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Xbox Live: PES 2012 runs onto the field ahead of schedule for Windows Phone

Last week Gerbil Physics went up on the Marketplace a bit early, and it’s happened again this week. Somebody at the big MS is on the ball! Anyway, you can now buy this week’s Xbox Live release, Pro Evolution Soccer 2012.

What’s new in PES 2012? Well, you can’t tell from the official description, which sounds just about identical. Here it is:

  • Unrivalled realism: Experience incredible gameplay and focus on tactics, goals and winning trophies while competing against the most advanced team and player AI on the market. Striking animations such as referee cut-scenes or goal celebrations and technical moves (diving header, bicycle kick, and more) will make you feel the beauty of the game.
  • Exclusive UEFA Club Competitions: PES 2012 includes many of the best European club teams in the officially licensed UEFA Champions League™ and UEFA Europa League™ modes.
  • Online connectivity: Prove your skills and unlock the various Xbox LIVE achievements, compare yourself to your friends, make it to the top of the leaderboards and become the world’s greatest PES player.
  • Outstanding Accessibility for Beginners and Experts: The uniquely designed true flow™ control system provides instant access for players of all levels by utilising the accelerometer and AI-supported touch controls. More advanced players are presented with unlimited freedom of play by being able to master classic console-style controls with virtual pad and buttons.
  • Stunning graphics: Detailed stadiums, pitches and weather effects provide the perfect visual environment for exciting matches
  • Avatar awards: These aren't listed in the official description, but we have it on good authority that they're coming in the near future.

Hmm... One of those bullet points doesn't add up. Having played both PES 2011 on Windows Phone and PES 2012 on Xbox 360, I can tell you without a doubt that this series is not accessible for beginners. It’s an extremely realistic and challenging depiction of soccer, which is great for people who’ve been playing it for years. Me, I just couldn’t get overcome the learning curve. You might also consider that the PES 2011 was delisted from the Marketplace without warning, which will likely happen to 2012 once next year’s version gets closer to release. Hopefully Microsoft starts allowing users to back up or redownload delisted games between now and then, but I’m not holding my breath.

Enough commentary! Football/soccer fans who want to play their sport on Windows Phone can’t do any better than Pro Evolution Soccer, and that’s what matters. PES 2012 costs $4.99 and there is a free trial. Get it here on the Marketplace.

Thanks to Natres for the tip!

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • And I was hoping for Geodefense Swarm to be the game released this week... Oh well. What's another week of waiting?
  • +1
  • Cool, i'm a big fan of pes2011 for wp. I was expecting this game since konami delisted it.
  • I'd much rather have FIFA 2012. Has that been released for Nokia Windows Phones yet? Any news on when that exclusivity will end?
  • Ok, from what i can tell from the demo....
    -Now supports fast app switch. That was annoying in 2011 when you accidentally pressed the search button.
    -Better textures, way better.
    -The AI is improved, no more easy shoot, get the rebound, goal technique.
    -Better lighting effects. On the demo match i was playing on a rainy day at dawn.
    -The passes are more responsive, no more pressing pass, waiting 2 secs, then the player decides it is time to pass the ball.
    This is a great soccer game for the WP. If you like the PES series from the PC or the XBOX, I totally recommend this game. 
    Just my 2c.
    -now you can save replays and watch them later in gallery menu
    -you can make "chilenas"
    -when you get a yellow/red card you get an animation of the ref showing you the card.
    -the game loads a lot faster than 2011.
  • It's a much better game than 2011, the auto defense system works pretty well (just press b).
  • I already bought PES why can't we UPDATE it to the new version?
    and if we can't why can't we download the version we already bought????
  • When do you get an update to a new version. You can't even do that with iOS.
  • We want FIFA! but PES or what i like to call "winning eleven" is a decent football game.
  • I'm not going to pay 5€ for a game i can't download in 8 months.
    Lost two games in the last 4 months.. i didn't even have time to finish them!
  • DotW should be posted soon.  Time to do some digging.
    Edit: Tentacles is listed at $2.99.    :-(  Fun game, but a repeat.  Maybe discounted to get more DLC sales?
    Edit 2:  Glow Artisan is $1.99.  Bought!   :-)  replaces  :-(
  • Please bring fifa12
  • Anynody know when is fica comming for Nokia Devices? judging from the demo proevo is pretty good, but FIFA should be even better
  • If we knew, we'd have run a story about it already. ~ ~
  • It doesn't seem to work.  Loads, then "tap anywhere" doesnt' change a thing and fails to load the next screen.
  • Same here. Touch input doesn't seem to work at all :(
  • same problem wtf
  • Cool game
  • Before you spend your money keep in mind they'll probably delist it in a few months like the previous one.
  • We do mention that in the article...
  • Looks like FIFA 98. No thanks lol.
  • "I can tell you without a doubt that this series is not accessible for beginners."
    I can't say I fully agree with you on this. Beginning on PES 2011, I went with the accelerometer option. Sure, I spent my first few matches unable to score a goal. But once you realise the importance of passing and setting up with the assist, the game gets easier.
    I'm still not 100% impressed by touch responsiveness / latency of the game, since passing is still not instant. Looks much better than PES 2011, and runs faster - interesting that there's still more you can do with the QSD8250 than was already done last year. A bit annoyed that they kept an awkward defensive stance where the players are hunched with their arms extended on their sides, and stealing the ball is still a bit awkward (if the opponent has tackled you, the ball is considered his even if you are closer to the ball).
    If anything, I would have appreciated a difficulty level above "Top Player" - there isn't a huge learning curve between Beginner and Top Player, it's just being faster and smarter. Overall, solid game and should tide me over until I can snatch up a Nokia for FIFA.
  • Sounds like you have more soccer game aptitude than me. ;) Glad you're enjoying the new game though.
  • People who got PES2011 should get a discount
  • Avatar awards:
  • Yeah, that's in the article. C'mon you guys, I don't write all those words for my health!