Wunderground needs a good Windows Phone app developer, help them out

Windows Phone has a ton of stellar weather apps in the Store. Both official apps and third-party apps are available for users to download and never get caught outside without an umbrella. We are still missing one fairly major commercial weather service - Weather Underground. That could change with a little community help.

Head to the Wunderground website and you'll find a user request to get a Windows Phone 8 app. It was posted last month, but finally received an official reply today. Here's the response from Weather Underground:

"Thank you for your feedback. We're continuing to try to find resources and expertise to build an app for Windows Phone."

The rest is up to you. Are you a passionate developer who wants to work with Weather Underground to bring an app to Windows Phone? Or do you know any stellar devs out there who might be interested in helping make this happen? Head to the Weather Underground help page for a Windows Phone 8 app and leave a comment there with your interest. We're bound to find someone who will mesh will with Wunderground.

Source: Help Wunderground Via: Reddit

Thanks for the tip Maxcrazy!

Sam Sabri