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Yes, ATT Improved EDGE. Sheesh.

I'm seeing blog posts all over saying "OMG EDGE iz faster lolz!" Yes, yes it is, as we told you it would be a month ago (sigh). It's being called "Fine Edge", and AT&T says to expect up to 100kpbs, but in some areas you might even hit that theoretical ceiling of 200kpbs. It's all very satisfying, actually, because although I am a 3G man whenever possible, sometimes an EDGE-only Windows Mobile phone (like the HTC Touch (opens in new tab) or T-Mobile Dash) captures my heart and I settle.

The blogosphere was abuzz Friday with reports that AT&T's EDGE network was reaching uncharacteristically high speeds of 200 kilobits per second in advance of the Apple iPhone release.

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WC Staff
WC Staff