Yes, Battlefield Hardline has a drivable couch called 'The American Dream'

People who have been trying out the Battlefield Hardline trial on EA Access on their Xbox One console have found that the first person shooter has a drivable couch called The American Dream on one of its multiplayer maps. No, we are not kidding.

The couch spawns on the Dust Bowl map when playing Hotwire Mode. According to a video on the Jackfrags YouTube channel, the couch can seat up to four players and is the fastest vehicle in the game. If players run over enemies with the couch, it labels the kill as coming from "Merica" on their kill feed. Yep, we love that too.

This is a fun Easter egg and will certainly make multiplayer battles a more enjoyable experience in Battlefield Hardline. The full game is scheduled for release on Tuesday, March 17.

Source: Jackfrags (YouTube)

John Callaham
  • So, is sitting on a couch the American dream?
  • Drivable couch..meh, not realistic at all, love the game anyway
  • There have actually been many drivable couches. Have some fun with Google.... Or bing I guess. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • No no no. The American dream is to accomplish great personal success... While sitting on a couch.
  • The real amarican dream is to be able to eat all the bacon you can without getting fat or a heart decease.
  • So, in theory, you're sitting on a couch, driving around, while sitting on a couch playing Battlefield. Double 'Merica.
  • Whatever it is, i can't see the shadow of the couch in the picture
  • Hahaha good eye :)
  • Strap it to a couple snowboards and have an ATV pull you through the mud. That's good fun right there.
  • Bullshit
  • Definitely getting this game now lmao
  • And when you have got the game they remove the American dream :P
  • If they take it out, nothing will ever destroy the American Dream. I'd be living it while I play the game lol.
  • We could always replace it with affirmative action...
  • Wow the new level of lame
  • couch doesn't even have a shadow
  • 6 more weeks of winter
  • Lol
  • Hahaha this is awesome.
  • To much GTA wannabe...
  • At least they're trying Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Suddenly, I regret not getting this game.
  • Its not out till 17th in US and 20th and Europe.
  • So what? People can preorder it
  • Which is dumb
  • Maybe for 18-19 years old people like you.
  • Didn't know. I played the beta and the destruction is still not as good as it was in either of the Bad Company games. Didn't plan on getting it. I want to be able to destroy EVERYTHING again.
  • Wow... Really?!?
    How this is "Battlefield"? Another reason why Battlefield has gone shit over the years
  • All battlefields were cool until hardline showed up. I don't like hardline, it's a totally different thing from the original battlefield series
  • Isn't that what gamers want ? Change ? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That's why it's Battlefield Hardline and not Battlefield 5.. Use your logic. Just like Forza Horizon is different from Forza Motorsport.....
  • BF2 > BC2 > BF3 >>>>>> BF4 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hardshite
  • BF4 isn't bad, but They should come out with best of BF game. I would love to play the BF2 maps with better GFX.
  • Yeah BF4 is still good. Sour because of all the AMD bugs at launch lol
  • Bugs at the launch of a game, isn't that standard now days?
  • It's ok. People still play BF2 online. I miss the LAN feature that was omitted in the newer games
  • This isn't Battlefield, it's Battlefield Hardline. I wouldn't expect to see any couches in BF5.
  • They did f up when they added the bow in 3. As soon as the game started you knew the game was already over when you saw at least 7 xbows on your team.
  • It's not called battlefield 5, is it? It's a variation. Just wait for the real game from Dice to come out
  • Dont like hard line, play Battlefield 4. Same thing I say about Halo. Dont like 5 (beta) go play Halo 3. But they honestly have to bring change otherwise the games will get stale. Population counts show that. Gamers don't want the same thing again, they want some change otherwise they would still be playing the previous titles in mass.
    Not trying to be dickish at all btw.
  • lol it's an Easter egg calm down kids. Just because they include a funny Easter egg or something doesn't mean you have to say "OMG GAIS BATTLEFIELD SUX NAOW"
  • We have some serious madbro going on over a joke inside of a video game. I think it's an entertaining addition, but I'm still not a big Battlefield fan (only time I have spent with the series is a little time in the BF4 beta), and I'll be passing on this as well. It's a neat add-on to screw around with, though. It's smart to keep it inside of one map in one game mode, otherwise it becomes pretty stupid as a game staple.
  • Things such as secret reloads and this couch are very rare to find
  • Stupid call of duty type shit
  • I'm going to run a recking ball through my living room wall and buy one of these so I can make beer runs without moving. All I need is a wireless controller with a mile reach and a screen built into the couch somewhere. I'll be sending prototypes to Ikea and Microsoft, respectively.
  • It doesn't even have a shadow. Blah.
  • I personally like my driveable couches with shadows straight from the factory too. Shadows and leather, and gps.
  • Err... What!?
  • I was joking about you talking about the lack of realistic features, on a couch that you can drive.
  • Arthur Dent. I think its his couch.
  • Wtf
  • Downloading now. Want to use my
    10 free hrs
  • No shadow lol there goes your Easter egg
  • It's going to suck because it's not a war game. Not because gameplay but because of genre.
  • That should've been 'Murika'
  • Saints Row, is that you??
  • Hilarious
  • Ha ha, the irony...
    I love it!
  • Johnny Gat called. He either wants the couch or he'll shoot you in the face.(See Saints Row: Gat out of Hell).
  • Could have worked on the shading more...
  • When things like that are getting their own article....*facepalm*
  • Drivable couches are real. There's one you steer with a Pizza box. It's cool. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • now this game is the best game ever