Nokia Lumia 930 unboxing and hands on!

Want a closer look at the Lumia 930? Watch our 14-minute video detailing what's new

The Nokia Lumia 930 is finally hitting the streets worldwide, and we managed to pick one up as well. Microsoft sent over a well put together beach basket with flip flops, a photo book, sunglasses, and the Lumia 930 with accessories, including the new CP-637 flip cover.

Let us unbox the Lumia 930 and show you everything you need to know about the latest flagship Windows Phone, including some Lumia Cyan information!

The Nokia Lumia 930 is the Lumia Icon released earlier this year on Verizon. The differences comedown to more color choices, including bright green or orange, and international support for more carriers. The downside for those in the US is price and the inability to run on our LTE networks due to differing 4G bands.

Nokia Lumia 930 20 MP PureView camera

Lumia 930 specifications

  • Windows Phone 8.1 build 12397 (same as Preview for Developers)
  • Lumia Cyan firmware
  • 2 GHz Quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor
  • 5-inch AMOLED 1080P display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  • 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal storage (no micro SD)
  • 20 MP PureView rear camera with ZEISS optics and dual LED flash
  • Qi Wireless charging
  • 2420 mAh battery
  • 137 mm x 71 mm x 9.8 mm; 167 g
  • nano SIM
  • Colors: bright green, bright orange, white or black (all matte)

Nokia Lumia 930 back

The Lumia 930 is certainly a well designed device with an aluminum frame and polycarbonate back, a design extension of the Lumia 925. It features some of the latest hardware and Microsoft's latest version of the Windows Phone OS (12397). Additionally, it features the Lumia Cyan firmware, which enables some advanced features included Miracast, Living Images, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, SensorCore and more.

Nokia Lumia 930 accessories

The Lumia 930 is now available worldwide or is launching soon on various carriers. We are following up with a full review, but for now you can read our full Lumia Icon review to get a sense of what to expect.

Nokia Lumia 930 micro USB and bottom

Stay tuned for more coverage, including breaking down those Lumia Cyan additions. Grab yourself a coffee and watch our 14-minute unboxing and OS tour of what's new on the Lumia 930!

