AlarmMe, a simple alarm alternative for Windows Phone 8


There are plenty of alarm apps in the Windows Phone Store and AlarmMe is one of the better looking, easy to use options in the Store. The colorful design gives AlarmMe some eye-appeal and the simple user interface is virtually frustration free.

If the native alarm feature on your Windows Phone is not cutting it, AlarmMe is not a bad alternative to consider.

The main page for AlarmMe has the alarm-dial center screen, your current time displayed just below, and +/- buttons to the sides of the screen. Along the bottom of the screen you have a tile to send you to your alarm listings, a “+” tile to add additional alarms, and an edit tile to edit your alarm.

The settings cog is in the upper right corner where you can view a tutorial, view the about screen, choose one of three background images, review the app, and send feedback to the developer.

AlarmMe Tutorial, Main Page, Editing Screens

To set an alarm, just slide your finger along the alarm dial and if you need to fine-tune the alarm time you can use the plus or minus buttons.  When you have the alarm time just right, simply tap the screen to turn it on. If you need to set additional alarms, tap the “+” tile at the bottom of the screen.

Editing options for AlarmMe’s alarms include:

  • Custom description
  • Repeat the alarm during the week
  • Choose the alarm tone (23 choices)
  • Choose the alarm color

From the editing screen, you can also change the alarm time and turn the alarm on/off.

While it does not have any functionality, the background image will adjust accordingly to your alarm time and looks good. If you spin the dial to an early morning time, the background will reflect that time of day. It is a neat feature that helps AlarmMe stand out a bit.

There is a free trial version available for AlarmMe that is limited to one alarm. The full version of AlarmMe is currently running $.99 and is available for Windows Phone 8. You can pick up your copy of AlarmMe here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

AlarmMe, a simple alarm alternative for Windows Phone 8


Yes, it uses Native alarm API, it will go off just like the stock alarm. It is an alarm alternative for the stock alarm .. 

Another app that doesn't have ascending alarm tone. It is important for my heart not to jump out of my chest. Still sticking with 627.AM

627.AM is the best. I know that there is some weather info in the app but how cool would it be if the developer made a entire weather app with the same UI?!!

I developed the app as ana alternative to stock alarm app. 
It does wake you up gradually, download the trial and set an alarm and check if it suits you. 


that was mentioned to me since the age old days when I was a WPCentral ambassador in the forums :P ... never gets old .. 

While it is nice, Windows Phone needs an alarm app with all the functionality that Timely for android has

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

The problem is with the alarm api, to implement all the features like Timely the app will be required to be open all the time which is something I didn't want in my app. 

I still wouldent mind a app like that even if it stayed in the bg.  I pay like 5 bucks for it even if it had all that Timely has with that great style. It cool that your doin this btw...

Better not to include all the tones. If we need a particular tone there should be an option to download it. This way you can reduce the size of the app... A conpact app would be preferable for anyone to download and install it..

WP isn't charging you for the app. The developer is. There are no adverts. And it's free if you only need one daily alarm.

I like it. The wheel makes for easy 24hr time selection. Set the alarm to Wakeupsong since I'm always running down the stairs.

Can we choose the snooze time, also does it shows the alarm icon on the Lockscreen once you set it?

I just want an alarm that lets me choose a song from my local music and play it through bluetooth when it goes off. Seems simple, but apparently WP makes it impossible.

1Alarm might do the trick for you. You can choose your own local music for the alarm and it will play over the bluetooth connection if you keep it turned on. Only downer is that the app can't be in the background (I just turn it on before I go to bed).

Personally, any alarm app that wants to wake me up probably has to splash boiling water on me. Maybe this'll be the next best thing.

I use the native alarm, and it works OK. I just wish they had a simple "Quick Alarm" function built-in, that would let me create an alarm "<dropdown to select time> from now". My old feature phone had that... why WP8 doesn't is a mystery.

Thanks for the tip. Nice app, got it installed now (really wish it had a drop down for half an hour though rather than clicking forward to 30 minutes... I tend to take a lot of half hour naps ;)). Will definitely come in handy. Too bad this isn't built into the generic Alarm app!

I noticed that it remembers the nap length I used last time and uses that as the default for next nap/alarm. No dropdown needed! Very nice.

Tried this out and like it. I wish the middle "ON/OFF" indicator was also the toggle to turn it off and on, rather than having to go to the edit screen. Neat graphics. Add a "Quick Alarm" like I described above and I'll buy it. :)

You have to double tap to set the alarm which is the quick shortcut ... slide the dial to required value and double tap to set the alarm . 
"just slide and double tap" .. easy

Not the same thing. That still requires me to check the time and set the alarm for the time half an hour from now (not to mention that no matter how good you are at setting time, it takes a lot more than just one click to set it). I just want it to do that for me. That's why we have computers :). I am not even really sure what you mean with "slide and double tap". Is that something that makes sense in the paid version? The double tap does nothing that I can tell.

hmm ... yeah, I think you want a drop down in 30 mins intervals, as a powernap feature. That would modify the simple design I made right now:( ..I will see if I get more requests on this and I will surely include this. I am inundated with mails right now, I will be keeping track of everything.

I know developers are supposed to aquiesce to every request, but I also know about "feature creep"... so good luck. :) Just thought I'd throw this feature out there. The design in "Lightning App mentioned above is pretty good too. Your app has a nicer look though.

I did notice that double tap turns the alarm ON, but not off. Would make sense to have it turn off too, IMO.

:D .. 

the double tap to off I took it out based on multiple suggestions from beta testers due to accidental turning off.

I know this is off topic a little bit but please indulge me for just one minute.  I am lokoing at the phote for this article and I see a really slim and killer case/cover for that Nokia 920, WHERE THE HECK CAN I FIND THAT.  OMG I have looked everywhere online and even under my couch.  Can anyone help me with this?  It looks to be yellow and attaches at the corners..   Thanks in advance.



Cmon, pale grey on a grey background?  Cyan text on grey?  White text on yellow?  Is the app designer intentionally trying to make the app unusable?  Nice bold colours elsewhere.

there is only one thing in default alarm that must be fix - alarm status on SMALL live tile. This is so stupid, that I need to keep middle size live tile which eats up my desktop real esate for such basic information..