Official 7 Eleven app for Windows Phone 8 launches, features coupons and more

Looks like another official app has launched for Windows Phone 8 and it slipped under our radar. 7 Eleven (, the popular convenience store chain in the US, released their Windows Phone 8 this last Wednesday.

The app itself has a unique UI, featuring a swipe based gesture system to navigate to the main sections. It’s actually the same layout as the iOS and Android apps, keeping the company design consistent. Those sections include special day-only deals, in-store goods like sandwiches and wings, coupons that you can redeem and a store finder. The app has all four of those sections laid out as tabs and you can merely tap or swipe to get to them

Users can register to get specialized deals and access to coupons. The deals can be pinned to your Start screen for quick access—not bad if you frequent 7 Eleven often. Likewise, you can find stores easily with the locator and mapping function, even adding your favorite location.

The app additionally features a doublewide Tile, though it doesn’t quite appear to be Live and the app has a nice banner with the current weather, time and greeting.

Overall, the 7 Eleven app is done well. Sure, it’s a design port from their other apps but it doesn’t feel rushed either and with the doublewide tile and pinnable coupons, Windows Phone 8 users who often visit their local shop will appreciate the savings.

7 Eleven – Windows Phone 8 – Store Link – Free

Thanks, Joseph H., for the tip

Daniel Rubino

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  • Badass, now all we need is Dunkin Donuts to follow suit! =D Maybe they might be able to update with some lock screen support later..? =P
  • Agree 100%...that will complete the unhealthy lifestyle circle for me, lol
  • Come now Daniel, you are not plannign to die on us, are you?
  • Wow, the App is Badass. Beautiful design to brighten up my Home Screen. Welcome aboard 7/11
  • Hmm, 7-11 and Dunkin Doughnuts, are you a cop? ;)
  • Eew no! Krispy Kreme!
  • LOL
    Who needs a 7-11 app?
  • I imagine if you have one near work and get your coffee there everyday, like some do, then you could use the coupons, etc. I dunno, I say the same about the Best Buy app, etc. But I'd rather have it than not ;) It shows the platform is growing when we get seemingly frivolous apps 
  • I could not have said it better. The other OS's have a crap load of apps no one use or even know exist but they still have them in there market. An app that's important to one person may not be to to the next but that does not mean its not needed.
  • +920 & then some. This is what I keep preaching to people with the other OS's. Can you install 1.5 million apps on your whiPhone/Hemmerrdroid?
  • Spot on. I have no use for this app, but somebody has to. This also means we have an app that's available on iOS and Android. Closing the app boundary is important. Do I care? No, I have all the apps I could want, and then some. But for many, they honestly feel as though Windows Phone doesn't have enough apps for them, it's often the case someone who's interested in it will pass by for no reason other than Windows Phone not having as many apps. I personally won't be using this app, but it's a good sign that people are starting to take interest and pay attention to Windows Phone. Let's keep it up.
  • I will particularly use this app a fair amount. I go there regularly. The one major improvement over this already fantastic app would be to add your 7-11 card to the app and scan it for mobile payment options. The foursquare integration is broken
  • I'm just surprised that there is a 7-11 app at all, regardless of the platform.
  • Well supposedly anyone with an iPhone and Android had to download it, so in my mind I'm like, "Windows Phone is picking up, all these guys STILL won't make one for us?! Get on it!" I feel I had some small role in making this happen, even if it's not true's all in the public eye, there needs to be "Windows Phone" listed on app ads and posters! People need to know Windows Phone is serious and its staying!
  • Not available in Canada
  • Im sure we'll get it after Peurto Rico or something. Canada gets a lot of consumer apps last.
  • Sad no Canada still waiting on dominos here!!
  • The Dominos app is so nice.
  • We still have 7-11's in Canada?
  • Hey now I like long island full of 7/11s
  • Where the hell is there still 7-11?
  • In the northeast, everywhere.
  • In Norfolk/virgina beach area, there are 7/11s on almost every corner. Sometimes there 2 on the same corner, seriously.
  • I live in Southeastern PA and work in South Jersey and I couldn't find a 7-11 if my life depended on it. Wawa, on the other hand, is everywhere. But its cool for those who still have them. :-)
  • I'm pretty sure Wawa have an iPhone app. Hope they build one for us soon (NE Maryland)
  • 7-11s are everywhere in Tampa, and we just got our first Wawa.
  • Down in Florida, 7-11 is everywhere and we are just now getting WaWa's.  In the entire Central Florida area, across 2 counties and several cities, there are only 3 WaWa's I know of... one of which just opened 2 months ago.
    A lot of businesses are regional, as shocking as that might be to some.  We have zero Carl's Jr.s out here and not a Jack in the Box to be seen.
  • Yeah, they are everywhere on the East Coast. In South Florida they on every street (mostly).
  • There's also a ton in california
  • West coast represent! Pretty much almost everywhere in Los Angeles.