Need more information? Here you go

Nokia Lumia 930 headphone jack

Nokia Lumia 930 display

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  • Nice review Daniel.
  • EDIT: D'oh!
  • Basically it's just a Nokia Icon that happens to be available in a sexy green color.
  • With sensor core:D
  • The Icon has Sensor Core as well, I think... just not enabled until Cyan. Or am I wrong?
  • You are correct. It's firmware dependent in addition to needing Snapdragon 800 (same for the 1520)
  • @daniel I have been eagerly waiting for Nokia Lumia 930 launch in India .. Do you have any update as noe apple has launched iPhone 6 and 6plus but I guess lumia930 is the best phone to beat apple anytime.. Please update me with the same.. Lumia 930 in India???
  • Isn't the Icon LCD instead of the 930's OLED?  As the video points out, this gives hope for Glance on the 930, especially since double-tap to wake is there...
  • Both are OLED.
  • Glance and double tap are using different way. Just like 520 and 625. Both featuring double tap but no for glance. It's clearly because of the missing of clearblack AND display memory.
  • That line green theme looks awesome! It reminds me of the first time I held the focus with the AMOLED screen.
  • That green is eye catching! I like it!
  • Gosh I'm lost....1520 or 930???
  • 1520.3 is the model you want. the ".3" is critical because those models have stateside LTE, Qi charging built in AND 32 gb internal.
  • Euh it looks like my 1520.1 also has LTE, Qi charging and 32GB internl memory
  • RM 937 is the 1520 Global version
  • For the 920 the .x number referred to color IIRC
  • but ATT says on its site that it supports LTE 2100???    Shouldn't this mean the 930 would work with LTE on ATT?
  • Same problem HERE LOL
  • I have a 1520 and I would dump it only if this had micro SD and LTE with at&t
  • This! That inch would make it perfect for my hand, and add the micro sd and lte and you got a winner!
  • 930, all the way. 1520 is big and ugly imo.
  • +1 WPC App via Nexus 5.
  • Elegant design
  • "Windows Phone 8.1 build 12397 (same as Preview for Developers)" No, but wait, that was Beta and was just a PREVIEW... ;)
  • Wait, so all the thousands of times wp central told us that the preview was exactly the same as what will be released to consumers and is NOT a beta they actually meant that the preview was exactly the same as what will be released to consumers and is NOT a beta. Weird.
  • lol, funny thing is some people still don't believe it
  • Didn't believe and still want to wait for the official update, what a lost! Developers' Preview is such a great deal!
  • Only feel that way due to amount of issues since 8.1 dev not complaining but like me with the screen load issues and bad camera jitters I still can't believe its the final build but hopefully cyan will address those issues!
  • Windows Phone 8.1 Dev Preview IS the final build.  It is what Microsoft shipped to the manufacturers and the carriers for testing.  The issues with screen load, not waking from sleep mode, battery drainage and camera jitters are all issues related to lack of Cyan firmware update.  As I have tried many times to explain, the Cyan firmware update contains code that enables the OS to communicate better with the hardware.  I have confirmed this by speaking to a friend of mine who owns the 930 with the Cyan firmware update.  The Lumia 930 and the Lumia Icon are IDENTICAL phones.  The only differences are the colored back on the 930 and the lack of US LTE support due to differing bands.  Because the 930 has the Cyan firmware, he is not experiencing any of the issues I have been with my Lumia Icon, which does not contain the Cyan firmware update.  This is why I want Microsoft and Verizon to get the Cyan update out as quickly as possible!  And if Verizon drags its feet like they did for Nokia Black firmware, I'll report them to the FCC and everyone else should as well!
  • Who'd have thunk WPC would be on the money? ;)
  • well, not exactly the same. carriers will get their hands on it and install bloatware and att will remove data sense.
  • +920 w ATT :P
  • Really?!
  • To put it in simple desktop terms for the seasoned windows users developer preview more or less is the final release candidate of this version of the os
  • Cool
  • Does this have wireless charge?
  • Let's look at the specifications I painstakingly detailed...hmmm
  • You should make a picture book review next time
  • Well, the video that talked about the wireless charging within 45 seconds right away didn't cut it... not sure a picture book will. ;)
  • Done.
  • Wait seriously?
  • Correction-processor is 2.2Ghz
  • Lol
  • Yes. As it states on the article.
  • If you can't watch the video atleast read the article
  • Oh my gossshhh...whyyy?? Whyy can't it work on Sprint. Haha. I want it in green sooo bad haha. Sprint is the only carrier with un-throttled unlimited data and has no great Windows Phones...then one is realeased that is unlocked and won't work with them.
  • But Sprint's speed is terrible. After being their customer for more than 12+yrs, I had to leave them for the evil AT&T simply because I can get my pick of phone and I could actually use data whenever I need it on my phone.
  • I would have agreed about 3 months ago...but the last few months I have actually had good service! It is kind of a miracle.  I'm sorry about AT&T though.
  • So what about Tmobiles 80$ unlimited/unthrottled plan?
  • Hmmm. When I was looking into getting service that wasn't an option. I now am stuck paying off the terrible Samsung ATIV S Neo for a year and a half more.
  • Sprint's throttling is completely automatic.  They just keep the speed of their entire network really slow, then they never have to throttle anyone specific.  Genius.
  • Haha...brilliant indeed. Also it is sooo hard coming from Verizon with Unlimited Sprint. Haha. I felt like I went back about 3 years in time.
  • Hahaha, that's exactly the same what Reliance GSM does on its EDGE network in India. They'd offer 5GB+unlimited facebook,twitter and whatsapp data every month on their 2.5G/EDGE network for about approx. 3 USDollars and boy I'll give you a treat if you can use even 1GB out of it :D They'll provide a consistent low speed of a 64KBPS for maximum accross the entire network Although, on their 3.5G HSPA+ network, they offer 1GB data+unlimited facebook, twitter and whatsapp use for the same price, and suddenly your data speed starts touching skies of 28 Mbps (that is their network's maximum capacity, which is the highest for a 3G network in India)
  • Lol WPC App via Nexus 5.
