Are you buying a new Windows Phone soon or waiting for new hardware?

Lumia 930

The Nokia Lumia 930 is slowly appearing in users hands around the globe. It's the latest Windows Phone that money can buy and it's a solid choice if you've been looking to upgrade your Lumia 920. However, we do know that new hardware is just around the corner. So we're spending the weekend wondering if you're buying a new Windows Phone soon or holding out for newer gear. Take our poll and let us know!

Take our little poll and let us know in the comments what your purchasing choice is over the next few weeks and months. We're expecting some seriously great hardware with the 'McLaren' and it's 3D-based interface. Are you going to wait for that device or are you buying new devices like the Lumia 630 or Lumia 930? Take the poll and voice your reasoning down below in the comments!

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Reader comments

Are you buying a new Windows Phone soon or waiting for new hardware?



I would love to wait for a Lumia 720 or 820 successor codenamed superman..! McLaren,930 are away from my pocket ..!!! :)

A "Surface" Phone would be desirable when it comes to design! I find most phones to big and I desire a SD card slot and Glance. The only thing wrong with my 620 is the lack of Qi.

I just bought a 925 a few weeks ago as my Q10 was angering me greatly.  I'm holding off until something really nice comes along to t-mobile around the same size as the 925.  The 1520 is just too big for my liking.  Loving the 925 though, it's great with 8.1

Also have a L925 World Phone. Had it about 8 months and of course running 8.1 PFD. I would really like a 930 but OUCH I just can't justify $700. I use AIO/Cricket Wireless prepaid and am loving the combination! After the unlocked 930 gets down to around $400 I'll start thinking about upgrading.

pretty much my mindset and situation too. If the wow factor isn't there by Oct or Nov I will have to go back to ios or jump to android for a first time. If the phones I like keep missing AT&T that may also force me to go back to an iPhone or pick up an Android device. 



Im in the same thing. Wow for me would be adding all missed features like uploading video to youtube or proper facebook integration. Same apps to work same way. Now mine Oggl and my wifes Oggl are two different apps. And of course some apps opening times are getting too slow after prolonged usage. And reinstalling it's not good option because you loose all achievements and settings. So not real wow just general flawless user experience.

Really all it takes is 1080p screen in the 4.7-5 inch range. Clear view or Amoled tech, good color choices (I HATE green and orange) and some tech that is innovative. If be happy with b the Icon on ATT.

I'm in a similar situation. Sitting on upgrades for all the phones on our account (all 920s), waiting to see the newest Lumias in the fall.

However, if AT&T disables Qi wireless charging again, then instead of jumping platforms to iOS or Android, I'll jump carriers in search of a Windows Phone I really like.

It's funny. I just feel like AT&T doesn't understand what Windows Phone users are looking for, and I feel like Microsoft doesn't understand how AT&T is messing up their platform growth.

(I considered jumping to a 1520, but the disabling of Qi charging disuaded me. Let's hope they don't do that again. I LIKE my Qi charging, and I want to use the accessories I already own. And the wireless charging plates I installed in our vehicles. Grrr.)

I totally agree I still have my 920 and have not upgraded, because of the wireless charging. Hopefully they don't mess this up if not here I come Verizon.

Same with me. Too much invested in Qi to walk away, really disappointed that newer phones from AT&T have been emasculated.

I don't think you will get an AT&T phone with QI built in, unless Microsoft can force them to. I love the wireless charging and Glance, that is why I have a 928 on Verizon. Microsoft really needs to push to end carrier exclusives in the US. It is really holding back the growth of the platform.

I would not count on exclusives going anywhere, any time soon. You only have acceptions on the reference models, like the iPhone or the S5 but, still you see Andoid devices in different colors on different carriers....as a sort of Exclusive.

Carriers need a device that will stand out so people move over to them to get a device and they pay big money for that to happen.

As I would love it to go away (all devices available on all carriers, I would love to get a 1520 on Verizon) in the US, I dont see anything happening any time soon.

