Amazon to develop and launch Windows Phone Cloud Drive app

Amazon Cloud Play Windows Phone

According to a job listing, Amazon is looking to develop a Windows Phone app for their Amazon Cloud Player service, which enables customers to stream stored music to multiple devices, much like iTunes Match. Using the Amazon cloud storage solution Cloud Drive (amazon.com/clouddrive), the music service enables customers to upload and access their library.

The interesting part about the music streaming functionality is that unaltered Amazon MP3 purchases don't contribute to the free 5GB allowance (paid plans available should more space be required). Music can be streamed via Amazon Cloud Player on the web and on supported platforms. 

What the successful applicant will be tasked with:-

  • Lead the development and launch of Cloud Player client software on Windows Phone.
    • Manage and grow a team of developers with responsibilities across the software stack.
    • Own the operational excellence of software used by millions of users.
    • Collaborate with other development teams at A2Z . and affiliated companies.
    • Adept at communicating with both technical and non-technical people, both local and remote.
  • Passionate about creating great consumer applications.
  • Help build the best digital music customer experience

If this sounds right up your street then be sure to head on over to the job posting for more information and to apply. It'll be great to see such a solution available in the Marketplace for those who enjoy using Amazon's MP3 Store. We'll be sure to update you with any information that comes to light. Developing. Literally.

Source: Amazon, via: Insideris


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Amazon to develop and launch Windows Phone Cloud Drive app


im going to assume both (built based on 7.8 though), they're probably going to be using xaml for interface so i don't see why they would do the build purely for 8

I'll bet just WP8 - if you target WP8 you can also target Windows 8 at the same time. Makes sense that Amazon would want to also be on the desktop/tablets. If you include Windows 8 support with WP8 the customer base will grow very quickly even if Windows 8 isn't a big hit.

Ohmy I thought it was a article about amazon launching a windows phone......with the notification cutting off the other part

Yay! I have all of my music on Amazon Cloud Drive, so now I can free up some music space on my phone!

Is there any news on this? This article is from nearly a year ago. I just switched to Windows Phone from Android, and this is one thing that I have really been missing.

I'd also like to see this app.... REALLY SICK of xbox music problems....  What a horrible app!  I purchase songs and they don't even show up so that I can stream them!!!!!!!

Any news on Cloud Drive or Cloud Player apps for WP? Every couple of months I ask Amazon via the feedback link in the Cloud Player for Web... never hear anything.

+1 where is the app?? They must not have hired anyone. :-/. love amazon, would love to see a purchase mp3 option within my music apps from amazon