You know you're doing something right when

How does Microsoft know it has a hit on its hands? Two words: Walt Mosspuppet. The above anti-Windows 7 video may be NSFW if your place of business frowns on long rants, guns, venereal disease, threats against Steve Ballmer and rampant Mac fanboyism.

We can only hope we get the same abuse with Windows Mobile 7. But, dayum,  this is funny ...

Rantpuppets via Fake Steve Jobs

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  • I think this is making fun of Walt Mossburg, not REALLY bashing Windows 7.
  • What's even funnier is that basically was what the fanboy-driven (but entirely non-coordinated/conspiratorial) smear campaign that was unleashed on Vista sounded a lot like. Vista's definitely got a lot of flaws, but it wasn't anywhere NEAR as bad as most of the tech media made it out to be. Windows 7 seems to be drawing much higher praise at the moment. But it'll be interesting to see if a lot of the same sites that trashed Vista do and about face on their current Win7 praise and then do the same thing they did to Vista.
  • I was specifically making fun of Mossberg's bizarre hyperbolic screed about how difficult it would be to get Windows 7, as though it would be some threat to you. Also, yeah, making fun of the general FUD that goes around Windows products.
  • After like 1 minute i was thinking this is pretty stupid then once it went off i was 100% positive that this was the stupidest crap i had ever seen! 100% FAIL
  • A couple good lines in there, but could have been a lot tighter. "Mac users have never had to upgrade in the history o fthier product. Ever" LOL This is not anti-windows 7, but more bashing preople who think it's going to be so bad. I can't wait. I've run it on old equipment (4 year old laptops) and it runs pretty well. On newer laptops, it's great. Sure, drivers are always an issue. But that is for a small percentage of people. And it always gets addressed. The thing that many people don't realize is that with the commoditization of hardware, people don't keep stuff as long, nor are they willing to invest extra money in both hardware and software. Every time I think about switching to the Mac, I find the extra hardware dollars and more importantly, software costs keep me right in Windows land.