7-Eleven drops Windows Phone support

7-Eleven drops Windows Phone 8 support

After having launched a dedicated Windows Phone app complete with coupons, convenient store chain 7-Eleven has dropped support for the beloved platform. The company did not give any reason why it had made this decision when a reader emailed asking about why he is not getting any more coupons.

"Unfortunately, we have decided to end our support for the Windows version of our mobile app at this time," 7-Eleven Social Innovation Manager Ana Santellana told our reader in an email response. "We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused."

Our reader said that he noticed that the app was not displaying coupons anymore and that he was having difficulties linking the app to Foursquare for check-in though Twitter and Facebook integration continued to work.

Is the 7-Eleven app one that you use regularly? Are you sad to see this Windows Phone 8 app dropped?

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7-Eleven drops Windows Phone support



Usually its a decision of one person. Apparently Ana hates WP for some twisted reason..

Same thing happened with Tango. After WP7, that asshat never cared to release the app for WP8. He even removed the support thread (on Zendesk platform) where people were requesting for Windows Phone app.

well... let's we spam 'em with emails to support Windows Phone, or we won't come back there.

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Ha! If you're talking about Mortal Kombat X, then so am I. I can't wait it looks awesome.

Unfortunately, if you do that, for every WP owner that drops company x, five non WP users will surmise WP must suck if company x drops it.

Everyone should go install it now! Maybe they'll change their mind. WPCentral should of had a link to the app since it's still there.

Well that sucks. The app was the only reason why I've actually bought stuff form 7-11. I haven't been a customer in like 8yrs, and the app made me go back with its coupons.

What is the ACTUAL app maintenance cost anyways? If they've developed correctly, the cost should be neglible despite the marketshare.

I'm in Georgia now but I grew up in da region!
Wait. I guess that means I didn't care much about it. Never mind. Carry on.

Good call. I should have left here long ago, but unfortunately I'm still here and I commute to the city.

"could care less" *sigh* think about what you are saying. Could you care more also? Are you able to care any less then you do now? Do you care a lot? Do you also have a care in the world? Or no cares? I just want to make sure you get through this because I am assuming you are really broken up by this. You were the one that emailed 7-11 weren't you?

Microsoft is busy spending billions advertising phones that they refuse to sell to 99% of the world and childishly mocking Apple and Samsung whose phones are available to the masses.

Where are you at in Indiana? Up in the northern part of the state they are all over.

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All the official app news and then this happens. I bet they don't even know about Windows Phone 8.1

True.... But, the average consumer doesn't know about iOS8 either... Nevertheless, yes nobody knows about WP..

Ehhh idk about that. I also don't know who we are considering the average consumer because a lot of the people I know who are not into tech at all know that IOS 8 is coming.

That's the problem with less marketshare.

Also, why the hell do all these chains need apps? Make a good mobile website and you won't have to maintain 3 separate version of the same stupid coupon app. You can get location in the browser, show bar codes... everything these apps usually do. And these are major chains, thei maintain webservers anyway. There is ZERO need for apps.

I agree! Some of my best experiences are from mobile websites vs the dedicated app.

Ford and Motor Trend just to name a few.

Maybe that's the play... Hopefully, because then e could just pin the site to start. What we need to do is make sure they ad support for IE and pinned sites ;)

But Apple made everyone believe there is a need for apps thusly everyone wants to make an app. So they waste money supporting apps when it could to improving their websites and bringing them up to standards and actually enriching the web. Meanwhile Apple gets rich off the app store model and everyone else tries to follow suit. I think most apps are either redundant or useless or worse, both.

I hate the verge but they got mobile right the pinned tile is even live

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Its true.. But some other platforms if you don't have an app then they don't know what to do.. Also the company is perceived as backwards.. I mean with out a visual 300 meg app I would not know how to scratch my balls.

There was some sale where if you did 5 things you got $20 off something.. It took me 2 mins on my desktop browser. Everyone in my office was using the Mobil app. After 10 mins they were like how are you doing this in 2 mins.. I was like before you needed a slow app to go stuff we used to use a browser. I lulz for a good while.

That explains why the app remained broke for so long. I could never use it because it needed a update but there was no way to update it.

Yup. Like I wrote elsewhere, this seems to be the cycle:

1. company releases a crappy, feature-poor app version that doesn't match up to the iOS and Android versions.

2. A few people download, realize it's crap and stop using.

3. Company discontinues app citing "too few users". Well duh, because it sucks.

Rinse, repeat.

The question is... What if these crappy apps are the ones Microsoft offers to certain companies?

Oh, I wouldn't be surprised. The whole idea that MS should develop apps is asinine to begin with. It's not like initial development is the big stumbling block for a serious business, it's the ongoing maintenance and support. Without that, they might as well not have an app.

The 7-Elevens here are all nasty and run down. I avoid them at all cost. I know they are nicer elsewhere though.

I had it from the time of release. I thought the app was fine. It had an interesting UI and it worked well enough. The issue for me was that I just don't eat any of the thousands of poisonous products they sell in their stores. There's not one thing real or healthy in their stores other than maybe a banana, if you can find one. I don't recall the app every being updated other than, I think, maybe once. Oh and where I live there are f'n tons of them. There are three within walking distance of less than 5 minutes of my place.

I never went there. And, honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if there is some advertising deal with Google. "We'll give you a discount if you drop support for competing platforms."  I'd almost call the idea crazy if not for E3 proving developers are willing to shortchange people on other platforms for the right price.

There's a few here and there but usually part of a gas station and not a stand alone store.

What we need is a good Kwik Trip app. Won't go anywhere else for gas (usually lowest price after discount), milk (BGH free and lowest price of anyone), bananas (38¢/lb), etc. Now if only the gas price increase notifications would arrive the night before instead of morning of...

