6sec updated for Windows Phone 8, brings NFC sharing, ability to reply to comments and more

On Windows Phone we don’t really have a wide selection of apps to pick from if we want to get our Vine. So in our little ecosystem, 6sec is by far the best option at the moment. Rudy Huyn is the developer behind 6sec and has just released a new update. Let’s see what’s new.

Head to the Windows Phone Store and you’ll see 6sec sitting pretty at version 1.3. What’s new in this latest update? Here’s what:

  • New keyboard share
  • Share using NFC (Windows Phone, Android, and BlackBerry)
  • Reply to comment
  • Improved upload security
  • Enabled in-browser “open” with feature (see the FAQ)
  • Other small changes

The ability to reply to comments is surely welcomed by quite a few of you. Long press a comment to do this action. It’s nice not having to type in the username of someone you’re replying to.

When you’re typing in the comment box you’ll see a ‘@’ and ‘#’ floating above the keyboard to give you quick access to two of the most commonly used symbols. The rest of the features you might not necessarily notice day to day as you use the app, but they’re in the background working hard for you.

Have the update already? Sound off below with what you think.

6sec for Windows Phone is a free app that is supported with advertisements. You can remove those advertisings with an in-app purchase ($1.29) and with another in-app purchase to enable video upload. Folks on Windows Phone 8 can go to the Store to get it, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app. 

QR: 6sec


Reader comments

6sec updated for Windows Phone 8, brings NFC sharing, ability to reply to comments and more


App is great, Vine is horrible. It's like YouTube in its younger days. Glad instagram has video now, and glad Rudy made both clients.

This app made me actually like VINE a whole lot more. I tried using the official Vine app on android and i just prefer 6sec layout better.

This is a good update!

My 6sec app has been dead for a while now. ie it won't update and won't delete and is just sitting there because it fails half way through the update every time. I miss vine so much... Anybody have an idea of a fix for this?! It frustrates me..

Mine was the same, I uninstall it then reset the phone (power down the phone) and then install it again and now it's working fine

No uninstall button? Go to the app list, find the app and hold your finger on top of 6sec. Press uninstall. Shut down your phone, and restart it. Install 6sec again.

Like I said, No option to uninstall. It's grey and un-tappable. I assume because it assumes it's in the middle of a download. Even when I cancel the download. Sounds like it's stuck like that unless I do a factory reset from the advice I've been getting...

Other than the notifications I think the app is just fine. Rudy doesn't make apps that have official offerings.

I also agree. It wouldn't be that easy to make an app as Facebook. I mean not even Microsoft has got it right yet, and I'm sure they're not just a bunch of monkeys typing keys on keyboards using bananas as fingers.... or are they?

Nah now a snapchat app, lets call it 6chat, 6snap, or ..... (unless the reason they pulled swapchat and that other snapchat app ate the reason he can't make it)

I never used Vine until I got 6sec on my Lumia 920. On my old iPhone 4 I hated when the videos played automatically. This update just makes it even better.