YouTube Mobile Not Working? Try Vtap

So we all know and love the mobile version of YouTube, although as folks noted in the comments it doesn't necessarily work on every WinMo phone. Still, if it works for you, there are great features like the ability to log into your account and see your videos or favorites.

If it's not working and you don't feel like installing the classic Windows Mobile YouTube hack, fear not, there are other options: and vtap.

Blueapple.mobil is another great way to get videos streamed to your device. You simply got to from your web browser, enter the name of a video you want to watch and enjoy the streams. The great thing about this is that there are tons of videos to choose from. The bad thing is that it tends to download the movies either on the phone or the storage card which sucks up memory. This is a great substitute if my vtap doesn

WC Staff
  • Good news: if you go to directly from your phone, it gives you the proper cab download
    Bad news: playing a video doesn't work on my q9h - it crashes the app.
  • There is an embryonic new YouTube app here which is already pretty nice, and especially easy to use.
  • Ive been using Vtap since beta last year-- surprised more people didn't know about this app. The latest version of the app actually ties to a registered account on the Vtap website-- so you can keep your videos saved in the cloud and look at them on either your desktop, windows mobile, or iphone! its schweet! Also this pulls in videos from not only YouTube, but DailyMotion, CNN, MSN, TinyPix, Veoh, and much much more... it's the ultimate video search tool on your phone and on a full PC/Mac as well!
  • Hello friendly users of Moto Q9h! I work for Veveo who provide vTap. We are very close to releasing an updated client which fixes the problem causing the client to crash on many of the WM 6.1 devices. Please try downloading the client again near the end of the week just by pointing the browser on your phone to
  • Dieter Boh, could you try out a preview version of the new vTap cleint and tell me if you are now able to play clips?
    You can download it by accessing this URL from the browser on your Q9h.
  • You guys should check out my site aswell:
  • Hi Nick,
    I work at vtap and we have launched a new MMS based system which should work with any windows mobile device having windows media player. Since it streams the files, you don't need memory card space to download the whole video. In the unlikely case that our client doesn't work on your phone, you could give this a try.
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