WPDownUnder's "Wheres my Update?" page for Americans

WPDownUnder recently created a "Where's my Update?" page of their own for Australia in light of the Windows Phone team blog post, which outlined communication alterations being made in the way Windows Phone owners are kept up-to-date with the status of updates. The official "Where's my Update?" is also believed to be on its way out (with more devices being added to the platform). Now the team has created a web page for U.S. visitors.

Should you be interested in checking the status of updates on U.S. carriers, head on over to "Where's my Freakin' Update?".

Source: WPDownUnder; Thanks, Sheeds, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Hilarious lol
  • We need one for canada
  • Where's my update, eh? LOL! Sorry, I couldn't resist. :)
  • UK version?
  • second this... i want to know where is the freakin' update for my unlocked lumia >:(
  • These tables aren't really for tracking updates for unlocked phones, as you get them within a week or two of release. This is for tracking carrier updates that can often take months to be approved...
  • BlazingPuppies beat me to it... Great name, btw! :D
  • Here's hoping AT&T will move their lazy behinds and get back to work.
  • AT&T support insists that they don't have anything to do with the release of the updates and that it's all up to Microsoft when we get them....
    Basically Windows Phone isn't any sort of priority for AT&T. I really wish Microsoft would just release the updates directly to the customers like they do with Windows. I wish AT&T would pull their heads out of their ____ and properly support our devices, starting with the basics, like visual voicemail.
  • Should just say pull their heads from their ATTs! =P
  • The ATT Overlords will let us have Visual Voicemail whenever they damn well please and not a minute sooner plus it's not to be brought up until they do. They don't wanna hear about any stinkin updates either!
  • Great of them to do that. Just wish we could get those FREAKIN' UPDATES!!!
  • Where's my freakin' update!?
  • so where is that "no fragmentation like other os" speech now? where is ms will ensure every phone is updated, no phone left behind? promises and promises, it's all smokes and vapors, and we the user fell for it.
  • They always said it will be with the next big update if we don't get the little ones. AT&T can only skip a few before a big one gets forced on them. That is what Microsoft has said in the past and has followed through with.
  • There is no fragmentation. The phones are getting the updates; just not at the same time.
  • It lists the ATT Focus as EOL (for updates), what the heck does that mean or is this just good sport?
  • Thanks Folks :)
    Don't forget I need US readers - and WPCentral enthusiasts to help me keep it updated - especially the ?/No information/TBC etc sections! There is also a New Zealand one as a WIP.
    The comment that the Focus is EOL for updates refers to about 2 months of painful attempts to engage senior ATT Marketing/PR/Technical managers for comments on why no Tethering update etc.
    Read all about it (and the Worrying official reply I eventually got from them here: http://www.wpdownunder.com/?p=3244 )
    Probably too much of a stretch for me to do a Canadian, UK or other versions (my site is a 1-man show).  You are welcome to copy my table and run your own.  I can send it as a CSV file if anyone wants it for a country other than US/NZ/Aus :)
  • Unlocked AT&T US waiting still!
  • As far as T-Mobile is concerned.  7740 has not been deployed.  Tethering is supported.  And visual voicemail is supported.
  • Wich Device can you confirm both for thanks?
  • I have both tethering and visual voice mail on my TMOUS HTC HD7.
  • Thanks James :)
    Have updated the table with your info.
  • My experience with ATT Support chat today.  Asked when I would be receiving the update and got this Response.  I guess I pissed her off.  She had no clue and only copy and pasted from the Mango update info. 
    I'm kind of getting tired of this crap.  So who is responsible for updates, ATT, MS,  or HTC and Samsung in my case?  Does anyone have a clear answer to the question?  I don't believe it is the case that ATT has to do anything that MS says in regards to skipping or not skipping updates.  As much as I hate Apple, at least they got it right in regards to updates.  If it needs an update they push it out.   
  • Officialy they are correct - MS or the OEM send the updates.  However the Carrier has to approve them, there's the rub! ATT are hiding behind this splitting of hairs.  No Tethering support update for the Focus, No 7740 update, no word on 8107. No Software Update page to engage customers.
  • On visual voice mail, it's my understanding that Apple host the infrastructure/hardware to support this feature for carriers - whereas for WP7 the carriers need to spend $ to install it on the carrier-side, hence the reluctance to invest and roll this feature out.
  • Funny, that's what I had in mind for the name even before I read it. Nice job!
  • Funny
  • I hate this f!$!$!$!@$!@$ing keyboard..every time I'm sending an email answering a text sending a text doing Facebook whatever the case maybe BAM!!! it fades away... grrrrrrr
  • Ya Rogers really needs to distribute the update to solve the disappearing keyboard update to its phones
  • im from holland, and ive got an unlocked HD7, and i haven't had the update yet. any thoughts?
  • I have the Arrive. I want my update, even with physical keyboard... AND would love for SPRINT to also enable tethering... But I just woke up... Guess I'm just a dreamer... jejeje
  • Not only the disappearance of the keyboard is an issue but the keyboard is not as good since mango. It can act very erratic sometimes