BBM beta for Windows Phone begins its public roll out

BlackBerry has pulled the switch and is now rolling out its BBM messenger beta app to all Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 users, after the company released it as a closed beta test earlier in July.

It would appear that the public beta version of BBM is a different one than what was released for the closed beta testers earlier in the month. In any case, this version is apparently the one that BlackBerry is letting any Window Phone users try out.

Here's a quick description for version

  • Chat with friends on Windows Phone, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry:
  • Know when messages have been delivered (D's) and read (R's)
  • Quickly share photos, voice notes, BBM contacts and your location
  • See when contacts are responding to your message
  • Emoticons for every mood and emotion let you express yourself

The description adds, "We're already working hard on V2 where we'll introduce additional features to BBM for Windows Phone." Will you be trying out this first public beta of BBM? Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

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BBM beta for Windows Phone begins its public roll out



You should immediately contact John Chen of Blackberry. He will be able to give you a BBM app, that will take only 500KB.

I think it's strange that there's over 300 comments here, & nobody has actually written any sort of review about BBM at the Store...

Lets see how many actually use it.
Those invitations via bbm pin is a negative factor.
If it was through phone numbers then believe me,bbm>whatsapp

I feel pin is safer then giving phone number. If I ask u any confidential info would you provide me that info here? Obviously u wouldn't.

People out there share their pin on insta,twitter etc and other who they don't even know,can acquire it. Some people may acccept the invitation.
But people don't put their number on social networking sites like insta,twitter etc

I agree with you... PIN Is alot safer... I think half of the people around the globe have my phone number.. That's not cool lol

basically these two are same pin and phone no.. its totally depends on you. how do you want to use ur im apps. whether you want to chat wid your known friend or wanna chat wid some unknown buddy.... if they know your pin they can call you through bbm voice any time...

Why would i use a phone number that for example will be recycled by my carrier when i dont use it anymore. a phone number is also just a weak idenifier in the world of internet which does NOT use a telephone number. It is the most stupid thing i have seen coming up with the mobile internet on smartphones

I've been waiting for this because it doesn't need phone numbers. I have young teenage children who don't have cell phones and need a way to communicate with them through their iPods. This is what I've been waiting for because kik messenger sucks and is not safe. Thanks BBM!

Way to go BlackBerry, you rolled out the app 6 months after all my friends stopped using it.

Gee, does anyone still use BBM?

I guess it would depend on the country, but on mine, a lot of people are still bbm users. I started with a Blackberry, when I made the switch to WP what I most missed was the bbm App.

Finally! so here's what i do
Download BBM>Check the UI>Find Friends on BBM>Send Requests>Post BBMpin to Other Social Networking sites>Boooooring> Back To Whatsapp ;)

Very similar to my experience with Whatsapp. Back to regular old text messages since most people I know have unlimited texts now.

do you know why i love text over im???? cz its slow... yes its pretty slow than ims... i dont wanna chat like a mechine ... i ma happy txter.. i read think then type the reply and dont wanna type 50 msg in 10 mins... so yes i still love txting....

Don't understand why you feel the need to share that with us. We aleady get that not everybody would use every app. That's a given. The time and effort it has taken you to type all of that could have been better spent commenting on an app you actually use, love and have something to share about.  

That's what I'm thinking, there will be a private beta for bleeding edge versions and then the public beta will become the final release eventually.

Beta is the new black!!

I'm tired of this beta thing! Everything that is "big" when comes to WP comes as beta!!! Instagram was released almost one year ago and I even can't see all the posts of my following people (always skip some)!!

Overall, after done the beta, it is a well done app. Its easy to see Blackberry put its first tier developers to work on this rather than these companies that hire a few interns to work on our platform. Thanks Blackberry.

Depends on the user, if you have 1000,000 friends on BBM, it holds ground, of you have 0 friends, do you care if its popular?

It depends, I just downloaded it, and sent out invites. Already I have 5 people that I know use bbm a lot. Obviously not iPhone users

Yes for lots of people. Especially for people in my country (I'm from Indonesia by the way). BBm is quite an excellent messenger rather then other messenger that exist. Whatsapp is good, but lots of people is more comfortable to give other people their BBm pin rather than give them their phone number

Closed beta released like 4 updates in the matter of 2 weeks, maybe bother to read up or try the app before you start whining 

Really? Like I'm the only one whining around here? Point is that almost every official app we are getting is a beta and they stay beta forever!

