xbox one

The Xbox One is due for launch in China in September but a new rumor claims that the game console could be priced as high as $800 when it is released.

The reports have come from, naturally, Chinese-based sources. One of them is, who posted a photo it claimed comes from Microsoft's China website, showing a price of 4999 RMB for its version of the Xbox One, or just over $803. The image published by cannot be found on Microsoft's China site, which may indicate that it was posted and then quickly removed.


In any case, it's more than possible that the price tag shown in the image could be simply a placeholder, rather than the real launch price for the Xbox One in China. It's also possible that the price could change between now and September. What is known is that the Xbox One will be the first Western game console to be sold in China after a ban on such products that lasted for several years was recently lifted by that country's government.

What do you think about the overall sales prospects of the Xbox One in China?

Source: via Kotaku