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Xbox head Phil Spencer hails in-development Crackdown 3, Phantom Dust HD

Thankfully, though, it looks as though Crackdown 3 and the Phantom Dust HD re-master are progressing well.

In a series of tweets, Xbox head Phil Spencer praised Crackdown 3, calling it the best in the series yet. Additionally, Spencer said Phantom Dust HD is progressing well, stating that the OG Xbox game still holds up.

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Crackdown 3 will launch in 2017, featuring unprecedented environmental destruction physics that extend the processing power of the Xbox One multiple times over by exporting calculations to the cloud. Phil Spencer said in a follow-up tweet that the cloud tech is working great. Crackdown 3 is a sandbox with a comic book aesthetic, where you control a super-powered agent in his quest to destroy a criminal underworld — by any (destructive) means necessary.

Phantom Dust HD will also arrive in 2017, following the cancellation of the game's reboot back in 2015. Phantom Dust is a card-based role-playing game, where players build decks of skills and deploy them in action RPG combat. Phantom Dust featured multiplayer combat as well as a narrative campaign. I suspect Microsoft will gauge interest in the remaster to consider whether to continue developing the series.

Despite Scalebound's cancellation, 2017 is packed with exciting first and third-party titles, including Red Dead Redemption 2, State of Decay 2, Prey, Sea of Thieves, Halo Wars 2, and much more. There's every chance we'll see Microsoft reveal even more future projects at E3 2017 to go with the reveal of Project Scorpio.

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  • I really do hope the tech in Crackdown 3 leads to something.  Microsoft advertised cloud processing before the Xbox One launched and they've yet to deliever it in the way they originally detailed.  And if it took them this long to get Crackdown 3 up and running, it would be a shame if they abandoned cloud processing as soon as C3 is released. 
  • Me too, with all the work they have been doing to the Azure infrastructure and the leaps the platform has made, hopefully the hype for once pays off, plus I really like CD, one of my fave 360 games.
  • I doubt they even care about that anymore. Why would they be bringing out Scorpio if they could do all the processing in the cloud? Just a marketing gimmick if you ask me.
  • Not even 5 top of the range gaming PCs could pull off what Crackdown 3 is doing. The idea of the cloud processing is to compliment any console MS release. Not just the One S or Scorpio. Sure eventually we will have a console that can do all that locally. But not in the next 20 years. I believe the demo of the destruction had a bar that showed how many PC servers in the cloud it took to do it. I'll provide a link to the video for you. You have to also understand that every single little object that breaks up does not disappear. All of it remains as rubble. Impossible on any gaming PC let alone Scorpio. On the left around 8 mins it shows how many servers are continued to be added as more destruction and debris is made.
  • Servers cost money and Microsoft isn't about losing money. It may sound great on paper, but implementation is different. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the only game that uses it ever. Microsoft mentioned this cloud thing from the onset, but to my knowledge, only this game is taking advantage of it and it's been 3+ years.
  • Nope forza uses it and I think halo also... Losing what money??? They have more than enough servers already in place just for XBox... Again it's not about if but when it will be standard... And it's more about FAI data and band with cost for the customer the real issue and latency.... Otherwise cloud computing in general is the futur....
  • For me the drivertar is what makes forza Ms and horizon stand out from the other racing games as the AI with them is hard to guess and always fresh. But I do think Microsoft need to look at using it more in its 1st party games so let's hope we see more with Scorpio. People also forget the original image of the Xbox one was to always be online that was dropped which may of left projects for cloud computing on the back burner due to consoles not having to be connected to the internet.
  • @rich...Yes, as you said.....
  • The question about cloud processing is not about if but when.... It is a given that MS vision will be a reality sooner or later and the good thing is there is not many other company as ready as they are... Only amazon AWS surpasses MS azure infrastructures.... The past decade was the lowest MS will ever be and that is higher than most ever wished for on average... On a lifetime basis apple is a dwarf next to MS... And google a chimera that'll have dead limbs sooner or later looking at the bigger picture... There is a reason MS is considered a safer investment in the financial world...
