Yes, Battlefield Hardline has a drivable couch called 'The American Dream'

People who have been trying out the Battlefield Hardline trial on EA Access on their Xbox One console have found that the first person shooter has a drivable couch called The American Dream on one of its multiplayer maps. No, we are not kidding.

The couch spawns on the Dust Bowl map when playing Hotwire Mode. According to a video on the Jackfrags YouTube channel, the couch can seat up to four players and is the fastest vehicle in the game. If players run over enemies with the couch, it labels the kill as coming from "Merica" on their kill feed. Yep, we love that too.

This is a fun Easter egg and will certainly make multiplayer battles a more enjoyable experience in Battlefield Hardline. The full game is scheduled for release on Tuesday, March 17.

Source: Jackfrags (YouTube)

John Callaham