Alleged photos of Nokia EOS 41MP PureView Windows Phone leaked with slight camera hump to boot

Today is as great a day as any for some fabulous leaks and boy have we got a beauty here. Remember the Nokia EOS device that has been touched on numerous times in the past? We've got some images that are believed to be of the shell and innards of that very Nokia handset.

Rum: 8

The rumor-mill has been running wild about this Lumia device, with its super-awesome-badass camera. 41MP imaging sensor seems to be a sure thing, and AT&T is reportedly releasing it very soon. Today an unnamed source has just sent something much more solid to Chinese tech site WPDang: some pictures of EOS that looks quite convincing. Let's have a go through them.

The above shot shows the alleged Nokia EOS (yellow version) ripped apart and exposing its inner-magic. The grey smartphone beside it looks to be a Lumia 920. EOS looks to share the same overall look as the current Nokia flagship Windows Phone, which isn't a bad thing.

Close-up shot by itself. The black, round item is the cover for the "camera hump". Like the Pureview 808, the camera module of EOS is going to be noticeably bulky, therefore Nokia has attempted to mask the excess mass as much as possible, while keeping the aesthetics at a high standard. I for one feel as though the round hump is better looking than the rectangular one found on the Pureview 808 though.

That's a pretty large hole. And see those two little dots near the bottom of the phone? That will be how EOS connects to Qi wireless charging cover - just like the Lumia 925. In other words, it won't have Qi support built-in.

Another side-by-side comparison with Lumia 920. If you have no trouble handling the 920 single-handed, EOS won't cause any problem.

Side view comparison. Two observations:

  • The camera hump won't be as high as that found on the Pureview 808. It won't affect grip when handling the device.
  • Overall, the EOS is about as thick as Lumia 920 (excluding the hump, of course).

So, what do you think? Going all out for this little monster? Or hold back and wait for the rumored bigger & more powerful "EOS V2" by the end of 2013?

Source: WPDang



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Alleged photos of Nokia EOS 41MP PureView Windows Phone leaked with slight camera hump to boot



As with the 925, this tapered protrusion just reminds me of the birthing process, or of something bursting through skin. It's completely irrational, I know, but I just find it gross.

Same here, where is the SDCard though?  If it wants to be a professional camera then expandable storage is a key feature.

MNB thinks so...however I doubt it because it would be kind of silly to release two of the same types of phones in one year.

lol.  I think the reason why Nokia hasn't been implementing wireless charging inside their phones is because they are invested in the (Wireless Power Consumption) -Qi wireless standard, while some OEMS are going the A4WP wireless standard (there is another one I can't remember)...I think they are waiting for a wireless standard to take off and become victorious (like the Blu-ray vs the HD DVD player battle). 

what about all the lower end models?  620/720/925?

Verizon probably requested Nokia to put wireless charging inside the 928 because it would look inferior to the 920. 

The 920 came with wireless charging built in because the other standard (A4WP) was not out when it had released, thus making Nokia think that Qi was going to be the dominate wireless standard.

Kind of surprised that wireless charging isn't build in. If the phones roughly the same thickness, then what else is inside to force the removal?

I'm pretty sure wireless charging can be added but you also have to take in consideration the cost.
Wireless charging is nice but not a must.

I doubt that it's because of weight, otherwise I think that the phone would have got thinner (ex. the bump) like the 720.

The camera will be the selling point not the wireless charging. If 41 mp is too much for you then this phone obviously isn't for you.
I enjoy my wireless charging but 41 mp camera seems like a nice trade

Wireless charging wouldn't have been a must before; now that I use all these Nokia wireless enabled products..I do wish I wouldn't have to spend more on a back plate I won't use anywhere else.

I agree about the wireless charging and it sucks having to spend more. I was thinking about getting the wireless car charger with NFC tag but I'm not so sure anymore. 41 mp camera sounds amazing especially if it continues the low light

While not ideal, I think the wireless back-plate solution could be a good thing.  If it has a big cutout for the circle camera hump (which is likely), it will flatten the back of the phone for an easier time sitting on those various wireless charging pads.  And if there are some nice color options, you could mix it up with two different colors for the phone itself and the plate.
Imagine cyan phone with purple back plate.  Droooool.... The cyan would peak out the sides and front, as well as a ring of cyan around the camera... could look killer with whatever color combo's float your boat.

I doubt that it's because of weight, otherwise I think that the phone would have got thinner (ex. the bump) like the 720, and been lighter anyway.