  • Devin, the issue is GSM vs. CDMA.,2817,2407896,00.asp Sprint has always used CDMA technology. That means the phones don't use a SIM, but are hard-flashed to work on their network. Case in point? You can only BYOD if your device is a "Sprint device." And if you leave Sprint, you can't get the phone unlocked to take to another carrier. Verizon is the same story. You can only BYOD if it's a Verizon device... When I left Sprint about 3 years ago, I had to retire my LG Lotus (loved that phone). And why I went with ATT (ATT and T-Mobile are both GSM carriers).  
  • I'd say, not exactly a GSM vs CDMA issue. In India, every CDMA network offers SIM cards to be used in handsets just like every GSM network does. The only thing is the handset must support the radio frequency and call+sms+data over the CDMA bandwidth too. For example there are some HTC handsets (amongst the popular ones) that work seemlessly over both CDMA and GSM networks, you have to just pop in the SIM card of the network of your choice, because handsets are not locked to networks here (Except a few offered from CDMA networks, then again they can be unlocked and are SIM based, not hard flashed). And then there are some handsets that support only GSM or only CDMA. Hard flashed handsets were available some 5-6 years ago.
  • Bought a white one today, will receive it in 2 days :-) I was a bit disappointed at first because one of the stores I went to exposed a fake device: while it looked real, it was made of cheap plastic and felt like complete garbage.
    Be sure to ask for a real one so you'll get the right feeling. After I played with it, decision was taken ;-)
    Now I'll have to consider selling my beloved Ativ S... :-/
  • no microSD, DO NOT WANT. GIVE ME A CHEAP LUMIA 1520. no funds yet, ppl
  • 1320?
  • 1420?
  • Wish verizons Icon had color backs. That green and orange are perfect
  • And then people will put it in a case anyway...
  • WHY is Verizon sooo BORING???  These colorful phones are what makes the WP Lumia line stand out!  It is like Verizon is hoping WP fails and are willing to do what they can to help it get there...  
  • If Verizon was hoping WP fails they wouldn't be getting exclusives.
  • Like the op said most usually put it in a case like an otterbox for example. Its just too expensive of an investment to not do this & doing intensive stuff on it makes it to hot to touch bare handed
  • Hot? Never had this problem with mine.
  • The backs are swappable, still would be nice to see Verizon add more color to their devices.
  • The back is not swappable on a 929/930
  • You can add the flip case if your determined enough to find one online
  • Yes it is. Take a sunction cup, lift up on bottom corner, and use a pry tool to remove the back. Then replace with a new back. I'll write a guide when I get my replacement, but here's what it looks like disassembled:
  • I wouldn't say that's a "swappable" back... that's dissassembly.
  • If it had microSD and was released on more US carriers, I would've bought it day one. :'(
  • Feel the same about my ICON....I got a free upgrade (long story) but, I would not of gotten the ICON..and would of had my 928...
  • Me too. No LTE and SD make me go something something...
  • Awesome awesome! Only missing the glance screen tho :(
  • Yes, too bad.
  • If they added the bright green accent to the green 930, they should add the dark grey (used by Deutsche Telekom) to the black version. Though I doubt they've done that...will have to wait a couple more days until my dear sister ships MY bloody phone to me lol
  • You're not going to miss glance?
  • Not at all. I never used it because I honestly never liked it. If I want to see the time, I rather double-tap the screen to get the lockscreen.
  • The GF and I both have 925's so I put em on night mode in blue n red cause we kept grabbin each others. It got a bit ridiculous! Can't wait for different phones again. Can we cover the light sensor (930) to reveal the clock? I'd miss that.
  • Would've been my new phone - had they only released it 6 months ago. Now I have cancelled my preorder a couple of weeks back and well wait for Christmas' flagships.
  • You can send it to me after playing with it :)
  • Love it ❤
  • So it's like a 1520 but not as good? :P
  • Daniel - I can't watch the video because i'm currently at work. But I was curious if there's a reason that Double Tap To Wake is enabled on the 930, and not on the Icon? Will Cyan firmware bring DTTW to the Icon?
  • I do address that in the video and presumably yes, it will be enabled on the Icon with Lumia Cyan.
  • I need to get a job with you guys/girls. Would love to get my hands on the latest window phones. Great review. Which carriers will have this one?
  • In the US this phone has been available since February under the name Nokia Lumia 929/Icon. It's a Verizon exclusive. Everywhere else in the World, the phone can be normally bought in retailers. Some carriers will also have it but it's not really relevant for the phone sales.
  • I'm on T-Mobile... They need to start carrying more than two models. I guess they just started carrying the 635, so that makes three.
  • Well.. they could carry all phones Nokia released this year.. still the same number :P
  • Does the Icon have a GSM chip in it? 
  • All LTE phones on Verizon are gsm/cdma hybrids because LTE is GSM only. However verizons LTE frequencies are different from anyone else's in the US so you can only get 2g/3g on it. Also the Verizon mms/sms settings are wonky and getting that to work is really hard. I'd pass on getting an icon for a GSM carrier.
  • Their not the only ones technically most Samsungs ship dual but with cdma portion disabled
  • Though for people who dont use data that often & are mostly on wifi it doesn't matter
  • I can't wait to see how good windows phones will get in the next year when I leave my nexus behind.
  • Maybe there will be a Lumia with Android anyways :P
  • i wish it has a full metal body so far i think the white back cover fit perfectly with phone design more than the green or the orange, anyway green isn't bad at all
  • Pretty underwhelming update.
  • From the 920? What is it missing for you?
  • They took the already huge 920 and made it even bigger!
  • It's really not much bigger. It's taller, but that's about it.
  • No Glance! This really ours me off! I use glance all the time!
  • So beautiful. Making my 1020 look much less cool.
  • It does look great! But I really really want a 1030.
  • Me too!
  • Take a picture at full resolution and be reassured, the 1020 is still cool.
  • ^^This!
  • No worries if you have a yellow 1020, then coolness factor is still at 100% ❤
  • Wish it was fully polycarbonate, far more practical.
  • Why is that more practical?
  • My 920 is as tough as German tiger tank! I've dropped it so many times and it just bounces! I agree that the aluminum surrounding does look beautiful but you cant beat the durability of polycarbon. Just look at all the people with damaged IPhones, all the sides bashed in and cracked or smashed screens! I would love a 930 in a 920 body, the worlds toughest smartphone!