  • In terms of open world games Crackdown 3 has enormous potential. If its better than 1 this year is looking amazing on Xbox one. And don't forget halo 6 and Forza 7 will release this year. Both those game series have a 2 year dev cycle. No doubt showcasing the power of Scorpio and the first 2 true 4K games. 2017 is looking packed out. So we have Halo Wars 2 - RTS. Sea Of Thieves - MMO. Crackdown 3 - Open World. CupHead - 2D platformer. Halo 6 - FPS. Forza 7 - Sim Racer. Phantom Dust HD - Strategy RPG. All exclusive this year to Xbox. I'm sure I'm missing 1 or 2 as well. Such variety. And a big lineup.
  • Halo has a 3 year cycle. Sorry mate.
    2017 is the worst year for Xbox one exclusives. Meanwhile PlayStation has Horizon, Gran Turismo and Ace Combat off the top of my head.
  • Grand Turismo has been awful since the ps2 days. Forza blows it out of the water.
  • That is correct though!
  • Horizon...I'll give you that, but Gran Turismo is garbage compared to Forza and I've never heard of Ace Combat until now and just googled it.  It's a title with an extremely limited audience.  I'm even more sceptical about new PS4 exclusives.  Bloodborne..Great, Order 1886...Garbage,...No Mans Sky...Garbage, The Last Guardian...Smelly, but not complete Garbage.  Horizon looks very promising, but I have some reservations based on the developer.
  • Just because you don't know what it is doesn't mean it has "an extremely limited audience". Ace Combat was one of THE best PS2 exclusives.
  • Ace Combat may end up being a great game, but most Flying fanatics don't bother with console games. They go all out on PC. Obviously the hype has been limited because I visit gaming sites nearly daily and I've never seen one article on it. Has Sony ever talked about it at E3? I suspect not because of the small audience or is simply not that great of a game to hang your hat on.
  • No mate. Since the 360 its 2 year. Halo 3 - 2007. Halo ODST - 2009. Halo Reach - 2010. Halo 4 - 2012. Halo MCC - 2014. Halo 5 - 2015. As long as they haven't been making another remaster or something Halo 6 will be out this year.
  • I'm hoping Halo 6 isn't coming out this year because they've been working on Halo 3 Anniversary
  • Really??? I hope not. Why make a Halo 3 anniversary? If they we're going to they would have done in the MCC. 1 and 2 were done because they were just to old.
  • Main-line games in the series come out every 3 years as shown in your timeline (along w/ Halo 1 on 2001 and Halo 2 on 2004), w/ Halo 4 being the exception. This was an outlier since it was during the switch to 343 from Bungie, and there was significant parallel development going on. This year will be Halo Wars 2. Next year will be Halo 6. One thing they never do is double-up major Halo releases in a year.
  • Ace Combat? You think that will sell over 500K??? Gran Turismo has been getting its arse kicked by Forza since Forza 3. And Horizon is by the developer that made the poor Killzone series is it not???? And now FF7 remake Has been pushed back to like 2020. I find it hard to take it seriously when people say 2017 is some awesome PS4 year. I don't see anything that will sell consoles over MS lineup.
  • Horizon is being developed by another team, the Killzone's one have been disbanded after like a day after Scalebound's cancellation announcement. So, well, there's some hope that the game will turn out good, and yet PS have lost the last shooter exclusive they had.
  • No. The developer behind Killzone and Horizon is still very much intact. The developer of the PS Vita game and a VR game called RIGs is very dead.
  • You are right about the studio. Seems like I've stumbled upon at another journalist that loves to dramatize stuff. Weird, because it's usually Microsoft they love to bash.
  • As far as i was aware alot of the team that worked on Killzone are part of Horizon. But yes. Isn't it amazing that Scalebound cancellation hit the media news. And yet a closure of a game studio didn't make any waves.
  • Is grand turismo still a thing??!? Once the forza series got going GT faded to the back..