There was a posting several weeks ago that a company was coming out with a product that would wirelessly charge your device retakes of what protocol you were using so that the protocol wouldn't matter any more

Yeah but that doesn't help if you own Qi chargers already and can't even buy a Windows Phone on AT&T with any wireless charging capabilities.

Same here except for the iPhone part. Waiting for AT&T to get a new HTC or Samsung to use my upgrade on. Feels like I'm gonna be waiting a long time.

My thoughts exactly. I'm still loving my 1520, so it would have to be better in every way. Otherwise I'm going to get an iPhone 6. Be nice to have something different in my day to just to mix things up a bit.


I've been using MS phones since WM6. Maybe its time time to test other waters. If I'm not impressed this time around I'm going M8. I'm also on ATT with an upgrade available. I was mad when the 930 didn't come to ATT, the 1520 is too big and the 635 is mehtastic.

I JUMPed my L810 to an HTC M8. What that taught me is that if I could have a Windows Phone with these physical specs I would be happy. Should a 1525 ever come to T-Mobile, I'm all over it. The only thing I don't like about my 925 is the lack of an SD card. Boom Sound is awesome and all phones should have front firing speakers, but I'm ready to give them both up for the better experience I get with Windows Phone 8.

not only will it HAVE to WOW me, I'm looking for official apps with equal if not a better experience for WP! 

Same here! Loving my 1520... So I be getting a new mobile in about 12 months. Looking forward to seeing what's going to be offered in a years time??

I'd be happy with a 1520 option, nothing in Canada since the 1020 and I don't expect any new phones coming here as the providers don't seem interested. Perhaps they are all trying to save BlackBerry.

In Canada as well. Have the 920. Hoping Rogers decides to get new Windows phone hardware soon. I.e. McLaren, 930, etc. And hoping that the new hardware is not too big. I like the size of the 920/930 and really don't want a phablet. Preference for a premium pockible phone. Rogers and the rest of mobile operators in Canada please show some love for Windows phone.

Wow a Rogers employee who likes WP?  Every time I walk into a Rogers store they talk to me like I'm retarded because I use a WP.  It's like they are trained to hate WP and to NOT sell it. 

Att store reps tend to do the same thing, I once recommended a mother of a friend to get a WP and when she asked about it at att the rep said "Windows Phone is slow" yeah that's it, no further elaboration.

Also in Canada, and as well with 920, loving it, but slowly getting jealous of that 930 5inch screen, that seems like the perfect size. BUT new hardware around the corner?? Maybe rogers will finally buck up and pay attention and be part of that party ;)

Instead of waiting for our carriers I'm mulling buying a 930 @ almost $800 or last year's 925 @ $400. Decisions, decisions.

The more I think about how long to wait to go from 920 to McLaren in Canada, the more I can't wait to just but the 930 now and worry about McLaren when it comes later

I'm sitting on a 7.8 focus for a year now waiting on a flagship to come to Canada. If they don't announce something soon, I won't have another choice and go to another OS. I can't risk buying a 600$ phone on the web with no support in Canada.

I've bought lots of phones with no support in Canada over the years and everything is just dandy Nokia rocks :) dating myself here but from memory,  6100, 6230/i, N73, N95, N97mini, N8 (canada support), E5, N9, Lumia 920 (canada support).  N73 actually only died last year or maybe it's the battery but doubt it.  My 920 flash seems to have stopped working last week and vibration is not so great anymore (I drop it too much).

From my experience, I've been pretty happy using great phones not available in Canada.  Of course my next one will probably die on me now ;) (knocks on wood furiously)

Was gonna buy the lumia L1520 but now waiting for the L1525. 
If good infor about its release isnt out by next month, I will go with the L1520.

Currently using the 1020 as my main device having given the wife my 920 and am obviously waiting for the 1020's successor, if there will ever be one. Once you have experienced the 1020's 41 Megapixel sensor it becomes very hard to settle for anything less.

I would crap myself for a 1520 worth a 41 mp camera. My daily driver is a 1020. I need something at least as good as that with as many pictures and video as I take. Hoping McLaren blows my socks off so I can give my son my 1020.