  • Ok. That's a valid point.
  • Totally agree with you! The 920 is almost indestructible! After a year of using mine, it feels just like the very first day I got it! And I don't ever use cases for my phones. I held a nexus 5 the other day and instantly missed the solid, smooth feel of the 920. I hope a spiritual successor design-wise is released for the 920!
  • I have a 928 and while it's not quite as tough as the 920, I can still appreciate the solid feel of it. The only thing I don't like about it is that the screen is very exposed to cracks from being dropped on the edge.
  • It would be great if Nokia revamped the 920 or even the 800, I think there is a market for a slightly smaller phone. The 920 still has some features missing in the new phones i.e; the two quality duel speakers on the bottom of the body. I know like ny self their are alot of people out there who still own 920 and the fact with each update the 920 just gets better and better, this phone will be around longer than the newer models.
  • I'm with you, Kaymd. In fact, I just bought a new 920 for my husband from ATT (they only have yellow in stock :O). We now have 3 of them in the house. Mine is a year old (red) and still looks brand new. I love the curved body. It makes it so easy to pick up. And rounded corners? Ick. Looks like a fruit fone. The 920 is the right size for a phone. The size and heft are perfect. As long as we can get firmware/software upgrades, I'll be keeping my red tank.
  • I think Nokia have forgotten how good the 920 really is and how unique it was and still is in the mobile phone world. My 920 just want to keep on going and improving it's self.
  • I've had my ICON for a month now just switched from Sprint, I think you will find the ICON/930 a true replacement for the the 920.  The build quality is great, buttn location, the screen thickness is great, speed, feature, etc.  I keep removing my cover because the phone is of such great build quality that I do not want to put a cover on it.  I just want to show the phone off.  I finally got to use my Nokia wireless charging plate... the greatest invention ever. I am 6' 7" with large hands and I hate phones with displays larger than 5".  I would love to have a phone with this spec in 4" - 4.5". It is an amazing device that I can see having for atleast 2 years. Iit getting to the point as long as I can update the OS no need to do any updates unless there is some new sensor technology implement related to GPS or motion.  SD800, 2GB RAM, 32GB Storage & Sensor Core, HD Screen, WIFI N+, BT4.0 LE, NFC  what else do you need.  The cool thing is when Fitbit releases there new app we will be able to sync to our phones, like Addidas Coach does currently and maybe Nike will do the same.
  • I went to a 930 event where they show off the constuction of the device.  The aluminium is not a surrounding - they actually milled the entire body out of a solid block of aluminium and mount the electronics onto it and finally just put the colour covers onto the back.  The MC also just dropped the phone on the stage from shoulder height (he's probably 5''6~5'7) when one of the audience asked him to do it and he did it - like Panos-style with the SP3, and it took it like a, well, Nokia. ;)  Granted it was a lightly carpeted stage but you can still hear the solid thump as it lands, wouldn't be surprised that the stage wood got dented to be honest LOL. I wouldn't worry about this being like iPhones - it's not going to scratch as they didn't coat any part of the phone with fake colours, everything is made from solid material and using its original colour.
  • That's great news!
  • Yes, great news, especially as I ordered one today ;-)
  • No LTE on AT&T is disappointing.
  • So... does Lumia Cyan actually improves low light photography?
  • I have very good HSPA+ coverage on AT&T in my area. In many ways, better than LTE. I'm tempted to cop this and get rid of the 1520. Get jealous every time I see an Icon.
  • Got the white one yesterday....looks a little less chunky as the other colors...and the 32gb is lot more then I need ..great phone
  • Look very sexy..
  • Huh. I thought the Lumia 930 used a Nano-sim. This is the first I've heard of it using a Micro-SIM.
  • I have a nano-sim ...never heard of a micro-sim version ...not in the Netherlands
  • I also read it uses a nano SIM. Why does it say microSIM here, Daniel?
  • It does indeed use a Nano-sim
  • That is, indeed, an error - it takes a Nano SIM.
  • I don't think I can live without Glance feature so not leaving my 1020. Nice looking phone though.
  • I feel the same, still loving my 1020 and the 930 is great but I'm holding my breath for the 1030 or whatever they will call the 1020 successor.... Hopefully they won't take years!
  • Yes, me too. I need glance screen like on my 920...
  • I like the phone, but the only thing that turns me off on it is the lack of glance. Why did they remove this feature on this phone? I love it and would even consider upgrading to this phone from my 920, but not now.
  • I feel you. Because of the amoled screen, i think.
  • Because manufacturers are not using display memory anymore so i think Nokia/Microsoft are trying to find different ways to implement it into the phone....
  • If this would work on At&t LTE I'd snap it up. I love my 1520, but a 5 inch screen would help with my hand pain.
  • Daniel can you use the treasure tag? I can't with 8.1
  • You'd need Lumia Cyan update to enable Bluetooth 4 LE. The 8.1 developer preview disabled BT 4.0
  • no glance and no xenon flash, deal breaker
  • +920
  • The problem with the Nokia Icon/930 and running Glance comes down to the display type. No, it’s not the AMOLED technology (the Lumia 928 proves otherwise) and it’s obviously not the 1080P resolution (the Lumia 1520 attests to that) but rather it’s the type of AMOLED screen used. More to the point, the screen used on the Lumia Icon/930 lacks ‘display memory’.
  • So? I don't care what the problem is, it isn't there and I wont pay top dollar for a device that's lacking features I already have on my current Lumia, if they are going to start making compromises with the hardware then I would like them to stop calling it "high end" jeez
  • Got an orange one. A week before delivery. Orange lions.
  • Jammer dat ze er weer uit liggen..ben veilig (neutrale) voor een Witte gegaan
  • Lumia 1520 master race reporting in
  • Daniel are you going to review the other bits you got sent with the phone? Or have you done video reviews on them before? (tag, wireless charger and case)
  • Wow... This looks really elegant. Perfect replacement for my 920. All I need is $700 :D
  • I tot so too, but i need the glance screen. Great phone, indeed.
  • Wp 8.1 is started rolling out in us just now.
  • Did I hear no LTE just at end..
  • ...for those in the US, not for other countries
