YouTube Mobile: WM still needs that hack

Bummer, YouTube finally gets around to launching a mobile version of their site that's free for anybody to use - - and it won't work with Windows Mobile. As in, it won't work with the default Windows Media Player or even the fancypants CorePlayer (opens in new tab). That's annoying. Look like you're still going to have to download that add-on to the venerable TCPMP (opens in new tab) to get your YouTube on.

Seriously, people, how hard can this really be?

The RTSP tested and working on Treo 700p phones. We don’t have it working on Windows Mobile devices yet as we have not yet found a 3GP player which supports RTSP (alas, CorePlayer won’t work).


WC Staff
  • It's working on some Windows Mobile phones, but it looks HTC phones only! :( See for more info and a video where they got it working on a HTC Touch:
  • I really wish youtube would just come out with a youtube player/streamer for Windows Mobile. I mean if they can do it for appletv why not windows mobile?
  • aha! Good to know - hm. I'll have to try it out with some other HTC devices. Thanks for the tip!
  • is there a version of the plugin for SP's or just PPC's?
  • If you Google this...
    Download Free HTC Streaming Media Player to play RTSP 3GP audio .
    Follow the instructions...along with the program you have to add a few DLL files to your windows folder (don't overwrite anything) just add the DLL files that you don't receive a prompt..
    everything else just say no.
    I just click on the thumbnail for the video on to play seemlessly with this player on my Palm Treo 700wx. It works great.
  • I have a 700wx from sprint. i went through the hack instructions too watch youtube fine but when it came time to watch a video, youtube said my device dosnt support java script & I need to download adobe flash 7. but I can't download the flash player from adobe on my phone. does anyone know how to get around this problem with the java script?
  • The article is talking about, which should work fine if you have htc streaming media player installed.