The circle is actually for a very small hamster wheel. The hamster runs around constantly generating power for your mobile, making wireless charging unnecessary...

Well I'm wondering if it requires the case simply to even out the device.  Looking at the hump, I can't see how else it could rest flat on a wireless charging surface.

Exactly what I was thinking. With that big camera hump, it would be very inefficient to use wireless charging. It can, though, but it will cause the phone to be very thick to even out the back surface. That's why nokia separating the wireless charger coil from the phone, so you can use the phone in a form that is not too thick and charge it using a wireless charging cover. Compromise.

Do you think the two little holes toward the bottom of the phone could be for wireless charging

really? Spending that much Money for a phone is fine but buying a wireless charging cover is a huge compromise for you...

I'm sad about it too. Most people won't bother getting the added feature so wireless charging won't get the push it desperately needs.

Don't worry, Apple will "invent" wireless charging for their iPhone 6S or whatever, and suddenly it will become mandatory for all other phone OEM's.

Wireless charging need more than Nokia to get the push it needs. If Samsung included it in all their phones, that would be a sufficient push. Apple would be an even bigger push, but they will never do it because they are obsessed with making the thinnest device.

What are you talking about? Sure its not built in but the ability to buy a wireless charging cover fixes that problem, more choice is always better not less. If it was built in the price and weight of the phone would have gone up, this way is better

The problem is that there are two standards and most choose to adopt something other than Qi. Sort of like HD vs Blu Ray war.

Honestly that's not really the problem. The bigger problems are that wireless chargers are too expensive, the capable devices or too few, and the extra convenience is too small. Basically, you can get a USB charger online for $2 which charges almost every gadget you own (except for iCrap), whereas wireless chargers are like $50+ and only work with maybe one of your devices.

Samsung is in the Qi camp, LG is in the Qi camp, I know of not a single Smartphone OEM that isn't part of the Qi consortium. The LG Nexus 4 also uses Qi charging even though Google themselves support PowerMat.
So currently: no, factually most chose Qi.

Contrary to what you are saying, Samsung is using Qi only in Galaxy S4. They are joined with PMA, so is LG and HTC and Google and AT&T and Starbucks and Blackberry
Samsung, LG and HTC have used Qi, yes. But htey also joined PMA. It is clear that the standard is not set and Qi is not the most used. The reason why Nokia uses Qi is because Qi was the first out with hardware, this is slowly changing with PMA pushing their charging plates at Starbucks.

Yes wonder why they dont build it into every device. just the 920 has it - i got two charing plates. not going to bother buying a 600 pound phone and having to purchase additional stuff again just to use all features.

They haven't lost it's commitment, it's actually a smart move until the standard is settled (Qi vs A4WP).  - see my comments down below.

I agree.  I don't need a 41mp camera in my pocket to make my life easier/better.  I do need wireless charging.  This is a step backwards.  maybe v2 will find a way to combine it all and also get rid of the hump.  That's a secondary problem and not a plus for the phone

LOL I havent seen the word "dork" used in a while :D its good to see a sense of civilized insults instead of the cursing on some other forums i visit xD :P Good show!  

haha very true.  I've been called much worse :)

Regarding my original comment. Guess I should have clarified. It's a step backwards for ME since I already have a 920. I wouldn't upgrade to the EOS since it doesn't have wireless charging unless I evidently added a second cover over it. The hump doesn't help either.

But in v2, if they can miniaturize that camera and add wireless charging back in, then this will truly be (to me) a next gen rather than just another 92x variant

those conecters are for a charging plate, same as the 925 they have lost commitment to it they are just trying to bring down thickness and weighter to answer the critics

I LOVE taking pictures with my phone so this is mandatory for me :) i have a 920 and I never used wireless charging x)

Yeah, this is the first I'm hearing of this as well.

At first I just thought they were doing a bit of social commentary on the "anticipating the next big thing" attitude of so many. But by stating the date as later this year, it makes me think that it may be a real thing.

I don't really know if it's confirmed here on WPC...but MyNokiaBlog really thinks that there will be an EOS 2 ---- (but unfortunately, the rumor on the MNB was mentioned that EOS 1 would not have a full 41MP sensor like this one here has) and the EOS 2 would be in fact be the ultimate successor to the 808. I'm not holding my breath for an EOS 2 this year. Nokia could've waited for MS till the end of the year to implement new hardware. And plus it doesn't make sense to implement two versions of the same type phone....unless they are doing carrier differentiations.