Who gives a rats! Nobody uses 7 eleven in Aussie anyway coz they're just rorters who charge too much

Maybe if they had chains in southeast Texas I would have use for their app, but I'm not going to drive to Austin to get a slurpee

Really 7-eleven, fish they really think purple would flock to download their app when they don't have chains everywhere?

make fun of it but doesn't look good for the platform when a company drops support for it. specially one household name like 7-11.

this is why I fully support android apps on WP to the dismay of the fanboys, because for as long as Joe B and Terry M are in charge of WP, nothing will change.

Not something I would have used, but still, not giving me confidence in the future of windows phone.

I'm getting really tired of reading "available for both ios and android", and knowing I'm unlikely to see new apps on my 920.

I think its safe to say that we all hate being left out, but is it better to have an app that they didn't put thought into to start with being a representation of WP or some if the really great ones that we have seen with 8.1?

It was a poorly designed app from the start. I got it and was planning on giving 7-11 another shot over QT, but the app hardly ever worked and the coupons weren't that convenient. I had it right after it was first released so well before officially dropping support.

Nope, Vermont has zero 7 Elevens.. Just sad to see them end support. I am sure it wasn't costing much to maintain the app.

I think I went in one once in my life.  Maybe.  I'm not sure they're even around here in GA.

Not something I'll miss. 

If these companies used something like Xamarin (especially with latest control updates) they'd only really be writing one app...

Dang, I haven't heard about a WaWa since I lived in Allentown, PA. I would buy a Grizzly Chomp there all the time as a kid.

I question why someone is perusing the aisles of 7-Eleven enough, to warrant use of an app. I mean those Big Gulps are not that serious you need daily reminders to suck down 98 oz of sugar. Lol.

I guess I live in the 711 capital. A quick Yelp search has 20 nearby, the furthest about 25 minutes away. For anyone curious I live in Fresno, California.

Which begs the?........ Why the hell does anyone need a freaking 7/11 app? I mean really, what is the point?

Never supported canada(like ever other us brand that has a wp app) so it doesn't bother me aside from the fact its to far away

I am personally not bothered by it, no stores near me anymore. (Which is odd as I live in a decent/medium sized city. I do hate to see the support for apps dropped. Still mad at PageOnce, among others...

I never even knew they had an app that offered coupons. Hmph... Hopefully they'll bring it back and realize the error of their ways. Wouldn't have hurt to promote it either, sheez!

No one cares. Why is this app needed? Coupons? Only a broke ass needs that when your buying Junk that costs single digits.

Well, the up side to this, they haven't pulled the app, yet. This may mean that they are simply evaluating for further usage of the app. Considering WP is simply a ship in a sea of Android and iPhones, app usage can't possibly be high enough to consider maintaining this app. Sad to say, but these are the facts, for now. I love WP just as much as anyone, but the reality is, until WP gains more market, we can expect many developers to be in this mindset.

guess this is why my coupons didn't even show up tonight, what was worse is the clerk said I didn't know how to use my phone or the app

The only reason I had the their app on my 1020 was so people would see that familiar logo on my start screen... along with Shazam ..which also dropped WP support recently.

The problem is that you can't access the mobile web site because it just keeps prompting you to download the app.

After being out of the area for decades they have recently come back in. Prices are 10% higher or more than any other chain in the area so...don't care.

Oh, my Dog!
What a loss! How can I face a new day, now?... What can I do, what... what.. wh....WAIT!..., we don't have 7-11 in Italy...!!!!... I feel better...

If there was ever a US brand less likely to offer the people of Italy something they would willingly eat, twice, I can't think of one. And that's saying a lot!

Lol. You know italians. I lived in Japan, and 7-11 have most japanese food there, but in the 7-11 Chain I found"Italian burrito"....
What? Italian burrito??? It doesn't exist anything near burrito in Italy and nothing with that name in the Italian cuisine.
(well, I like burrito, enough, anyway).

Very unfortunate.  I used it several times a week as 7-11 is right around the corner from my work and is a regular a.m. stop on the way in for my white egg breakfast muffin. 

Lack of usage I would imagine. I installed the app. It was nicely designed, but honestly I forgot I installed it. I never think...I wonder if 7-Eleven has any good coupon deals going...

The coupon deals sucked anyway. I mean hell, it was a convience store. Did you expect a good deal? Besides, WaWa is nicer and I barely go to my 7-11 even though it just down the street. It probably has been robbed more than I've been to it.

Ironic this is on the same day the Tim Horton's app is announced. I'll be sure to choose Tim I've Sevy next time I'm near one.

Not me. I don't even visit 7-11 in my neighbourhood. I find things are much more expensive than the supermarket near my place. Not a loss for me.

I downloaded the app but I really don't go to 7-Eleven that much so I uninstalled it. If Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks made an app it would get more support with the type of business they are in.

tweet them I did and I heard back from Starbucks that the app is in the works - I use 7-Eleven especially during the summer for the ride home from the beach for a large drink for driving on the parkway 

It's obviously not beneficial for them(7eleven ) anymore.....this is not a good look for WP .....i hope others don't follow suit because this is truly a great platform

That and the app was stupid pointless coupon app that didn't even have anything interesting. The only thing even remotely ever interesting about it was that they launched it for WP with the iOS and Android apps.

I mean if WaWa had an App where I could pre-order my freshly made sandwich I would use the hell out of it. But I don't need a 7-11 app to pick up a digusting dry sandwhich or hot dog.

Even then, I fully expect Apps to die for stores like this. Who the hell wants to develop even two apps when you can just have an HTML 5 website. Jimmy Johns already killed their apps and you just use their site now on any device.

Didn't know of this apps existence. Obviously their marketing, or lack there of, failed to meet expectations.