Announcing the winners of the Mobile Nations Passport Contest Ultimate Windows Phone Prize Pack!

Ultimate Windows Phone prize pack!

Last week, in celebration of the successful rollout of Mobile Nations Passport, we were given the opportunity to pass on some amazing prize packs to our awesome readers. With over 51,000 entries across the Mobile Nations sites, it was obvious how excited you all were to win these incredible prizes. So without further ado, the winners of the Ultimate Prize packs, courtesy of Gogo and Mobile Nations are...

Windows Phone Central

Grand Prize - dwain77
Runner up - ThePodgineer


Android Central

Grand Prize - papo81585
Runner up - Richard46



Grand Prize - apache1680
Runner up - Jon_shiflett



Grand Prize - afazel
Runner up - breen63


webOS Nation

Grand Prize - thedynamicuno
Runner up - legacybass


Congratulations to all the winners! We'll be in touch in the next few days with information on claiming your prizes.



Reader comments

Announcing the winners of the Mobile Nations Passport Contest Ultimate Windows Phone Prize Pack!


Never won a competition in my life....
Surely this just means I'm paying my dues now for a few million in the lottery a few years down the line. I'm good with that.

I'm dropping the racist card.... Works for everyone else... WPCentral doesn't like white middle class males.... Typical.

I'm one of the winners (runner up) and I'm white middle-class and male :) Just wish I had won the Grand Prize though. Plus, it's the first time I have ever won anything! Yehawwww! Thanks Mobile Nation -

Congrats to all the winners. Enjoy your new devices!
To all of us that lost, maybe next time :)

Considering my age and the number of these types of things I have entered through the years, I should have statistically won anything at all in my life at least once by now. But congrats to the winners.

Congrats to the winners but it would have been nice I'd won. Haven't won a single worth while thing in my entire life :(