  • GT is quite an established brand with one of the most loyal fanbase. So far the games have been great even though their release cycle is really upsetting. Sure, they're not "a thing" for PC and Xbox gamers, yet the name is still big and well-respected among autosim addicts. And it gives Forza series some serious challenge. And I'm really glad that Turn 10 lives up to the competition.
  • I spit up some of my beer when I read, "It gives Forza series some serious challenge.".
    Now how can anyone take anything you say seriously after a comment like that??
  • Yes, GT gives the serious challenge even though it's being released once in five years. Why? Because their developers are respected and well-known and collaborate with car manufacturers and racers. They have a great passion for cars and people respect and love that. GT Sport looks really solid and lots of gamers are anxiously waiting for it. And it will most definitely have a bigger car park and track number than Forza series just for the single reason it has been in development for so long. And they didn't have a tendency to monetize via car packs, but, sure, it's just GT5 and GT6 I can compare with.
    I'm not a sonyboi to give my beloved racing sim crap, yet I'm not a blind fanboy to give one to GT. It's not my problem that you choose to ignore all the mentioned facts, buddy. Challenge is always a good thing and Forza fights back spectacularly. BTW, I love Amstel and we can have few if you're in Noord-Holland area. :)
  • Mate GT has a bigger amount of cars because they have 100 types of Skyline. Lol. And over half the cars in the PS3 generation were ps2 visuals. As was half the tracks. GT last gen was extremely poor.
  • Forza has been the sim king on console for a long time now. Turn 10 didn't add rain until they could do it properly. The rain simulation wipes the floor with GT6. With Forza 7 out this year as well on Scorpio in true 4K GT7 has lost before its even released.
  • Hail all you want your losing the trust of gamers.
  • I have heard this. How so? On the contrary what has Sony done ? The last big exclusive was UC4. That was May 2016. What have Sony had since then of note? NMS was a major flop. The Last a guardian was announced in 2007 and has cost Sony massive amounts of development money. And not lived up to any of its hype. FF7 remake was announced to come out this year. Now it look as though it won't even see the light of a release till 2019 earliest. Horizon has also been pushed back. And is by a developer who made the Killzone series and the dreadful Shadowfall. Please explain what Sony has to go up against the following titles hitting Xbox this year. Halo Wars 2, Halo 6, Forza 7, Crackdown 3, Sea Of Thieves, Phantom Dust HD, State Of Decay 2 and Cuphead. I'm showing in this post this assumption that Sony have this amazing year ahead is subjective. Add to that Halo 6 and Forza 7 will be Scorpio showcase games in True Native 4K glory and I would say Sony have a massively tough year ahead of them.
  • Well, few more : Far: Lone Sales, The Culling, Ashen.
    Conan Exiles? maybe... Some games people might now heard of: FRU, Below, Rivals of Aether.
  • None of what you're saying really matters at the start. That stuff doesn't pan out doesn't change the fact Sony is TRYING. We don't know that TLG​ lost them money, but even if it did, that's a better reality for their software library than Microsoft's strategy of canceling Scalebound​ shortly before the expected launch. Sony also had World of Final Fantasy​, which was OK and liked by a decent number of people. That Horizon ​was delayed isn't a problem. Crackdown and Halo Wars 2​ were delayed as well. Same goes for Cuphead​, wasn't that originally planned for 2015? Does Crackdown even HAVE a release date yet? No. On top of it, you're taking 0 knowledge to assume that Halo​ is getting a main installment this year, even though the main games have always been released 3 years apart (except between 3 and 4, where Reach was provided as a stopgap). Even Forza 7​ isn't announced, but if it is, you're got just another game that has limited content and it insanely iterative, even Sony's MLB The Show​ seems to offer a more varied experience each season (thanks to new modes and such). In fact, other than HW2​, what on your list HAS a firm release date? I think just Halo Wars 2, and maybe ​State of Decay 2 (which, if you're going to only talk about "of note" stuff from Sony, I wouldn't even give this game a nod on such a short list). And knocking Horizon​ because of Killzone? Hmmh, then Halo Wars 2​ needs to be taken from your list, as does Crackdown​, as both had predecessors with mixed reviews, as ​Killzone: Shadow Fall​ did. All of that said, Sony's done enough. What's more, they're planning to do more in the past. "Retrench" seems to be a theme in Microsoft, not just a term for the mobile OS space. You have to list one game with a 100% ready release date, a remake I'd expect many to not trust to be completed (​PD​), and a couple of assumed sequels that aren't announced. Sony's got the remakes for Kingdom Hearts​ coming. They've got MLB every year. Horizon is ready to launch. Crash Bandicoot's coming back. They've got plans with ​Gran Turismo​, God of War, The Last of Us, Nier, Nioh, Uncharted, Spider-Man​, Detroit​, and I'm forgetting a boatload (mostly stuff that I'm not interested in, but will interest many others). Sony's got probably 15-20 pretty big titles announced. Microsoft has about 3, maybe 4 (if you want to give them credit for Sea of Thieves​ as a major deal). I can look at Sony's plans and cover about 3 years of content. Microsoft IDK if I can make it through the year, and if you limit it to stuff I'm personally interested in, it's a bigger wasteland than the open world sections of ReCore.
