AT&T, Steve Ballmer at NYC Open House for Windows Phone 7--we'll be there


Looks like the other shoe just dropped as our invite was delivered for the big AT&T Windows Phone 7 launch at the Microsoft Open House in NYC one week from now. AT&T in the morning, T-Mobile in the afternoon.

Not only is AT&T there, but looks like Steve Ballmer and Ralph de la Vega (President/CEO of AT&T) are to deliver the keynote speech at 9am. Steve in person? Awesome.

The rest of the day will be us roaming around, playing with Xboxes, Kinects, Bings and we just got word we'll have an opportunity "...to check out all the Windows Phone 7 devices" as we'll be meeting with several OEMs.

No doubt we're excited as this event last year was a blast and you should be excited as we'll be covering this shindig from our unique perspective as Windows Phone geeks. We'll be running a live blog, interacting with you folks on Twitter and bringing some HD quality video to you from the event all day--and it's a holiday, so hopefully you have off and can follow along!


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AT&T, Steve Ballmer at NYC Open House for Windows Phone 7--we'll be there


Wonder if they'll let you play with any of the devices, it'd be nice to see some reviews. Also will they stream this event?

We're being brought over to a special location during the day to handle the devices with various OEMs, so we'll definitely have some hands-on reviews for you folks.

Not sure about the streaming part. We're going to do a live blog and see if we can stream it.

I hope they give you a answer to that one and not just try to side step it with some marketing or PR reply.

Maybe it's just cost cutting or the OEMs playing it safe with a new platform, but I'd like more storage.

>I hope they give you a answer to that one and not just try to side step it with some marketing or PR reply.

Not holding my breath, lol. It'd be nice for them to just give the *real* reason, but they'll probably use PR speak as you say. Will try though!

Haven't seen any Sammy with 16GB but based on their Omnia offerings in the past I wouldnt be surprised. HTC on the other hand is a bit more pertinent for me because I'm on T-Mobile and its looking as if they are the only handset (HD7) T-Mo will carry. So unless there is either another OEM or an unlocked AWS device I'll be out of luck.

yeah, sorry I know the LG E900 has 16GB of storage--you might be right on the Samsungs

I'm also confident that T-Mobile, at least initially, will only have one phone--HD7. In fact, though they didn't name it, we just got a special invite from HTC/T-Mobile for a closed door event on a new device on Monday.

I won't like 8GB, but I could live with it. But that's me.

Ha, yes, but I can't grant access!

In short, we're sent invites to the event and have no control over it--they come up with a list of media/blogging outfits and then they contact us.

Sorry, I know what it's like to be on the other end. The good news is Phil and I will both be there and we'll cover its so it feels like you're right there: podcast, HD video, our DSLRs for pics, streaming blogs...it'll be like that all day ;-)

Yep, I know, just joshing. Seems like MS has decided to include some WM sites this time, rather than the usual big-blog i-love-apple sites. Would be good to see the impressions of someone who actally likes the platform for once! And good thing its on a holiday, should be able to follow multiple sources for all the info. Will be a fun day I hope.

Indeed! You can basically run around and play with all the toys all day there, plus meet with the people who actually made the product. It's a lot of fun and MS did a great job last year.

This year the ante is higher with WP7--it'll really be an experience.

I'm kind of psyched about cocktail hour followed by playing Xbox Kinect. Tee hee.