It could very well be this year, or at the latest early next year.
There are two Windows updates coming in the near future, Windows 8 wave 2 in July, which includes the Haswell slates, 7-8" Windows 8 CloverTrail mini-slates, and the big WP8 update that the 925 is part of. Then, at the end of the year, Windows 8.1 comes to both PCs and phones, and will include a much larger set of new features.
The phone above and the 925 are targetted at the July refresh, but you can bet the Nokia has something big planned for the WP 8.1 release as well.

Dude you are mixing up PC/tablet/RT hardware with phone hardware.  Windows Phone 8 GDR2 will bring nothing much to the platform except FM radio, Xbox music updates, etc.  There have been no talks about hardware capable updates for this update.

GDR3 (fall) is rumored to bring upgraded resolution, and quad+ core SoC's. 

Windows Phone 8.1 was rumored to be delayed until 2014.  -not when RT/and Windows/Server 8.1 releases this fall.

In addition, Windows Phone 8 will never contain an Intel SoC based off Haswell or CloverTrail.  They are two different architectures based off the x86 architecture not ARM. 

And finally, the most important clue as to why they would not implement a V2 EOS this fall...is because of costs incurred with manufacuring the 41MP sensor.  It just sounds off that Nokia would release a version 2 of the EOS in the same year. 

I am actually not mixing them up, I differentiated the different product lines in each example. While the timing isn't identical, the release windows are actually in sync. There are summer and fall releases for both product lines (Win8 Wave2, and GRD2, Win8.1 and GDR3 - which was originally going to be WP8.1 but they pushed everything back one cycle).  We have already seen the screen leaks showing a Nokia phone with a wider display, and we know that is coming with GDR3 this fall. There's no reason to assume that phone will not include the EOS camera, and no reason to assume that it will. It could happen, and it actually makes sense from a product differentiation standpoint for them to do it - they are, after all, already upselling the cameras in these phones as being better. If they counter the iPhone incremental refresh with a quad core, 1080p phone with a 41mpix camera that rivals the best standalone point-and-shoot on the market, all the better.

920 = I already own
925 = T-Mobile
928 = Verizon
I would like to see a thinner version of the 920 on AT&T. Is that too much to ask for?

Yes it is. Do you expect them to make phones to please every single person? Get an unlocked 925 and your problem is solved.

Haha, you are ridiculous. I don't think it's asking too much seeing as one of the biggest complaints about the 920 was the thickness. I'm not the only one who wanted it.

There is a big reason why 920 is so thick. That reason is called OIS. If you don't want OIS, buy something else. There is no such thing as a perfect phone fit for everyone.

OIS is part of the 925 as well and the 925 is a lot thinner. Aside from missing wireless charging the 925 also shed quite some weight by moving from the IPS Display to AMOLED.

Tell me, what is wrong with the current 920's thickness? I've seen these things all over the net and no idea why you'd ever want this phone even thinner. To make it a perfect, ultra-modern phone and ice scraper hybrid? Also, this "thin-thin-thin-thin"-mentality also destroys the wireless charging, since there's simply no room left inside the phone anymore.
 If it was me, I'd make it THICKER to allow a BIGGER BATTERY, also I'd add a slide-out keyboard N900 style and make it EVEN THICKER!

My thoughts exactly. Ask almost anyone who has an iPhone 5 about how the thinness of the device is actually a detriment now. Every person I know who has one went out and bought a battery case for it to make it thicker and heavier because it felt too light and fragile.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have the Razr MAXX, which is universally lauded for its two to three days worth of battery life with almost no complaints about its weight or thickness.
Between the two, we have the HTC One X (which I owned) which was light but had crappy battery life; I had to charge it on my drive home or it did not make it to bed time.
Bottom line, thin and light is a road of diminishing returns. There needs to be a balance of the two. Is the 920 heavier and thicker than I would like? Not by much, but sure. But I am willing to take that trade for it feeling durable and having enough battery to get me through a day.

maybe wait for the update to the 920? 925 and 928 were variants for other providers, EOS is EOS, i'm sure there will be an update on the 920 eventually

Wanting a slimmer 920 on AT&T is perfectly fine , but you said you want an EOS without the 41mp camera. Which is a stupid request because even without the camera hump it is just as thick as the 920 but lacks wireless charging. The EOS without the fancy camera as no point what so ever.

"I would like to see a thinner version of the 920 on AT&T. Is that too much to ask for?" - an exact quote from my previous comment. Where does that say I want an EOS?

"I'm really not feeling that ridiculous black plug. Hopefully they offer an alternative without the 41MP."
In your first comment.