  • Hi Daniel, Do you know if this is compatible with Wind Canada frequencies? Wind doesn't;t have LTE yet and it has same AWS bands as T-Mobile (1700/2100, I guess).
  • but why does ATT's site say it supports LTE 2100, which by the specs of the 930 it has.... 
  • Why do the Lumia 930 have a camera button but the 630 don't???
  • PureView vs NoView.
  • Because one costs 600€ and the other 150€.
  • Can you take a video with front facing camera? :D I'd like to see the quality
  • It's the same as 1520's or the Icon's quality, lol. No need to do that. Or so I think.
  • I would have like to see a side-by-side with your 1520 to get some perspective on the size of this phone. Other than the great specs, that is the most interesting thing for me.
  • No SD slot no buy.
  • The design is just great, love it. My only concern is the comment about the antenna. I am assuming you can hold it any way you want and it works as well as a polycarbonate phone?
  • I really love this phone but I will wait for the 'McLaren'.
  • OMG, that bright green is so tempting, until he said that glance screen is still not supported for this device. Its all because of the amoled screen. Glance screen is a must for me, just my personal preference. Anyway, i love the design and the green color of course! Almost fall for it!
  • Yeah but my 1020 is amoled and it has glance...
  • The problem with the Nokia Icon/930 and running Glance comes down to the display type. No, it’s not the AMOLED technology (the Lumia 928 proves otherwise) and it’s obviously not the 1080P resolution (the Lumia 1520 attests to that) but rather it’s the type of AMOLED screen used. More to the point, the screen used on the Lumia Icon/930 lacks ‘display memory’.
  • Scumbag Microsoft took away our preeeeciious. GIVE IT BACK! Glance screen, my love
  • But are you gonna buy it or not because of lack of glance screen support? PS. In icon/930 there is no option for glance in settings? What if you install it via sysapp pusher? Anyone tried that?
  • Missing Glance is a dealbreaker for me too. Not only complaining but I will not buy it because of that. I'm using it all the time on my 720.
  • Yup, same on 1520 here, the perfect phone atm)
  • DO A GIVE AWAY FOR THAT CHARGER!! LOL pls!! YOu dont need it Rubino!
  • Heh, I want that charger too. Great stuff.
  • I am REALLY torn between 930 and 1520. 930 looks awesome and is more practical size-wise. 1520 has awesome battery life in comparison, looks good, has microSD support. But looking at the 930, that's the design I want! Who said we have free will?! Inability to decide because there is not enough reason to choose one of the two equal options is proof that the system works solely based on evaluating options and comparing their value. Philosophical crap...WHICH ONE?!
  • If you're that torn my only advice is the one I use myself when in a similar situation: buy both.
  • Lol, seems like a great advice.
  • I couldn't even if I found a big pot of gold. I am an honest, "one love" kind of guy and would't be able to handle 2 devices at once...
  • Phone monogamy. How refreshing.
  • 1520 for every possible reason you can imagine.
  • take the 930
  • Man.. I wish that there're green matte back cover like this for the older phones such the 820... :( I mean it, matte back covers. Glossy material sucks and it overheats faster, and yet making your palm sweaty. But does anyone know where can I buy one?
  • Isn't green matte? Or you mean the case?
  • From the article: " Colors: bright green, bright orange, white or black (all matte)" So, I guess all the colours are matte finished.
  • Yeah I know. I was just asking the guy what he meant.
  • I meant the case, the ones that's dull and not shining just like the ones on the 630/930 now. The custom back cover I have from the Nokia is Glossy, and I dont really like how slipperry it is.
  • You mean the cp637 flip case for 930, right? That's weird move from Nokia. Make all the color variants of the back lid of 930 matte, and the cases glossy. Really weird, are you sure every color is glossy of that case?
  • Ooh my bad, just chosed the wrong word. I meant about the back cover, the changeable back cover. lol, sorry for that. And yes it's glossy, but weirdly enough the original black back cover of my 820 was not glossy and it was matte instead, but all the ones that I'm looking at the nokia store in my city only offers the glossy ones, and I needed a shiny color. Well that cp367 case is actually cool really, I wish there's someone who'd designed the same for the 820 :p
  • Beautiful phone!!
  • Daniel - Is the 1520 still your favorite WP?
  • Daniel was so compelled by your question, he whipped up a quick article answering your question a few minutes ago! :)
  • You're awesome!
  • Lol, that is the best answer for the question. He's reading my,mind. Love my 1520
  • Ordered mine this morning. Will be with me from clove on Thursday.
  • Does Lumia 930 have backlit keys and OTG support??
  • Doesn't all Lumias have backlit keys? No OTG, I'm pretty sure. Microsoft would have announced it by now.
  • Nope only few Lumia fones have backlit keys. Better I will go for lumia 1520..
  • Yep, love my 1520 and suggest you better buy it rather than 930
  • That's like telling someone who is looking to buy a family car that fits 5 people and a dog to buy a 2 seated convertible instead. Most people shopping for the 930 are not in the market for the 1520.
  • Yeah, but not in this very case. He said he will go for Lumia 1520. And I suggested him so that he will definitely go for it.
  • Phones* :3 does Lumia 625 have backlit keyboard or not? Just held it in hands yesterday in a store and didn't pay attention.
  • Nope L625 doesn't have backlit keys, I use L625.. Everything is good, the only thing missing is another 512mb ram stick
  • HM, but it does seem like it's kinda got backlit keys, or it could be the light of the screen that made it seem to me like that.
  • Hehe...
  • Even WP users hate WP ... F#ck this sh#t ¬¬ Love it! I don't care about micro SD, I use it on my 820, but is not a deal breaker, is a good phone!
  • U gonna buy it?
  • Not your business.
  • Lol ok, not my business, seems fair.
    Btw, i guess everyone hates you, not WP, rite?
  • Now everybody hates me... You know me so much lol
  • Yep I do :3 how did you know that I knew much about you? Guess you knew that that I know because you just do ;)
  • NSA, is that you? Hahahahaha
  • Oh yeah that's me, my dear little brother. Your big bro is always near ya
  • Daniel, any chance you could do a side-by-side comparison of WiFi range on this and another phone (I did it with my Lumia 521 and another forum member did it with his Lumia 928) and see if it is working OK with the Cyan firmware? The range (strength and number of networks it detects) is terrible on the Lumia Icon. Hoping Cyan can fix this...
