface RT! Greetzz.
  • LOL
  • That was a bit dramatic. And I totally believe that you really smashed your tablet.
  • I don't think anyone is going to be prompted to update, seeing that the app was removed...when I went to the Store and viewed the current Microsoft YouTube app, the "install" option is there, no "update", and I still have the new one installed.
  • That's exactly what I was thinking, I'm not sure why everyone is seeing an update if the version on the store is a downgrade!!!!
  • Let me get this right. Are we mad at a company because we must use the same public APIs as everyone else? Or are we mad because we can't use the private stuff that they own? I so don't understand this group.
  • Nop, we're mad at them (or You) because of the unwillingness to perform a “fair play”.
  • Hope a WP7 version is still in the works
  • Google analytics is critical malware, like Trojan... Plz Microsoft block this service
  • Is not updating my version unless it stops working!!!
  • Well I'm not erasing nor updating the app. Guess I'll go back to metrotube.
  • I don't think you have too, still works on my phone.
  • Hope that the update will let me play videos over cellular. YouTube by MS is great, but it only plays videos over Wi-fi :(
  • What? Not on mine.
  • Something wrong on your end...
  • given that google backed down i think its fair to say that MS hold all the cards, if google dont make the experience as good as other platforms (and MS have proved it can be) the MS will simply undermine them again.
    You go MS! proud of ya :-)
  • Hopefully this leads to some type of "getting along" or at least being in the same room together without tearing each others eyes out
  • Didn't install the no download version, won't go back to previous either... Sticking to the problematic one, sorry Google.
  • what if i dont download new one or update? im happy with currnet one.
    no ads, download vids :)
  • I don't see a way to upload vids via the app. Any suggestions? On my hd7 it worked fine. But dont see anyway on this one.
  • Google is so afraid
  • Fight fire with fire. Block office and SkyDrive oh and pull any Microsoft studios games off play store!
  • Lesson learned, I will not update Youtube any more... It's not bad, I like the fact that can log in, so I dont have to worry about age approved videos like Metro tube...
  • Developers from all around the world are bursting into flames as we speak!. lol. This could change how we use OS forever for the better
  • Microsoft needs to come up with their own video service to compete.
  • Or just buy Vimeo, which is way way better than YouTube in terms of quality. The bad part of course is that YouTube has all those shitty videos that people love. I think it would denegrate Vimeo to have I don't know.
  • +920
  • Unfortunately MSFT is at such a disadvantage. I have a work GS3, and hate it compared to my Lumia 900 (well I hate the OS ;) ) but if you compare out the number of reviews cross platform apps receive, its astonishing. So if those apps like SkyDrive and others make good mo et for MSFT they can't just cut off Android
  • As a community we should stop using you tube and embrace Vimeo. Vimeo released a full, native app for windows phone and essentially does the same thing YouTube does.
  • Google sucks, I thought I would never say that but sigh it's true.
  • Even though I have the YouTube app on my Windows Phone and am not going to remove it, I would like to see Microsoft "accidentally" upload the wrong application to the Windows Phone Store so others that don't have it can get it before this new iFrame API comes in.
  • Funnily enough when you type YouTube Microsoft in the search section of store it seems Microsoft has released a very basic version of YouTube published yesterday so as to tide us over until the new collaborated app comes in.
  • It said in the post that they replaced it with the old YouTube app.
  • Well I already have the app, and I'm not giving it,back.. Lmao. They'll have to,use the kill switch on my a$$.
  • They did
  • They didn't, the app still works if you downloaded it prior to being taken down.
  • No it do not, mine doesn't at least when I try to enter app I just get "ERROR". :\
  • Most be something with your phone, I have checked it on mine and my wifes phone and both still work.
  • This + 920, 520, 928 or whatever is really, REALLY stupid!
  • +920
  • +925
  • I know, that's why I just do this: +ATIV S ... I mean i8750 ... :(
  • +123456789 and 10
  • +281
  • +900
  • No,no, +921. Yeah, that's better
  • anyway to block the app from updating? kind of like not having commercials
  • In other words, don't update your Youtube app ever again :)
  • Welp, back to Metrotube.
  • They've got what they wanted, now firmly expect Google to drag their heels over this.
  • The thing that grates on me here is that they go after Microsoft for getting around there ad revenue when far more people have downloaded add blockers and downloaders available in the google play store :S
  • Didn't comprehend how jealousy could lead to this type of war
  • War? Who died?
  • So all these people saying use MetroTube etc, what makes you think Google wont go after them next? Assuming the api is changed to allow ads to be served then I can't see Google letting the 3rd party apps getting away with it for too long.
  • Does it matter what Microsoft should do? Microsoft succumbed to googles pressure and that's ot, for now. Microsoft will do what they see fit not what we see fit. Its business as usual
  • is there any way to download the app now? I know its not in the store but I thought I ask.
  • Tax dodging, being aggressive and jealous towards other platforms' success, retrogressive invasive software tweaks = google is evil
  • "In the coming weeks" :)
  • That's really unfortunate. I hope this gets fixed soon. It really sucks because the function to be able to download videos was really awesome.
  • I just won't update mine until then. I enjoy not having annoying ads when I do use YouTube
  • They're just jelly cause MS made an better yt app than them
  • How come I can still use the Youtube App?
  • Ok question if the app is pulled and I still get the notification to update what happens if I update?
    also if I sign up and developer unlock my phone can I side load the xap and for that matter side load homebrew 7.x xaps?
  • Google is an evil nasty bitch.
  • Can someone please point me to the illgeal download of this app? PLEASE.. It has to exist somewhere online and I can download it to my comp then my computer. 
    I had to bring my 928 back for a new one. Battery was draining at 18% per hour. Which was pointless as I have it set up again and its doing the same if nto worse?
    ANY ADVICE? i am a convert. Was a Andriod fan and still am but feel WP is a SUPERIOR platform on every level besides lack of apps. But I LOVE my WP. 
    If I could get this youtube app again and help on my battery would be great. DO LIVE TILES KILL THE BATTERY? I have 4 live tiles. Tumblr, Metro Radio, Photos, Album Cycle, Weave, Mixtapes.
  • So the good version is never coming back? I accidentally uninstalled the good official native youtube app (not the current web one in the store) and am only now learning that I can't get it back...? :(
    When, as the end of the article says, they said "in coming weeks" for estimated time of re-release, was that just a lie? Has it never been re-released since May, or was it indeed re-released and has now been re- taken down, making me just unlucky with my timing?
  • The best part of the Microsoft phone YouTube app was.... NO ADS. keep ads off the damn YouTube app when it comes back. Or I'm done with YouTube forever