Sorry if that was a tad confusing. I meant an alternative flagship phone in general. Not specifically an EOS.

I still don't understand why don't you just get an unlocked 925 and be done with it. Obviously at the end of the year (or latest at the beginning of the next) the true successor of the 920 will be released ( the 925, like the 928 are just variants and the EOS is a different line more geared towards photography enthusiast)

Oh, good idea. Let me just run down to the bank and withdraw $500 (or however much a 925 cost) and go get a 925. Pure genious. Can't believe I didn't think of that sooner. /s

Haha, wow. This entire argument started because I said I didn't like something. Sorry I don't agree with everyone on this. People want to jump down my throat, I'll gladly do the same.

haters always gonna hate.  dude my 58 year old mom can hold and use a 920 with ease....really I haven't heard one complaint from her yet. 

While I agree there should be options, I don't believe the 920 is thick.. It has a lot in a little package and the phone feels like a durable phone.

If you already have a 920, then honestly you shouldn't need a new phone for at least another year.  I'm sure Nokia, Samsung, or HTC will have a good WP option for you by then.

Very few people actually "need" a new phone ;) But my contract is up next month so why not? I've got two lines that alternate contract renewal every year. 

Two lines?  Let me guess, you rotate your phone to your wife and you get the new one every year?  I tried that with mine but she wouldn't let me :(

No lol. She wouldn't go for that! I opened up a second line to kind of beat the system. I save about $100 every year when upgrading my phone. Instead of paying off contract price for a new phone each year I pay an extra $10 a month to have a second line open that doesn't get used except to upgrade to a new phone. 

$10 a month is not a bad deal and basically comes out to $240 over two years.  But how the heck do you get away with that?  I was certain that AT&T forces you to add a dataplan to any line that has a smartphone on it.  And I believe thats like a $20 minimum now.

not gonna happen, go with 925, 928 or 920 if you dont want the big camera, but I agree about the round design, I would rather prefer it to look more rectangular like on the 808.

I build websites for a living. Thanks, though. Oh, and I also have 2 kids and a wife. And your really going to call me an idiot on the internet? Don't get your blood pumping too much, you might have to leave the house for once too go to the doctor.

You deserved to be called an idiot for your idiotic posts on this article, just go through them once and may be you will understand.
Also, I don't have to leave the house to see a doctor as my brother is a doctor and we own a multi-speciality hospital too, so don't worry about my health or doctor or medical fees.

Wow, I feel so honored. I just had the co-owner of a multi-specialty hospital call me an idiot. And please excuse the name change. My Surface decided to log me in via Facebook.

Good, now expand your skillset so that you can move up in your life as you already have a big family and big responsiblity on your head. Trolling here wont make you much money.

I fail to see how I trolled. I own a Lumia 920, and plan to buy another one. I'm ashamed at myself if this is my attempt at trolling.

The fact that you own a Lumia 920 is the reason behind you trolling here, seeing that how you can't  afford it outright, so better bitch about it here.

And I'm the idiot? That's not even how this all got started. I said hopefully they make an alternative. The talk about not being able to or wanting to pay full price for a phone was started when someone gave me a smart aleck remark about just buying the 925. Read the comments before responding.

You should read your comments first, then you will understand why everybody reacted in this way.

I have a feeling it shouldn't be too hard to unlock the 925. I know T-Mobile and AT&T share the same LTE bands. I would think the 3G should work as well, but possibly not.

Its right there the picture, there are 3 holes on the black plate. Turn up the brightness on your screen.

Guess it depends on available colors. Though, would there be another release of devices later this year? I mean, my 920 takes great shots and I don't use the camera all that much also. Sitting on an upgrade will be tough.

So I might have to say goodbye to T-Mobile, Lumia 925, and a reasonable bill and jump ship. This seems legit and I want one! Dang you Nokia for making life harder than it has to be.lol

No I'm kidding. Still getting the 925. Getting a Canon EOS Rebel T3 later this year and that'll be all I need as far as cameras go and the 925 will take care of all other situations when a professional quality picture isn't needed.

Good.  I just moved from AT&T to T-Mobile precicely because of the bill.  I don't care what phone comes to AT&T, I'm not going back to paying those bull sh** rates.

They are both aesthetic and well designed.... The aluminum 925 will likely wow apple and android users more than this one anyway.