  • But that's not quite accurate testing. You should do that with the same router, preferably without other networks interfering for the best results. Otherwise you can't get really reliable results ;)
  • Your comment is weird if you read the threads. They WERE for the same router, and literally done side by side.
  • Oh okay then, guess I just misunderstood your message.
  • Three columns is too small for 5" screen. Its already quite small on 6" screen on the 1520. I wish there's an option to select 2 or 3 columns tiles.
  • There is an option in 8.1 Settings > Start + Theme > Show More Tiles "Off"
  • Except apparently that option doesn't exist on devices with >5" screens. Which is just stupid. They allow to jam 3 columns on the 3.8" of the 620 but not two columns on the 930...
  • +930!
  • I don't think it's too small, but I wish they allowed 2 (4, really.... why are we counting only medium size tiles?) columns on the other devices as well just because it looks much nicer to be able to have a large tile going from side to side.
  • ^this. Users need as much choice as possible. No need to make everything as "simple as possible" like iOs do. It makes the Os less customizable. MSFT claimed Wp8 is the most customizable OS out there so they should make it possible.
    Or was it personal and not customizable? Whatever. Still.
  • Daniel, could you run some test and see how hot the phone gets when used normal and with games? I got one, and it gets extremely hot when I play, and quite hot when using Internet Explorer. To hot actually. Some say they do have the same issue, others don't. I've had it for 4 days and got the first batch.
  • Yeah, there's rocky61915 in the comments below he has the overheating issue and extremely fast battery drain. What about you? Seems like 930 has some issues. What about the Icon users. Did they have such issues, anyone knows.
    PS. Does anyone have the unresponsive power button issue on his 930? I've read many did have it on Icon, or was it fixed? Was it due to the hardware or the wp8.1?
  • My power button is working fine. 
  • Hm, use it for some time and see. I'm getting unresponsive power button on my 1520 on rare occasions. Guess it might be the software issue most likely.
  • My battery is not bad, last a full day with moderate use and wifi/cellular on all the time. I just have a little issue with the heat thing....I can live with it when it's charging, but it's not so nice when I play a game for 10 minutes and have to put it down because it's to hot to hold in my hands. 
  • It says in the title "unboxing" but the video shows more of a 'hands-on' of the device. Sam, what's included in the box, aside,from the phone?
    I'm curious to know because the other unboxing videos of the RETAIL version does not show it includes any earphones in the package, which is kinda bummer considering it's a high-end model.
  • Just USB cable and AC plug. That's it.
  • Thank you for confirming, Dan!
    I'm really surprised that Microsoft/Nokia isn't including the earphones in the retail package. Is this the new normal for Nokia retail packages?
  • Meh, it seems they really made it cheap to produce the 930. I really think the 930 is downgrade for 1520 totally. Even such cheap thing as earphones.. For such high price it's a bit outdated. I think it should have been released before, or at least along with 1520. For such price it should have everything, Glance screen, SD card, and even earphones. Anyone agrees?
    And for that, just meh. Don't think I would even buy it if I wanted before. Paying more,money to downgrade? Not this time, Nokia. Will stick to 1520 till some good upgrade comes out, preferably 4.7"-5.5".
  • Or there is no point in bundling cheapo earphones with a high end phone. You'd expect people who have the money to buy a 930 to have the money to invest $30 on proper earphone. And yeah, 930 is quite late to the game.
  • Well, I agree, but still. Those earbuds are so cheap and good quality so it could easily have been shipped inside the box.
    Somehow they did manage to bundle 1520 in November with earphones. And it is even the more high end phone, as for me. I'm guessing this is because of Microsoft Nokia deal. My guess is that Microsoft saved more money on producing Icon/930 than Nokia did with 1520. Wondering why they made such loose sim and SD card trays anyway... P.s. Is Icon bundling any different from 930 one?
  • This is my first time commenting on wpcentral. I have had this phone since yesterday and I am loving it so far. I have two problems though. One being that the auto brightness setting gives me a purple tint to the text whilst scrolling and also changes most grey colours to a purple tint. This is temporarily fixed by just choosing low brightness or any other brightness setting. My other issue is to do with the amount of heat this thing produces and with that the battery drains pretty quickly. If I am using the phone generally like installing apps, reading emails, browsing the internet. It slowley starts to get warmer and warmer. After 10 minutes the battery has gone down by about 5%. If I open the camera app, the phone starts to get warm very quickly and after a few minutes of playing around with the settings and taking photos the phone gets too hot for comfort. I would say the battery would drain by 10 -12% for 3-4 minutes of camera use. Any help would much be apprecated. Aside from the issues, I am really enjoying the UI, build quality, speed, camera quality and basically the phone altogether. I just hope my issues are down to firmware rather than hardware.
  • That seems like a big issue. That's really weird. I'm guessing a defective unit. I'd advice you go to the Nokia Care, or whatever it is. It really shouldn't be doing that.
    Btw, did you try soft/hard resetting the phone?
  • I did a software reset, backing up before hand, however I fear because it was heating up when the cog icons were spinning around when you turn the phone on for the first time. Edit: I will reach out to nokiahelps on twitter in a few hours.
  • Try hard resetting in the very end if nothing else helps to be sure that it's the defective unit. Otherwise, hard reset should fix the issue if its software-wise. Yeah, nokiahelps might have a solution, but it wouldn't be any extraordinary one, other than soft/hard reset, or phone replacement. Try also @winphonesupport, or somethin like that, I'm not sure whether nokiahelps on twitter are functioning since the nokia being Microsoft now., lol
  • In the end I went through the nokia recovery tool. Still heats up just the same after hard reseting. I will wait until Monday to see how it goes however I dont think it would make much difference. However if I go about a replacement, do you think I should contact Nokia or where I got it shipped from?
  • Never dealt with either of those(I'm from Ukraine). But I assume contacting either of those will do fine, as long as you have warranty for the phone. Ps good luck
