Acedia: Indie Horror lands in the Store, a spooky scavenger hunt

Acedia: Indie Horror

Acedia: Indie Horror is a mystery game for your Windows Phone 7.x and 8 device that has a spooky, almost creepy, feel to it. Inspired by "Slender: The Eight Pages", Acedia is a scavenger hunt sort of a game where you are tasked with finding particular objects/relics to complete each challenge.

You navigate through what appears to be a vacant mansion where the only light is your flashlight to hunt down various relics. The 3D animations and graphics are nice and the soundtrack gives the game a suspenseful feel. As if at any second something is going to jump out of the shadows and eat your brains.

Movement and remembering your way around the maze of hallways and rooms are the biggest challenge with Acedia.

Acedia: Indie Horror

That and remaining calm.  The game is played from a first person point of view with your movement controlled from the left side of the screen.  You control your flashlight with the right side of the screen.  What appears in the circle of light is well lit and everything else is dim.  Combine the restricted field of view, the cryptic music, and the haunted house graphics and Acedia definitely taps into the horror movie mood.

Acedia: Indie Horror is creepy enough in a well lit room and for full effect, developer recommends playing Acedia in a dark room and use headphones. In just tinkering with Acedia for a short time, the only downside that jumps out at me is that you can't save your progress.  If you make it half way through the challenge and exit, you'll have to restart from scratch.

Acedia: Indie Horror is a free, ad-free game for your Windows Phone that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

Acedia: Indie Horror lands in the Store, a spooky scavenger hunt


The controls are fine, just don't keep your right thumb on the screen at all times. Only touch the screen with your right thumb when you need to, make small finger gestures to control viewing.

If you've ever played old school console games it should be familiar. But it should save your progress.

Will check out the game later, but seeing the video shot before hitting play, makes me wish Nokia could have kept that L 800 screen configuration.  It truely is nice to look at. 

Just downloaded it and managed to beat it during my first attempt. The graphics are phenomenal and there's absolutely no lag on my WP7.8 handset. It's great that developers are continuing to support WP7. I highly recommend this game to Slender fans.

Music should start immediately when you hit start game, not after you find your first relic, beginning was kinda lame because of that. Other than that, well controls... Cool game while waiting for Amnesia 2 to be released and these other horror fps games.

Good game, Im sure the graphics could look way better (atleast the flashlight) not that Im a graphics whore or anything...

I'm liking it. The controls takes some getting used to though. Also, it would've been nice, if the vertical drag, could be inverted.

I played it again last night while in bed in the dark with earbuds on. Got 4 relics then turned a corner right into creature.

Try playing the game in a very dark room (CANNOT sleep with lights on) with volume set to max and a pair of headphones on. (No, not the cheap $20 ones you can find everywhere. Those that range from $59-$299 should be reasonable enough. Also, no Beats branded headphones, since the "amp" that's built in the headset cheapens up any music quality in any genre that's not hip-hop/rap.)

Personally, earbuds are great for isolating noise long as you get a pair with that feature, but they don't always provide the lows in a way without distorting the sound.

I had the lights off and the face in my face (took glasses off to lay down). I have 2 pairs of skullcandy in-ear buds that block outside noise and a set of munitio MW3 billets earbuds that are also in-ear. I had a pair of the beats headphones, which had great sound, but I rarely used them for fear of having them snap off where they folded. At 200 bucks new, I took no chances. Finally sold them as the munitio buds are just as good if not better for the $30 bucks they cost me (originally 60, caught a sale).

Great Controls but wish there was more work done with the flashlight thing. It looks wietd with this perfect circle and still seeing so much of the rest of the room. Some tunnel vision, completely dark on the edges? This is a good game that with some extra work will be a phenomenal game :D