Microsoft altering the update communication

Microsoft has come under fire more than once for the lack of communication between the team and consumers when it comes to updates rolling out for Windows Phone. Today Eric Hautala, General Manager Customer Experience Engineering, published an article on the Windows Phone team blog detailing changes that are in the pipeline that will change how we are kept up to speed on Windows Phone updates.

The Windows Phone website already details what updates are rolling out for each supported carrier (and country), but individual releases are also covered on the official blog and the "Where's my update?" page. In the coming months, Windows Phone users can keep up to date by checking the Windows Phone Update Central site for update information. Hautala explains, 

"There are also a few changes on the way for the blog and website. As we continue our growth, we won’t be individually detailing country, model, and carrier details on the Where’s My Phone Update? site any longer. And instead of my weekly blog posts, the official Windows Phone website will be the primary place for news and information about our updates, just as Microsoft Answers is there for your support questions."

Hopefully this move won't stimey the flow of information on our Windows Phone updates.

As well as the above alterations, Hautala took a moment to thank all Windows Phone owners for the feedback the team has received surrounding the update process, which has helped them perform tweaks and enhancements. He encourages everyone to keep the cards and letters coming via the WindowsPhoneTeamSite, Twitter and Facebook.

The future is set to be fairly bright. Roll on CES 2012.

Update: The direct link is dead for some reason, but the article is still up on the main site.

Update 2: Link fixed

Source: Windows Phone Team Blogthanks, ousooner314, for the tip!

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