I'm just fine with the 1520 myself! If they made the 41MP sensor with the 1520 and bigger internal storage but keep the external, then I won't need another phone for a while. Quad-core and 2GB RAM are where it's at.

@LOgic BomB. I totally agree. My daughter has a 1320 and I absolutely love the screen size. Therefore I would love a 6" screen coupled with the 41 MP sensor, lots of RAM and the latest multi core CPU. And of course an SD slot for extra storage. Will it ever happen though, now that Microsoft are in the drivers seat?

@WorzelGummage: I guess we wait and see what happens. IF it does happen, the phone will REALLY need to be optimized.

@ WorzelGummage: The 1520 could easily be the phone for you. Unless you zoom A LOT, the xenon is the only feature really missing. On the other hand, you get a shot-to-shot time of 1 second instead of 4...!

I really hope so. A removal battery and wireless charging cover for a 1530 would be optimal for me :). I'm always secretly jealous of the galaxy's removable covers. Even if it added some weight.

I feel like sealed batteries are what makes the Windows phones feel more sturdy than the galaxy. The galaxy feels cheap and plastic like.

Proud owner of a Icon awaiting second Gen 1020 hopeful for the most recent chipset tinner lighter frame Microsoft branding

Agreed. 5 inch screen with glance. 41mp fast camera. SD slot. Magnesium frame. Week long battery. Motion sensors. Soft buttons plus dedicated camera button. Windows 9 compatible. Yeah baby! That's Christmas wrapped!

I was just about to buy the Lumia 1520.3 from NewEgg and then the rumors of the 1525 started. The name "1525" makes me suspicious of rumor though as it should be called "1530" if it runs WP8.1. That's how Nokia's naming scheme works.


I really would like to replace my Lumia 920, but the requirements are 1080p display, Glance, wireless charging and either 32GB or microSD. So my choices are either 1520.3, "McLaren," and potentially "1525."

930 ain't much better than 925 in form factor. If i get lag on 8.1 then will jump to mclaren earlier than hoped. My 925 was only $340 new, which is great value in my books. The 930 is about $700 new at the moment, and doesn't offer near enough new features to justify being double the price.

From what I have read it is the same as the AT&T version with out the Nerf. 32gb and the Qi wireless charging are included in the 1520.3 where the AT&T 1520 is 16gb and no wireless charging.

The 1520.3 is also a quad band LTE phone which means it will work on most (maybe all, I dont know every carriers bands) carriers LTE networks. 

Yea, I'm pretty much planning that it has one.  I'm hoping MS has heard the gnashing of the teeth on this issue.

I'm all in for pitch forks if we're disappointed...

Exactly!!! I am ready for a new phone but can't understand why the premium phones don't seem to have microSD. I will be waiting...

They answer is money. So that you buy the version of the phone with more memory on board if you need. Just like iPhones, if they ever add 128gb version.

That would be true if they offered different versions of the same phones... we're lucky enough to get 1 or 2 different models on each carrier, let alone different versions of each model. There was a 64 GB version of the 1020 but that was only offered in Spain (I believe) but available nowhere else. If Nokia (Microsoft now) offered a direct-buy option I would've taken them up on it. But to buy from Spain would cost a lot in shipping and I'd then have to worry about it working on my carrier networks, who to go for support, warranty etc.

Same here, I just got a 1520 (ATT unlocked version), and I'm waiting for the second-gen 1020 to get for my wife.

I got the 1520 while considering waiting for new hardware. Then I'd wait for the new hardware to come down in price, by then there'd be new hardware coming soon, then wait for that, then wait for it to come down in price.... etc. So got a discounted 1520. Beast!!

The 1020 is second generation look at the numbers. 10 is the model 2 is generation and 0 is the variant. Next one would be called 1030.

There's nothing to upgrade to. Need a high end phone for t-mobile. Sick of trying get mms working on non T-Mobile phones.