  • Plans are ok if they release within 5 years. Your right Scalebound was nearly at launch. But according to reports the game was miles from ready. Platinum Games have there staff a month off due to stress. Reports are saying the game wasn't fit for release even up to next year. Is MS ok by lounging another 12-18 months worth of money into it? And even then it may not be ready?? Sony have lost money. They admitted it needed to sell 10 million copies to break even. I can tell you Sony will never do that again with another game. All the time you hear Fans say Sony have 15-20 games unnanounced. And yet every year they get delayed and Sony have nothing to go up against MS list. Sony fans always start each year with 10 big titles coming out. And then it turns into 2-3 titles with the rest on an indefinte delay. Look at the Ps4 launch. 2014, 2015 and 2016. Now already this year its happening again. Sure Scalebound was cancelled. It sucks. I was looking forward to it. But let's not pretend Sony aren't in the ******* as far as exclusives. Even the mighty Street Fighter 5 was a mess and hasn't even sold 2 million copies across 2 platforms. Compared to Killer Instinct which was at 7 million as of January 2016. The only exclusives Sony has had that have actually sold well this gen is Uncharted 4 and TLOU remaster. Compare that to KI, Halo 5, Gears 4, Forza 6, Forza Horizon 3 for example that have all sold alot better on average. If Sonys games are so good like Fans keep saying why aren't they being bought? All these obscure Japanese games just don't sell in the west. Even on PS. Instead of bashing MS for looking after gaming funds and not accepting poor developers, praise them for showing the industry it needs to wake up.
  • Aren't Halos, Cods, Forzas, Titan Falls, etc using MS Cloud already?
    The flying rocks, building parts, destroyed vehicles would have to be calculated on the server and feed to all players right?
  • Drivatars are cloud-based, but that's really it. Titanfall used it the first time, but I don't think the do anymore (how would it feed to the PS4?). The scale of Crackdown is much bigger, on a physics level, than those other games, which don't need it.
  • Yawn Honestly, I expect Phantom Dust will sell poorly. Just doesn't seem like the kind of game that has sales potential. I would think Scalebound to have much more potential as a more traditional RPG.
  • Pdust is just an HD remake??? ****
  • Have you played it?
  • After the average to poor sales of quantum break and sunset overdrive, Microsoft is now gun shy. Sadly, I believe sunset overdrive would have sold much more as a PlayStation exclusive than it did as an Xbox exclusive. The stereotype (Going back all the way to the original Xbox) was that Xbox only had shooters, sports, and driving games. While that's far from true, the other genre games do struggle to sell on the Xbox platform. I see where console gaming is headed, and I don't like it. I think Xbox one will be my last console.
  • Can't wait for crackdown. Thanks for the update Microsoft.
  • Phantom Dust is one of my all-time favorite games. This remaster may just push me over the edge and sell me an Xbox One.