  • Don't know if I get this one or wait for McLaren. I really don't care about microSD, but I really want to see if this 3D touch is worth the wait.
  • The main focus of the McLaren will be that 3D touch. Honestly...I think it will be just another gimmick, like the fingerprint scanner in the iPhone and the heart rate monitor in the S5.  
  • Unless your current phone is broken or something I'd wait... then again you'll always wait if you want the next big thing.
  • i'm curious to know how low light pics on the 930 compare to the cyan-less icon. 
  • And to 1520.
  • McLaren is 64GB and Cyan is available all over!
  • Somebody get me that wallpaper !
  • Review the xbox music app and the games hub in this 930 plz!
  • If this had an SD card slot, it's be perfect for me.
  • Such an elegant device :)
  • That green...i need a green Lumia.
  • Daniel, does the charging pad when plugged in still work as a charging plate? So  a charging plate if just left plugged in? and a mobile one otherwise. Love to see a demo of the treasure tag? its a cool thing but I have not seen any reviews/videos  actually using one  
  • Would like to know this too
  • im lost!! green or oarange???  
  • Green is the new orange, green ftw!
  • Isn't 5'' a little big for a phone?
  • I think 6 is pretty fine and you ask whether 5" is big? After 1520 I would say its small :3 Just add SD card slot and glance support to it and I would be the first to buy it
  • Big for a phone, smallish for a media device.
  • I want this phone with a 1280x768 screen. Why won't they make one with a 'good enough' screen, I don't care for 1080p which just uses more battery to drive pixels I can't see...
  • You're not completely right about this.
  • Daniel, if I had an orange Lumia 930 (Or another one), I would get a new orange on the accent color settings or it's the same orange already available?, It will have that bright green accent? :v
  • Nice. Sorry if these may be dumb questions, but still. Haven't had much time to watch the video. Please, take some time to read. Thanks in advance for answering. ;) 1)Is that a plug instead of a regular sim card tray on the top? And doesn't it have a hole for a pin like other Lumias do, e.g. 925, 1520?
    2)Are there any differences from icon except for LTE support, firmware and, OS, and Verizon sign?
    3) Is gorilla glass 3 any tougher than the gorilla glass 3 on 1520? How do you feel it in life? Is there any quality of the image/toughness improvements in comparison?
    3) What is that wireless charger alongside the flip case and treasure tag on the 3rd photo?
    4) do you think its a good upgrade for Lumia 1520, if the user is ok with 32gb and the lack of glance screen? Or are there any suggestions for the 1520 user whether to switch to 930 or not, if he is perfectly glad with 1520? Thanks again :3
  • I can't see the 930 as an upgrade from the 1520. Which specs are better on the 930?
  • Less weight and higher price :D
    Well gorilla glass 3, I would say one of the better specs. And the bright green option. But green Lumia 1520 will fix that in nearest future :3 Other than that, yeah I'm thinking 930 is totally a downgrade. Was just wondering what you guys think
  • It's a nicer size than the 1520 and some people would prefer that. Disclaimer: I have a 1020 and 1520.  I have handled a 930, the size is pretty much perfect for a 5inch phone as it is just slightly larger than a 1020.  1520 is nice but can be too big and is slightly awkward for one hand usage.
  • Hehe, true dat, but that would apply to the average hand size, and for ppl with bigger hand, even 1 hand usage will be pretty usable(like me) .
    So its just a matter of preferences and likes, rather than anything else.
    Ps. I've never used anything bigger than Nokia N95, LOL. And 1520 is my first Lumia, using it now for about 8 months since it just appeared in Ukraine, and I would neve go down to something as tiny as 4.5" or less. 4-7-5.5" I would maybe consider, but anything less seems just so tinnny after 1520 :3
    The only downside of 1520 I can see is carrying I in pocket. It might be hard sometimes, especially in summer time, with not so big pockets. Was feeling totally comfortable carrying it in winter and1st half of spring thio:3
  • It looks to be a nice device but is a total disappointment following the 920. Blocky generic design over the smooth design language of the 900/920. No cyan, yellow, red, or gray color options. No bottom firing speakers. No glance. No revolutionary camera improvements. No sd card slot.  I really hope something more innovative and stylish is coming down the road.
  • ^this this and that
  • Wait a minute. So Lumia Cyan will bring new camera algorithms for the Lumia 1520, 930 and the 630/635, but the Lumia 1020 is not mentioned. Does this means that the 1020 will not be receiving any love from the Cyan update ? :(
  • I guess it will, probably. But what they said was that Cyan will improve low light photo/video for 930, Icon, and 1520. As for 1020, there were no issues with the low light photography, afaik. Correct me if I'm wrong. I just know that 1520 had and still ha e a really big issue with the low light pics and video.
    There was no mention for 630, if I'm correct, since its not camera-focused Lumia..
    I'm eagerly awaiting cyan for my 1520, can't wait to make good photos in low light.
  • What I dont like is only the back having the color. I looks much better when it wraps the sides and shown in the front as well.On screen buttons would have been great too.   Either way ill get this if it arrives on AT&T or a Lumia 1030 if its announced.
  • Wish you mentioned the little arrows by the data symbols. ;)
  • 5in looks too small.
    Hopeful for a 1530 in the spring.
  • +1520
    Or should I say +1530 already? Lol
  • Philippine carrier will offer this after a year like the L1020..damn!
  • Damn this phone would be perfect if it had the micro SD slot. Everything else spec wise is great. Why no SD? This might still be my next phone either way but that sucks about having no SD slot. If there's a 64gb version I will bite for sure but I really don't know if 32gb is enough for me.
  • This one and the lumia 1520 are the most beautiful WP nowadays. I want any of them so bad :'(
  • hey the phones looks sweet, but i have a question cause maybe i missed it did WPC dona video of all the changes and new feature to come with WP 8.1. sorry if i am late but i dont catch all reviews and videos.
  • Ah, my next phone. Going to be a great upgrade from my Lumia 520 later this year.
  • Looks much snappier in terms of UI speed than 8.1 does on my 1020.  
  • Yea u have a 1020 old CPU hellooooo
  • Daniel, I'm in a French café and can't play the audio. Can you transcribe it here?
  • Yes. Start waiting for it now....I'll let you know when it's ready. Just wait in the cafe and don't leave.