Same here. Had been waiting for the 1020 to replace my broken 808, but without proper memory options it was useless to me. Got the 620 as a placeholder, but finally couldn't live with the camera anymore, and decided to challenge my concept of proper display size. Glad I did 'cause the phone is terrific and the display is a treat, but one handed operation is practically out, which is something I really miss. Micro SD is a must, though! Or built in memory of 128 gb...

Owner of 710 :(
Waiting for third gen. 710 i.e 730
want a budget phone with zeiss lens and 1Gb ram.

ayy, 1020 succesor gonna cut it for me as well! I love my 1020 but seeing how it's stays behind with everything but camera is kinda saddening :/

Im waiting for newhardware but noy McLaren P1 :D I want Porsche 918 :D

I want some thing like this in end of September or first of October:

Cat6 LTE

5.2"In 2560*1440 amoled display with PureMotion and Clearblack and Assertive touch and .....

Highest option of SD810 if have AA,AB,AC(I want AC) APQ8084AC With 3 or 4 Gb Ram nad Wi-Gig 8.2.11ad

Dolby Digital Plus sound enhancement

32Gb Internal Storage and Micro SD Slot

Corning Gorilla Glass 4 If Available

A new 20Mp Sensor( Better that Icon,930 or 1520) to Capture 4K Video with Carl Zeiss optics, optical image stabilization, dual-LED flash with Different Flashes(Yellow and White Lights) Big Sensor and Fast Shot like HTC One M8 and iPhone 5S (It take 7 Seconds to Capture 38Mp Picture with 1020)

3Ah Battery (3000mAh)

Desgn like Lumia 925 or 930 and Icon

I currently own a Lumia 1520


Hope they see my comment and this become first phone after Qualcomm released SD810

I'm also waiting for the 1020 update/replacement. Love the size, just want faster processing, more storage, better battery life.

No, when this contract ends I'm back to Android, seen the new (well March, hardly new, but new to UK on my carrier) LG L90? Has a better camera than my Lumia 720, which has the best cameras for mid priced devices in Jan 2014... I know I won't get an iPhone, I can't afford them, even a iPhone 4s is still £19 contract...

Proud owner of a pre-ordered 930........orange and can't wait.

Should another must have device appear then my current 920 and to be delivered soon 930 will be sold to help finance the must have device :D

I have 1020 as well. The 1520 could be an upgrade I guess, but I'm not into the whole phablet thing. 930 isn't available in the US. I'm all about the McLaren.

Hey man!
Lumia Icon is basicly 930, they're the same! Lumia Icon is just a US-only Lumia 930, they both have same specifications:)

The Lumia Icon unlocked still has problems sending MMS on AT&T and T-Mobile. How much I wish AT&T had 930 instead of 1520 (just too big for my liking).

Cdma bands are useless in Europe and use on att. I think tmoble would have reduced compatibility issues. Sad for ppl who aren't on Verizon

Define "sucks". In what way do they suck? Sure, their support for WP is abysmal, but their network is the best in the US.

While it's true that the Icon is just the 930, the Icon is only on Verizon, and that's not exactly everyone's favorite carrier.

The Lumia Icon unlocked still has problems sending MMS on AT&T and T-Mobile even if you buy it unlocked from Verizon.

That's my fear of unlocked phones. My 920 on tmobile can't receive pic texts or group texts. Are all unlocked phones gonna do the same? Makes me nervous.

This! 1020 with S805, S808, or S810, with microSD and/or a lot of internal storage, and the other specs a phone needs in late 2014, and that's my next phone.

Same. Lumia 1020 owner waiting for new hardware. I am really hoping that they make a 4.5" phone rather than sticking to the leading hardware only being in the 5" (or more).

I'm also getting kind of tired of "new" hardware coming out that offers nothing over existing models (e.g., the Lumia 930). Now that Microsoft owns Nokia, they need to quit spreading themselves so thin and focus on something much closer to the middle of the Apple and Samsung models, instead of so heavily leaning toward the Samsung approach (unique phones for every carrier and unimpressive midcycle launches that only serve to confuse). It's impossible to suggest a Windows Phone to someone right now because it's going to either be the 1020 or 1520, but they are weirdly not the newest Windows Phones (the x30 range has already started with the 630 and 930).

