AT&T Lumia 900 gets a guest spot on CBS’s new show ‘Elementary’

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The Nokia Lumia 900 as seen on Elementary (CBS, 2012)

We haven’t had too many reports sent in from readers on Windows Phone TV sightings, so it’s refreshing to see one for the Lumia 900.

CBS is set to launch their new show called ‘Elementary’, which evidently is a modern US-based take on Sherlock Holmes. Starring Jonny Lee Miller as Holmes and Lucy Liu as Watson, the pilot airs on September 27th though you can watch some clips online now (we haven’t checked Hulu yet).

Reader Hethler D. sent in the above screenshot showing the matte-black Lumia 900 being used briefly in the show, evidently showing off the Picture hub.  As always, it’s great to see any Windows Phone exposure in pop-culture. Though we do wonder if the 900 would work with gloves? The 920 with PureMotion HD+ may be a better choice...

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Reader comments

AT&T Lumia 900 gets a guest spot on CBS’s new show ‘Elementary’


I'm using an 800, it can still detect touch through certain types of cloth. I'm guessing rubber gloves should work just fine.

I hope this show fails miserably. Clearly a rip off of the BBC's and Steven Moffat's Sherlock. it will likely be of a far lesser quality too.

What ripoff ? Its still Sherlock theme with different era. Unless you mention exact same story and scenario...then its copy. If not... No!
I have high hope of this. The BBC Sherlock sucks. Reality just goes out of windows. New secret gas nobody hears about ? Etc etc... I like the way they present London (Dickensian, culture, etc) and Sherlock, but its detective and audience needs to be engaged in..reality.

Hope WP and Elent succeeds.

Personally my HD7 can detect touch through gloves too. The thing is it just won't work like that. You have to get yourself hot and then it works like a charm. Discovered it one day when I was moving and also when doing yard work.

Hawaii FiveO is a mainstay for Windows Phones since the beginning. Especially sending pics to Skydrive. Its a CBS thing, I guess. Microsoft and Chevy are in the credits each week.

Rubber gloves do in fact work. I've had them on several times while using both my Lumia 900 and my Titan.

Those types of gloves won't impact touch on the Lumia 900. I even use mine through leather motorcycle gloves at times, accuracy with those is hit or miss but it works nonetheless.

Brit show Hollyoaks features tons of Nokia phones. Not least the cyan Lumia 800. Nothing major just messaging etc. But its int ever nokias. No other kind of phone is shown on it.

I frequently use nitrile gloves when handling my phone. Always clean of course, don't want icky patient cultures on my phone

No gloves, but I had some party balloons lying around. No problems at all with the balloon between my finger and my Radar. Folding it, for a total of four layers, and it was still manageable, but it seems to be near the limit.

So, it could possibly work with four layers of surgical gloves. Could come in handy, at least for someone with a strong fear of germs, a large supply of gloves, and a pressing need to use dirty phone...

Remembered I still had some vinyl gloves around after all. Turns out that they are thin enough that even when folded twice they affect the tracking less than the single-folded balloon.

And in case anyone wonders... yes, I have obviously had a much too dull weekend...

The music video for "We Are Young" by Fun sports a solid promo for HTC Titan. I've sent this in before but it was ignored. I think any promotion of the platform is a good thing.

Wow! WP picked-up my news tip :)
Let's stop on quarreling guys RE: Sherlock US vs UK version :)
Back on topic.
@Daniel, re: gloves, Yes the Lumia 900 works perfectly! Holmes was constantly navigating through the pictures on it's close to one-minute appearance :)

I have taken a 4000+ mile motorcycle trip, using my Titan, for music, and GPS, with perforated, leather gloves, on. I ride everyday with gloves, and use my Titan. Touch is great. I even tried the fingernail trick Nokia featured the other day, with complete success.