  • Trolled :D
  • No lte for USA. Wtf I though it was going to have att lte bands. No bueno
  • Oh no! That is kinda a no deal as I am on AT&T ಠ益ಠ
  • I honestly didn't even know this was coming out. It looks great, love the size.
  • Nokia had ample time to redesign the Nokia Icon to add the microSD card slot and to even plan to change the display so that it supports the Glance feature, both features that were missing on the Nokia Icon and that still are missing on this Nokia 930!!! Instead, they decided to keep the Nokia Icon as it is and just updated what needed to be updated to make it usable internationally.   A high-end smartphone without a microSD card slot is so stupid, no matter the amount of GBs of storage space available!! And the display used on the Nokia Icon and Nokia 930 does not add anything compared to the different one used on the Nokia 1520 that does support the Glance feature. So, why keep using this new display on the Nokia 930 that does not support and will not support in the future the Glance feature is again a bad decision?!!   And while I am at it, this Nokia 930 should have allowed a replaceable battery. The main reason of the success of the Samsung Galaxy smartphones is that they all have both a microSD card slot and a replaceable battery because many users value these two features that are extremely useful and convenient.
  • Place my order for the green one today!
  • Why would the 930 have double-tap to wake but not the Icon? :(
  • Cyan update
  • Didn't demo the double tap to wake
  • Antenna has poor signal again as I see.
  • When for at&t
  • Shame it doesn't come in a dual SIM variant... I'm tired of carrying two phones...
  • Question: does wp8.1 still gets the strongest signal if your data is turned on? for example 2g/edge gives you full bar signal and 4g/lte just gives you 2 bar signal. Will it lock itself to the fastest signal or will go to 2g/edge? this is one of my main problems when i'm outside the city. Weak 4g signal and a really strong 2g signal. Mobile data is either crawling or not moving at all. 
  • My 920 contract is up for renewal in November. I think I see my upgrade on the 930.
  • Nokia Lumia 920 has LTE, why not its upgrade? Sounds like downgrade
  • Can't wait to put my hand on one of those sweeties ... Anyway I read here and there on the wonderfull internet world that this phone suffers from heating after some, not that much intense, use ... Anyone here can tell me about this ? By the way I'm still wondering wich one to choose between the 930 and the 1520 ... Both have there ups and downs ... 
  • I got my hands on the 930 yesterday and similarly, when installing apps and updating it drains the battery very quickly. I lost 15% in half an hour. On standby though it sips juice and i lost about 4% per hour. It does get rather warm when in heavy use. So i guess we are not alone here. That said... ITS PRETTY AWESOME :D
  • The only diffrence is that the 930 has european LTE freq and the Icon has US LTE freq.
  • I bought both the 1520 (3 weeks ago) and the 930 (2 days ago), before I had the 720. I love both but I must admit that after using the 1520 for 2 weeks, even if I found it too big, I miss it a lot. The 930 battery it's quite weak and the signal streeng looks weak too The WP8.1 on the 930 have some difference compared to the Preview, there is the USB menu and the APN menu it's under the cellular menu There are 2 setting under Display, color and brightness, all the other thing looks the same. The WP8.1 backup it's an amazing feature, I had just o insert some password
  • No glance is kinda dealbreaker for me ... I use it all the time
  • Wallpaper link ? :)
  • What is that lockscreen app which showed by Daniel ???
  • I see, so the PD 8.1 is considered official, just pending the Cyan update for Lumia 1520.
  • Seems to be some confusion about the bundle that comes free with this phone. phones4u, expansys and carphonewarehouse are not offering the free charger, speaker and £20 voucher unless you are taking out a new contract or upgrading your existing contract. Clove on the other hand are giving away the free charger etc when you purchase the sim free unlocked version (for those outside the UK I should let you know that sim free and unlocked are not the same thing here as I know when I purchased my sim free 920 which was locked to O2). Also Clove are offering the cheapest price (currently) £441 inc vat and delivery,
  • how does the battery?
  • Unboxing, but what is in the box at all? 
  • The phone is looking so killing.
  • CAN Somebody get me that Lockscreen Wallpaper,those beautiful leaves :D 
    It looks too damn irresistible :D 
    Please Someone 
  • Hey Daniel, wondering: what camera do you use for recording these hands-ons? Really like to know. I am so excited for this device! Unfortunately I already have a 920 and don't really have the money to get a new phone. :(
  • For people in Canada wondering if this phone will work I can assure you that it works very well.  I've been using mine for about 2 hours and the speeds are as good or better than another person in the office how is using an Iphone 4s on the same bell network.  He got download speeds of about 8.5 using the speedtest application wherfe as I got about 10.  Also the tethering worked fine and I've been able to text and browse the internet without touching any APN settings. Had the 1020 but I LOVE this phone.
  • Where can i find that lockscreen photo?
  • That box is so ugly...
  • if i hadnt bought a 1520 , i would have bought this one... it looks so nice and it doesnt have the camera bulge on the back.
  • Nice.... :o :o :o
  • Someone on the forums for the Icon was saying they are going to try and replace the back cover to an orange or green one from the 930, i really hope that works because i would buy an orange back right away!
  • Is it just me or does the 920 look better than the 930?
  • Just don't understand why there is no green colour Lumia 930 here in Hong Kong Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Where can i get that lockscreen photo?
  • Does anyone know which weather app is displayed on the Icon's lock screen at 1.49??
  • Got mine this week. Absolutely loving it. Changed from the 920. At first I felt the 920 felt nicer in my hand, but now I'm a bit more used it and it's great. My only let down is the amoled screen. I have always used the cobalt blue theme and love it on my 920 but on the 930 it looks purple and it looks rotten.
  • Has this phone been tested on T-Mobile yet? I'm trying to determine if it will work on their 4G and whether or not it does will determine if I choose this or a different phone.
  • No update for me on nokia Lumia plus i want to know after updating Denim those who recieved it,
    would you tell me any stability related battery draining issue im worried