Windows Phone 8107 update rolling out for TELUS in Canada and Sweden's Tele2

TELUS 8107 update is now available

TELUS has announced that they now have the 8107 (7.10.8107) update available for the HTC 7 Surround and LG Optimus 7.  The update, as you may recall, fixes the "vanishing keyboard" bug, as well as some other issues.  Bell Mobility recently started addressing the issue, so it's good to see TELUS following suit.

Sweden's Tele2 has also reportedly been rolling 8107 out to their Optimus 7 users.

What's the word out there?  Anyone else getting 8107?

Source: TELUS; Via: WMPU; Thanks for the tip on Sweden, Lars-Erik!


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Windows Phone 8107 update rolling out for TELUS in Canada and Sweden's Tele2


Just updated to 8107 for Omnia7 in singapore. It did not solve the email forwarding issue as they claimed. Nothing has been changed.

Hows about not posting anymore info regarding this update.  Everytime I see this I get more pissed off.  Contacted AT&T again today and got the same runaround.  In fact according to them there is no official problem with disappearing keyboards and their devices. 

That would be a complete lie. The 8107 update is out and released for all brands of devices, including the Samsung Focus. By logic that leaves ATT as the only block to the release. We all know why they are doing it. New product with 8107 arrives in a little over a month and they want to motivate as many gen 1 device owners to upgrade. Right?

Yes, I believe you are 100% correct.  The silence from the wpcentral folks here is deafening.  What a great article that would be to go into detail in regards to how the update process works and how AT&T is or is not involved.  What is the process from start to finish, how long do they expect from the time MS finishes to the actual deployment.  What are you guys so afraid of? I'm sure others out there have expressed this before, but I'll say it again.  I'm not happy with this lack of clear defined process.  I was led to believe that MS would handle the update process.  As it turns out they ran form it, and Eric Hautala hasn't been heard from since.  Coward.  I have 3 phones, Focus, HD&2, and a Titan.  I'm one of two (actually 3 the other was an MS rep) people in a meeting with 100 other tech people who raised their hand proudly to say I have a windows phone. Losing patience with this whole thing.  End of rant.    

I don't think you're right. I used to work there; they're just slow. It's no conspiracy. They're just a large slow-moving corporation with an aging workforce.

It's just the way it is. The 40- and 50-year-olds working there don't think a month is a very long time to wait for an update, whereas for 20-year-olds it seems like an eternity.

I didn't mean to imply anyone's age. I was remembering the way it was at AT&T. We young guys were gung-ho trying to get things done, but the older guys were slow moving, generally speaking. Of course, there are always exceptions to any rule.

Don't worry, my indignation was sarcastic which doesn't translate. Honestly the ATT higher ups just don't tell the peeps on the front lines what's going on. They are purposely the last to know.

Hah! You think AT&T is a pain, try being on Verizon who just sent out an update for the firmware and radio (which btw has improved my battery life and signal) for the ONLY Windowsphone they have HTC Trophy. I betcha AT&T rolls out this update WAY before Verizon even looks at it/tests it. If only AT&T had better coverage in my area...
Aside - I think the firmware update just monkeyed with the signal and battery status bar. I haven't noticed any realtime performance improvements yet Just the status bar telling me I have plenty of battery and signal...or am I just paraniod?

My Lumia 800 bought (January 24) from Tele2 Sweden came with the 8107 out of the box. 3 Sweden was the first operator I believe to roll out the upgrade in Sweden. I received it last week om my Samsung Omnia 7.

Got the update for my Lumia 800, both 8107 and Nokia 8106 in one package. German L800 on Austrian (A1) network.

Nothing on my Telus phone yet... I guess it hasnt got pushed to my phone... stupid zune keeps saying phone up to date...

I tried updating on Telus tonight. It's announced on their website, but Zune still says my phone is up to date. Perhaps tomorrow night.

Got a HTC surround on TELUS. Will check for an update sometime. I am in no hurry but see no alert. Check Zune tomorrow.

Got a HTC surround on TELUS. Will check for an update sometime. I am in no hurry but see no alert. Check Zune tomorrow.

got it two days ago, HTC titan, Telenor Norway. Now finally the Facebook feed respects hide msg settings.


Optimus 7 with telus and still did not receive the update a day after... and their website says it's available.. I don't get it :( the keyboard disappears too frequently for me and I need this!


Received an update notice at 7:30am and 33 minutes later the 8107 update was installed on my 1st Gen TELUS HTC 7 Surround!

i just got the last update apbout an hour ago and im getting this one right now... i plug my phone into my comp almost daily why so delayed? HTC Surround in canada