YouTuber gets Windows XP to boot on an Android Wear smartwatch

A curious YouTube content creator, Dave Bennett, was able to boot a heavily modified version of Windows XP to an Android Wear smartwatch. Support for Windows XP ended back in 2014, but that didn't stop this developer from attempting to get it running on a watch. While this is only the main graphic, along with a command prompt, it shows the types of things that are possible that we don't expect daily. As noted in the video, it would have taken nearly 12 hours to move a 1.5GB file to the watch to attempt a full boot, so this is a 100MB version of the OS.

To think how far we have come, from the candy-bar Nokia phones, to Windows Mobile, and now Windows 10, technology has made huge progress in a rather short period of time.

Source: YouTube

Jared DiPane

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