  • Got a few in Vegas. Granted not many, but they're here. And dirty as hell, lol.
  • Hey, I've still seen Orange Julius out there! =P
  • Every corner in Southern California has one...
  • One?
    We have too many
  • Northern California too.
  • I have a 7-11 by my house
  • Really? There are a little over 50,000 7-11's, only 600 Wawa's.
  • Massachusetts. And while I can't claim to have been to every last corner of the state, 7-11 seem to be pretty frequent wherever I do go.
  • Tedeschi over 7-11 any time of day.
  • Too many to count here in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs! Besides slurpees are the best! It's a welcome addition to the marketplace!
  • All over Missouri and Illinois
  • Dude, it's all over the world.
  • Just for completeness, they exist in Austin, Texas as well, though not as staple as they are in places like Chicago, Denver, etc.
  • Here in Utah as well ;) looks like we have put your question to rest
  • South Florids also.  There are several locations in my area alone.
  • On my way to and from work everyday, I pass THREE 7-11s.  Thats a 15 minute trek around 5 miles on the same street in one direction.
  • Off Topic: There's a Lumia on CNET's homepage today.
  • This is great stuff! I'm not a regular 7-11 customer, still nice to see different retailers joining the WP scene
  • And they keep it metro instead of a port from another OS, that's always a plus in my book.
  • +920
  • I just installed on my wife's android, and the app is exactly the same. Its much slower on Android 2.3.
  • Hello....Canada, we exist to 7/11!
  • I live 2 blocks from one in L.A.! Great app!
  • Lol! 7 reviews so far.
  • A 711 is located 2 blocks away from me I'm gonna walk over and see if it works!
  • Canadians got left out again. I live about 6min drive between two 7/11 stores in Toronto :(
  • There's a 7/11 across my bloody street!!! C'mon!
  • Change you location to the US and you can get it. Just got it to try it out. 
  • I like the app and will use it. Got free Pillsbury cinnamon bun today and free ice cream when I bought a digorno pizza.
  • I also got the free cinnamon bun!
  • Did it come with free diabetes?
  • Hahaha. +5
  • Meanwhile we're still waiting for an official Starbucks app. Or did I just overlook it?
  • That's an app I hear alot of people screaming for. Personally I wouldn't use it, not a SB lover, but it's great to see more official apps coming onboard
  • There's an official star bucks Mexico app that lauched a few weeks back. I'm sure the u.s one will be out soon.
  • Thank you come again!!
  • So glad we're growing. Wonder what the app count is now?
  • Us only...
  • The 711 around me is dirty food sits out for a month, no thanks!!
  • I find it highly amusing that such minor app (yes, there are people who will find it useful, but not many) is a front page news... Come on, guys! Find something more interesting to write about - surely there are some news about upcoming devices or major software/firmware releases!
  • Yes, there's this new phone on the horizon that will blow your mind! 5.5" high resolution holographic imaging chip with new processor technology never released until now, the Geno morph 15,000. It uses an 8 flash 458 mega mega pixle camera. And has flashing neon lights too!!!!
  • Its not their fault that there isn't much noteworthy on the weekends to cover. Expect Saturdays and Sundays to be slow.
  • @John Doe40 You can go find another site to visit if you don't like our work, I'm more than comfortable with that.
  • Pwned!
  • Perceived lack of apps is a huge stumbling block for windows phone. Any official app offering,no matter how trivial, is a plus for the OS.
  • It's front page news because we're finally getting a large amount of official apps on a pretty routine basis now. Whereas before on WP7, official apps were a rarity (and those that existed weren't updated or often buggy), we're now receiving loads of official apps like the Dominoe's pizza app and the Viper car alarm app that aren't perhaps NECESSARY for everybody, but still signal in a shift in change in how Windows Phone is now being perceived as a viable platform by many.
  • Filbertos??? Come on!!!!
  • I just got a free cinnamon roll at a 7/11 on long island for FREE with this
  • Nice looking UI!
  • I have an app in the # finally.
  • Forgot Rudy Huyn's 9gag? Really?
  • We have lots of 7-11 stores here in the Philippines and it's not available for us on the Store (which means still of no use locally) that's a big let down.. :(
  • Not available in Switzerland. Neither the app nor 7 11 ;-)
  • Talk to me with something better... Donuts are good for massive body's.
  • I just want Slurpee code redemption. It's all I asked from them. At least my WP app request went through. Coupons. :3
  • Shame it does not work in the uk
  • Yay first-party apps! It's almost like Christmas everyday for me ;) Go WP8!!
  • Oh Thank Heaven! I just had to say it
  • 7-11s are still very relevant. In the northeast Wawa has taken over (waiting on an app) but 7-11 are still around my area. Love them Slurpees!
  • Go, Winnipeg! Slurpee capital of the world!!
  • If only it would give me store hours.
  • I want this in Norway...
  • Don't really have a need for this, but I downloaded just to check out...very nicely designed.
  • Pot-Heads rejoice!
  • Well Done. I stop at 7-11 several times a week and its laid very nicely.. 
  • Lots of 7-11s in Tokyo, but I don't imagine there's a huge WP population in Japan.
  • Got a discount on taquitos. Preemptive shut up, the buffalo ones are spicy and delicious.