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YouTuber gets Windows XP to boot on an Android Wear smartwatch

A curious YouTube content creator, Dave Bennett, was able to boot a heavily modified version of Windows XP to an Android Wear smartwatch. Support for Windows XP ended back in 2014, but that didn't stop this developer from attempting to get it running on a watch. While this is only the main graphic, along with a command prompt, it shows the types of things that are possible that we don't expect daily. As noted in the video, it would have taken nearly 12 hours to move a 1.5GB file to the watch to attempt a full boot, so this is a 100MB version of the OS.

To think how far we have come, from the candy-bar Nokia phones, to Windows Mobile, and now Windows 10, technology has made huge progress in a rather short period of time.

Source: YouTube

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  • Wow. That's just amazing......
  • And MS is taking years to put it in phone lol...
  • Only on Android. ;)
  • That is amazing! Now how about someone gets win 8.1 on the Asus zenfone 2 - 4gb ram, 64gb rom...
  • That's a nice upgrade from Android.
  • It's actually very funny...
  • Neat.
  • Whoa..!
  • Cool stuff :)
  • What the?!?!
  • hey, you stole my facebook profile pic!! and I was wondering when did I post that lol...  
  • Das crazy
  • Haha. Windows 10 Continuum for Watches coming up "soon" !!
  • Hire this man!
  • Not bad! Heavily modified indeed.
  • That's impressive, this means Windows wearable platform should probably run Windows universal apps in the future. I'm basically thinking the challenge is to make OneDrive,Skype,Office Mobile,and non-complex games like Solitaire run like a champ on Microsoft's next generation wearable platform.
  • Why? Aren't u ok already with smartphones? What is the next thing in ur list? Waiting it to,make coffee or,maybe have sex ?
  • I guess you don't like progress? Lol
  • Most people would've said the same thing about phones probably even 7 years ago:
    Why would you have a smartphone acting as a computer when I already have one? Phones are good as is. Its just the cycle of life :)
    Who knows what next can be a computer :D
  • I'd like the ability for a smartphone or smartwatch to allow me to get laid, who wouldn't want that?
  • Craze is Microsoft again
  • Haven't we seen that before?
  • I do have that feeling as well
  • Wen..
  • Like weaning? Not quite leaning? Or beaming? #takes chocolate and goes to bed
  • Awesome...
  • #ISeeWhatYouDidThere ;)
  • Thats completely stupid.  If you strip something down to the bare bones, its no longer what it used to be.  ITS NOT WINDOWS XP!  It's basically a comand promt at this point.  Saying he ran DOS on his watch would have been a more realistic title.  Yet people are amazed because it flashed the XP logo for a second. If I replace the samsung / apple / cyanogenmod / etc... logo with a Windows 8 logo in the boot process of booting up my phone, will you think its running Windows 8?  LOL
  • My guess is its xp embedded
  • Can you recompile XP embedded for ARM?
  • I agree, probably It is some open source DOS version, and he is putting the xp logo there.
  • It is suspicious, Windows XP is x86 based, there is not ARM support
  • Ding Ding Ding!!!  Give this man a gold star!
  • The only way he could have done it is in a pc emulator/virtual machine for ARM. But honestly, you got to be really jobless to do something like this.
  • "heavily modified"?
  • How can you modify something without the source code? You cannot convert x86 code to ARM without recompiling the source.
  • He said he used an Emulator. Emulators are used to run really old games on modern day computers as well. You can run a Windows Phone 7 or 8 OS on your PC through an Emulator. Probably even iOS or Android. They don't replace the Operating System, but instead make an environment for others OSs to run in. With that he won't need the source code to recompile to ARM. The Emulator will simulate a x86 environment for XP to run in.
  • Windows embedded modified? Or custom drivers? Software is not linear or rigid it is highly malleable.
  • There is not way to modify the OS source code because it is not available, it is not open source. The only way is to use an emulator, but then, the device is not running any "modified" Windows XP.
  • You sound like an iSheep, who doubts the capabilities of Android. In case you didn't know, there's an Android app called "Bochs" which emulates x86 architecture, thus allowing an operating system such as Windows or Ubuntu on an Android device. Now, since Android wear allows the installation of .APK files, once rooted, Bochs can resultantly be installed. So, all Dave Bennett had to do was install the APK, drag the compressed ISO onto the watch, then boot it up in Bochs. Running Windows on Android has been done so many times before; even I've done it, plus there's many tutorials on it - so I'm not sure why people are now starting do doubt it.
  • Not surprising. Some bloke ran W95 on his Samedung watch long time ago.
  • That watch was the gear live which uses android wear OS which the same os this watch is using (lg g watch) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That's that mean that Android* has smarter technology? Or the windows software is really adaptable?
  • Apple? It's an Android Wear.
  • Fixed it
  • Huh?  What does Apple have to do with any of this?  Anyway, since hardware is not "smart" or flexible, it would mean that the software is very adaptable.
  • It just means that the guy who did it is smart.
  • Or that Android is realllly open when it comes to things like these.
  • Or maybe XP is very adaptable.
  • It's just the emulator software. We have tons of those for the PC too.
  • Why would u want this ish
  • As I tapped on this article, mix radio switched to "Genesis" by Justice lol....
  • For all the commenters noting Windows XP was never compiled for ARM, or those saying he's running DOS, he's not. What he did was to install BOCHS, an IA-32 PC emulator, which, in turn, allows him to run Windows XP with nothing but command shell support.  He's probably ran it through something like XP Lite ( to strip out everything except the kernel and Command prompt, including the GUI.  Doesn't leave much to actually make a usable OS, and you'll note he had no on-screen keyboard.
  • Zooming in, I can just barely make out the prompt that opened. "You have 1,022 critical updates to install"  :-0
  • Then he is only running an emulator, not running the OS. Not impressive at all.
  • No, he is running an OS inside an emulator. Big difference.
  • The emulator is running the OS, what I mean is that there is not any special here, you can run emulators on several platforms.
  • As RobbCap pointed out, he's not emulating Windows XP.  It's the actual operating system. What he's emulating is an x86-based PC.  It's not software that's being emulated, but hardware.
  • Of course, that's how emulators works, they are emulating a hardware, but as I said, there is not any special here.
  • That's insane. The age we live in... 
  • Find a way to boot WP or windows mobile in those devices :)
  • Hahahaha that would be real superb :D
  • In theory, if bochs supports Windows 8 with Hyper-V in it, you could run WP apps in Hyper-V (WP8 emu) on 8 on bochs. *boom* It would be even better to run a WP image directly though.
  • Pure DOS would probably be more useful.
  • That's awesome!
  • Doesn't he know it won't get supported now? Silly billy.
  • Wow now that cool
  • Time flies... I could barely run XP on my old machine :P
  • Very cool.... I remember booting up Android and Linux on my old Maemo Os Nokia N900.
  • Now introducing the Microsoft Band 2 running Windows 10, featuring a docking station with an Ethernet Port, 2 USB ports and an HDMI port to connect a mouse, keyboard and a monitor on it. It'll use Continuum when you dock it in. That would be interesting to say the least.
  • And it will run on both ARMs.
  • Hm, interesting. Reminds me of a news article I saw that ported Ubuntu to a Lumia 1020.
  • (͡• ͜ʖ ͡•)
  • I remember one of the XP's pirate key. QW4HD-DQCRG-HM64M-8K83T-6GJRK By Heart :D
  • LOL. Seriously?
  • mabe it was the one used to activate this windows in the watch Lol