I really hope that McLaren is not 3D like they have suggested. I do not want my phone constantly watching me, killing my battery on devices that only have pretty good battery life at this point.

Well your talking about a phone that's not even out yet so how can you say it's going to be a battery killer when we all know very little about this McLaren

You're kidding, right?  It would take a miracle of efficient tech or the inclusion of a mosterous battery to make something as GIMMICKY as 3D touch viable at all.  It's a stupid feature that, in order to work, would HAVE to require a significant increase in power.  I'm not afraid of my device "watching me" or even listening for me, but the more you have the device doing even in a mostly passive capacity the more power will be required than if you DIDN'T have it doing that.  And I'll be the first to admit that the Lumia 1020 is NOT the best on battery (neither was the 920, which I also still have as a backup).  So, unless they are able to DRAMATICALLY decrease power use elsewhere on the device, I can promise you battery life will suffer from such ridiculous features as 3D touch. 

Well, I KIND of disagree about the 3d being a gimmick but YOU are entitled TO your opinion.

It's definitely a gimmick and they should have waited to see consumer reaction to it in the Amazon phone before [allegedly] putting it the next major release. They're already coming in late with it, and I really doubt that its usefulness will outweight the definite battery loss.

How do you know it will be significant battery loss? The whole point of technology advancing is to improve upon the past. 4G LTE used to be slaughter on battery life, now it's at a point where it can be widely used without much care. Does 3G still use less? Yes, but it's not enough to matter to most.

So perhaps we stop judging this mystery phone BEFORE WE EVEN KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!!!!

I hope the 920 line refresh merges with the10xx(41 mp) line, 5xx, 6xx, continue, and the 15xx line continues with McLaren (6inch?)

Same here.....waiting for low price hardware coz my parents won't give me much money to buy a phone......maybe I'll get a Micromax Canvas Win W121

Same here so many new Androids LG g3 is very enticing Microsoft is really waiting time! Only new WP"s available for the summer or dumb phones Lumia 635 that phone is shitty low spec! 1520 is too big I have been waiting from November last year for a 5 inch smart phone on at&t! They are killing the few fans they have!

Exactly. I'm on AT&T and want a 5 inch phone and don't really wanna go bigger. VZ has had the 930 (Icon) so long that I don't want it anymore. I want something new and fresh like the 920 was when I got it.

I have a 920 since it first came out and with the 8.1 update, I can hold out until next Spring when the Threshold/windows phone 9 devices start rolling out.

Same here. 920 owner and still love it. Going to wait until fall or spring to see what Threshold brings/ looks like it will bring. Perhaps "McLaren" will be part of that? If so, I'm interested. I hope they resurrect cyan!

That's my stance too. The 920 is plenty good enough for my needs, and really I see myself upgrading for WP9 rather than for better hardware.

920 x 3 here. After a year with mine, I got one for my daughter in January and one for my husband last week. Fast. reliable. Qi charging. Perfect size and able to survive being dropped off a 6-story building.

I did buy the insurance on my husband's phone. He's killed Nokia phones before...

Next new device in our house won't be a phone, it will be my Surface Pro 3. ;-)

I also don't see anything better for me than the 920. The optical image stabilization and the wireless charging are two features I must have, and I don't see MS/Nokia keeping both of those.

Yup, I've got a 920 on AT&T.  A potential 930.3 would be a possible if it had a SD Card Slot and Glance, but without them I'm waiting for McLaren.   I'm really hoping that McLaren has all it's major points covered (near five inch display/SD Card Slot/Glance/Qi Wireless charging would be nice as well).

I wish they would announce more so I can decide whether to buy or wait it's really annoying, I'd be pissed if I bought a phone then a better one came out

Keep thinking like that and you're never gonna buy a phone. Remember you buy a phone today and tomorrow something better arrives.