You can now use Samsung's SmartThings on your Windows 10 PC

Smartthings Samsung 2021 App
Smartthings Samsung 2021 App (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Samsung's SmartThings app is now available on Windows 10.
  • The app allows you to control the large library of SmartThing-compatible devices.
  • SmartThings works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Phillips Hue, Ring, and several other staples in the smart home industry.

Samsung's SmartThings is one of the largest ecosystems for connected and smart home devices. It works with thousands of smart devices, including products from Amazon, Phillips Hue, Ring, and Sonos. Now, people can control their automated devices from Windows 10 using the new SmartThings app. Aggiornamenti Lumia recently shared a link to the SmartThings app in the Microsoft Store.

Samsung announced that SmartThings would be preinstalled on its Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360, but it doesn't appear to be exclusive to these laptops. The app listing states that the SmartThings app has been optimized for the Galaxy Book, but it appears to work on any Windows 10 device. I was able to download it without any issues on a Huawei MateBook X Pro.

While many smart home and connected devices have their own hub, Samsung SmartThings can bring home automation to another level. You can use it to create scenes with different lines of products or program automation to make devices from different brands work together. You can also use SmartThings to find lost Galaxy devices.

Samsung's Quick Share app also appeared in the Microsoft Store recently, but it is exclusive to Galaxy Books released from May 2021 onward. I wasn't able to install Quick Share on an unsupported device.

Interestingly, this is a return of SmartThings to the Windows ecosystem as Samsung had an app for Windows Phone back in 2014, but it was later deprecated. SmartThings also worked with Cortana back in the day too.

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  • It's an x64 app... 🤷🏾‍♂️ That means no SPX, my lightweight, completely mobile Win10 device. What in SmartThings requires x64 architecture?
  • Either 1) Lazy developers, or 2) it something about UWP lacks the necessary APIs.
  • This has always concerned me. I hear all the time that it's just a click in Visual Studio to compile to ARM. And yet newly released apps often do not support it. Is clicking an additional compilation option that difficult??
  • I guess there is something to do with tapping with x64 architecture with this app. What it is, idk myself really. But if there is really no technical limitation, then this limitation is baffling at best. At least it is possible to be updated with architecture independent version in the near future. This is UWP after-all, but somehow only for x64. Shame if you have ARM-enabled PC such as SPX and can't bloody able to use this app.
  • Facebook Messenger for Windows is also UWP but 64-Bit only :(. Sadly it's more simple. Developers don't want t have to support a platform with little uptake. Microsoft won't force their hand like Apple do so uptake will continue to be slow. AFAIK there's only three devices that use the Qualcomm 8cx: Surface Pro X, one version of the Galaxy Book S and Lenovo have used it. HP and Dell haven't.
  • I'd be surprised if it's an API issue. WhatsApp also only updated their 64-Bit app to support audio/video calling. Before this the 32-Bit app had feature parity.
  • How lazy ffs. Samsung Gallery is also on the Store but this one is both x64 and ARM. On the plus side by the end of the year Windows on ARM will support x64 aps. Waiting to be able to install WhatsApp x64 so I can also make use of Video Calling on Windows desktop, and Facebook Messenger for Windows too.
  • "What in SmartThings requires x64 architecture?" Probably the included video compositing suite.
  • Odd timing. What does this even mean now that Samsung isn't even selling their SmartThings hub any longer as of January.
  • They're expanding their IoT business.
  • This is pretty handy since I can at least able to control my smart home devices that has connection to SmartThings, all without having to reach my phone, unlock it and do basic smart home things on it. Shame that Cortana is practically useless now and smart home integration is already gone long ago. So for voice assistant stuff, I have to use smartphone for this. Or I guess its time I'll get smart speaker I guess even though I have little use on it for my workstation.
  • How does it compare to Google Home? I've yet to find a use for SmartThings on my Galaxy S10, like most of Samsung's competing services Google's are better.
  • Can Windows Central start routinely checking App Compatibility please. If a Windows site isn't going to mention ARM support what hope do we have.
  • Did they remove the arm version and made it only 64bit? And what's the point of this??
    We already have alexa and it have voice and control over devices + the library of devices supported is lot higher or have possibilities to add support for more with theirs "Skills" Samsung have to step up or it feels atleast for me pointless.