Xbox Series X will change games 'as dramatically as any since 2D to 3D,' says Phil Spencer

Xbox Series X Vent
Xbox Series X Vent (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • The Xbox Series X is Microsoft's upcoming next-generation console.
  • Xbox head Phil Spencer made a pretty bold claim about the "feel of games."
  • He said that the difference will be as significant as jumping from 2D to 3D.
  • The Xbox Series X is expected to launch in Holiday 2020.

The Xbox Series X is Microsoft's next-generation console scheduled for launch in Holiday 2020. While we know that it features 12 teraflops (TFLOPS) of power and other features like a solid-state drive — the PlayStation 5 ranges from 9-10 TFLOPS due to overclocking — what will the experience be like with features like reduced latency and more? According to Xbox head Phil Spencer on Twitter, "the feel of games this upcoming generation will change as dramatically as any since 2D to 3D" due to the increased CPU power, memory bandwidth, and more.

This is quite a bold claim and we can't wait to see how games actually run on the system. Rumors are floating around that there's an Xbox Series X event scheduled for May, but we haven't received any confirmation from the company yet.

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Speaking with Business Insider, Spencer also said how it was important to "stand on... principles" during the coronavirus crisis. The quote was compiled by WCCFtech.

Gaming right now, globally, is having a moment. Gaming is a social and community connection for many people, and as physical distancing is requiring shelter in place, is requiring that people are physically apart, the social connections and community connections that the games industry brings to people is just expanded... we're seeing a big flood of new people come into gaming. You wouldn't wish this is the way we get here... Our opportunity is to stand on our principles and our values and be there when our customers need us. We want to be very thoughtful and not exploiting the situation. We're not putting in place any different business tactics or other things. We're just trying to keep all the services up, trying to keep the games enjoyable, keeping our networks safe and secure. And being there at a time of need. I'm proud that we can provide this activity for people.

What do you hope to see from the Xbox Series X? Let us know.

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  • A little too hyperbolic. PC's can already do this stuff, with advanced graphic cards,
    and raytracing. So they've been enjoying this huge jump for awhile now. later
  • Can they do all that in a 500$ box? Moreover the Series X makes around 94% of the GTX 1060-powered e-sport gaming potatoes out there (as per Steam hardware survey) look like something from a different century. (RTX on less than half a dozen games in 720p@30FPS doesn't count as "huge jump", sorry)
    The API and hardware bar is raised significantly this time - and I say that as a Swiss PC gamer with more disposable income than sense. I woudn't be able to build a PC that can outmatch this little box for under 2'000$, even though the virtual youtube commentariat clowns all have 2080Tis in SLi with Intel 9900Ks. /eyeroll
  • Aye, gonna be great. I love console gaming, and although the PC race will go past the consoles in due course, I'm all in on Xbox Series X. And I don't have vast disposable income, lol!
  • I don't think he is talking about disposable income in terms Series X affordability, He said that to show he has tried different type of gaming rigs as such can compare and talk about their capabilities in different configurations.
  • Thank you, totally agree...
  • My guess is the series X will at least match an RTX2070S. But until they're released, its all speculation.
  • It's actually a supposedly speculation at their matching 2080 super and up to aspects of 2080ti. Supposed to be that powerful
  • It's not speculation. It's confirmed Gears 5 running on Max PC settings with 0 optimization on Series X benchmarks the same as a RTX 2080TI. Yes it achieved that with 2 weeks of work and as I said 0 optimization. A game built to utilize Series X is going to wipe the floor with that.
  • While you aren't wrong, price is irrelevant when it comes to the claim made.
  • Benchmarks of the series x has it around a rtx 2080 super, not a 1060.
  • No not really. This is a misconception. Quite often the console was the forebearer for new tech. As an example, Gears of War 360. Nothing on PC matched it when it released. Same with Halo CE, Super Mario 64, Super Mario World. The Xbox One/PS4 Gen was the odd one out. Both machines were mid range at best. They were not using Architecture that hadn't been seen yet. Series X is more powerful than any GPU on PC currently available. And it utilizes SSD in a way PC gaming hasn't yet. So yes, we will see a huge jump over this gens titles. Absolutely huge.
  • the only way that happens is with zero load times and perfect object interaction/hit detection
  • You have misinterpreted the meaning of what was said. "as dramatically as any since 2D to 3D" means it will be roughly equal to console generation changes AFTER the 2D -> 3D shift. Not roughly equal to that shift itself.
  • You are right, but I got the wrong impression myself as well, so I went and checked the headlines. The writer or WC did a sort of sleight of hand where they placed headlines that mean two different things depending on where you click. In a couple of summary headlines they had it as the more sensational (and wrong) version "Xbox Series X will change games 'as dramatically as [] 2D to 3D." Only when you click through to the main story then they show you the less sensational version .. "Xbox Series X will change games 'as dramatically as [any since] 2D to 3D," Of course by that time, many will just go straight to reading the story and may already have the imprint of the sensational headline in their minds.
  • Thank you for pointing this out. This is a seriously mischaracterized headline. I hope OP fixes this as they still have “He said that the difference will be as significant as jumping from 2D to 3D” in the “What You Need To Know” section. Putting words in people’s mouth is f**ked up when what they actually said is literally in black and white.
  • The jump from the original PlayStation to PS2 or Dreamcast was the biggest wow in terms of graphics for me. That's when I thought the graphics were comparable or even better than the arcade.
  • AHH, I have fond memories of gaming back in the day. Your comment reminded me of several times when I'd get the latest device, and think "wow, this is better than the arcade". Funny thinking back, to how many times, the upcoming gens would tout things like "photo realism". And I used to lap it up. Series X will probably be the first time it is applicable, lol
  • The big thing with the jump from the SNES era to PS1/N64 is that games did actually play differently, the shift from 2D to 3D in terms of feel was huge, about the only thing which would compare now is VR. it wasn't just the visuals either, it was that entire genres changed overnight.
  • You need to reread his statement, he said it would be as dramatically as ANY SINCE 2D to 3D, and yet you still say “He said that the difference will be as significant as jumping from 2D to 3D” which is a significant mischaracterization of what he said and makes it look like he’s trying to way overhype things. Please fix this.
  • blogging vs journalism?
  • I doubt there will ever be a jump like from 2D to 3D again. Even if we shifted to holographic or whatever, it still wouldn't be as substantial as that was.