Yeah it will but with the expected image quality I'm not sure people won't be willing to deal with the camera hump for it. My main thing is availability. I'm pretty sure state wide this will be yet another AT&T exclusive once again limiting potential consumers. I'm not switching to AT&T. I know they said it will be available in other countries as well but I'm not paying the jacked up price to get the phone elsewhere. So 925 it is for me. The form factor seems perfect and it's just sexy. Can't wait.

Or get the Rogers version which should work great on Tmo. Either way you gotta buy the phone at full retail. That's what I did. I bought a 920 and it works great.

I will wait for the EOS2 because you will still want it even if you purchase the upcoming EOS phone...just the way it is !!!!

And the EOS2 buyers will want the EOS3..... You can't never win playing the waiting game. Something better always comes out down the road.

I hope that consumers start to buy windows phones because they are becoming the smart phone for people that want to take the best photos and share them lightning fast.

I hope the hardware will be better than the 920, like 1080p, quad core and 2G of ram to really appeal android user that are always looking for performance (which is understandable for android but not really relevant for wp8)

If they are looking at that, then they aren't looking for performance. They are looking for specs. I have still not run into an android user that can show their device performs better.

I think you'll have to wait for the EOSv2 if that's what you're looking for.

Since Daniel mentioned that it would be "bigger," but has also said that Nokia wont do a phablet, I'm assuming that it will be a 5" 1080p device. It's likely being held off until winter because that's when GDR3 (w/ support for 1080p) will be released.

personally i'd have preffered the camera hump to be more like the one on the 808. I like the idea of the hump being more in keeping with the overall shape of the phone, so a square-er one would have tickled my fancy more than this does.

So is anyone else wondering about how large the photos are going to be as in MB.  With the limited amount of space that these lumia devices have been released with I can see this possibly becoming an issue for some.  Also the SkyDrive integration with Data syncing through carrier will rack up fast.  Hope it comes with WIFI syncing enabled out of the box for SkyDrive as someone might get a surprise on their bill once they go Pic happy!  Not bashing this phone at all and I love Lumia phones.... rocking the Lumia 928 right now and I love it!

On my 808, the photos are somewhere between 8MB and 12MB. I've done SkyDrive sync of my photos and it's a bit slow. I'm back to using Flickr since it's unlimited for me (1TB for free accounts).
I'm sure the WiFi sync will be similar if not the same as it is today, which is set what quality of photos you want to sync. Not so hard to figure out.

If you look at the first photo, it looks like there are two slots next to the headphone jack I would guess one is sim the other could be msd. I would say musb for the second one except it wouldn't be set back... There is a cover on the sim slot for the 920 that acts as sim tray, perhaps the tray will cover the msd card slot as well, I cant see the power jack so I am not sure....

I noticed that extra slot too. It can't be too many other things. :)

Hoping very much that a microSD slot will be there.

EOS v2 for me. I can't imagine giving up on wireless charging, or having a phone substantially bigger than my 920.
Plus, it does seem to take Nokia between 6 to 12 months post-sale to get a new camera working to its potential, via software updates. That means this little gem won't be living up to its hype until ~the release date of the V2, which ones hopes will be smaller and have integrated wireless charging.
Go Nokia!

But here's the thing...v2 is not a solid rumor....IN FACT v2 went with a little rumor over on MNB stating that v1 would have a smaller sensor than the 808...back in January.  -nothing new has come up with a version two rumor, yet.  -And yet all we've been hearing about is this phone the last 6 months.

I'm not holding my breath for a v2...phablet with a 41MP sensor.  It would be too expensive for the consumer and Nokia to do this.  ---And I swear...Cyber_Angel777 better not reply to me because I said this. 

Just ordered new outter shell for a color chage to my L920 to get me by until this is released and I have the cash to buy outright. Excited!

Wtf..some of these posts are ridiculous. The point of this phone IS the camera. If you don't want the hump or need wireless charging built in, buy a 9 series.

sorry mate - it comes with the wireless feature just is not able to use it without a shell. thats for that price pure fail. argumenting with wireless charging and just supporting it out of the box in one model is fail as well

I get the impression that a lot of the people complaining about the looks of a phone want to use their phone to impress people/girls. They really need to find other ways to get more self confidence.

So, no wireless charging but as thick as the L920, larger than the L920 (which willl be great to handle with one hand. Not.) plus that huge, ugly camera whole?
Dear Lord, no. I'm definitely not interested in this.
And I completely disagree that they kept esthetics at a high standard. Actually, judging by these later variations of the L920, I'd say they're sending the esthetics high standards down the drain.

(and yes, this is a negative comment because these images leave a negative impression on me. Deal with it and stfu.)