Does it work? Yes. Did it start as beta on the other platforms? Yes. Did they already state that they are hard at work on version 2? Yes.
The whining doesn't help and just adds to the inferiority complex that WP users are being known for. Be happy for the progress instead of finding reasons to complain. If they didn't have the word "beta" and it had bugs, you'd complain. If they hold off on releasing it until a lot of bugs are fixed, you'd complain. Developing on WP us a no-win proposition.

Point is these guys are putting in the time, doing surveys and constantly updating the app... for now at least, so it wil likely not stay beta for long or will be a very well funcitoning and featured beta as in beta in name only. Is that good enough for you?

Also would you rather have a beta or no app at all?


They havw yet to fix or address the biggest issue for me: The unhelpful notifications. They need to show more than just "BBM: You have a new notification".

I agree, it's been communicated to them on beta zone and in the surveys. Hopefully they will update that feature soon

In the USA, I can't see that there will wide usage because most phone plans here have unlimited voice and SMS. My two coworkers have Z10's who bleed BB but have never used/signed up for bbm. We had Nextel direct connect back in the day when we all worked as IT Engineers for another consulting company. Back in those days phone plans were much different in that you paid for minutes of phone use and were tied down to so many messages a month.

Sorry, but I have never used BBM so can someone tell me what exactly BBM can do that other messengar apps can't.  Say for example Facebook messenger?  Or even plain old unlimited text messaging?

I'm in the same boat.  I just use regular texing.  Other than to communicate overseas, I don't see the need for the Whatsapp, FB Messinger, BBM,etc.

A number of things, first is that you don't have to give out your phone number or email, you give out a Pin instead and it doesn't add everyone out of you contact s list automatically. You can block anyone from sending you multiple invites.

You can see when a message has been delivered to the phone and when it has been read, voice / video calls, screen sharing, groups, BBM Channel's (Google it), very easy to share pictures, video, files in almost every format, contacts, calender events, Dropbox, locations etc up to 12mb. Real time location sharing up to 4 hours using Glympse.

It does a lot of the things other IM do, it's just does it better.

Yeah that's true. Is it just voice/video/screen sharing it doesn't have? I don't have access to a Windows Phone, but I would like one.

You can only share, images from albums or photos, audio, contacts, location for the time being, so no video, no dropbox no calendar events or files in other formats. There are a few other missing features, but it's early days for this app on WP.

They did actually, I have more than 30 minutes that I'm waiting for the article to re show up, but nothing... Well *sight, back to work than.

Yeah... I read the article and the comments... It was by Rich Edmonds. Joe Belfiore apparently said on twitter that you can get 8.1 update 1 without downgrading first if you are on DP, which is supposed to be the case. But there was some confusion over whether it will include cyan. I believe the article will be reposted when there is more info instead of speculation and the mass hysteria that follows each one.

Winbeta just wrote an article just now..
No news if we're getting the cyan update with it, but update 1 is coming for those with dp..
Just like zino9090 said speculation

You're not, and anybody who says otherwise doesn't have a clue as to what they're talking about.  GDR1 is an OS update only.  You won't get firmware with it..

Tell that to dear ol' Richie. He's the one who (albeit accidentally) mislead people into that assumption. Hence the hysteria and subsequent pulling of the article.

Keep it... Jus like fb and fb beta app... They will upgrade the beta before the beta.... Lolol ...
I mean they will update the private beta before the public beta

BBM, Skype, viber, wechat, WhatsApp, fb messenger - anything I forgot? How many different messenger can someone use?

When you have to touch the screen to keep it from going off, you know it's a slow app, when the app doesn't ever work, you know it's a pile of absolute dink

Wow great interface better than WhatsApp ..has some things WhatsApp doesn't have like different colors for diff person,profile pic, and caption option for pictures...after two or three updates bbm will be better than WhatsApp...thanks bbm...

Just have no friends that use it. Actually I'm trying to get my brother to download it so that we can test it...

I definitely find hike better than WhatsApp but the number of users are less,I think BBM is still better than WhatsApp lets see how many users support it.

yes, you can move it to SD card. But for me I'd rather keep it in phone storage. I don't know if it makes any different, but I think it's faster for the RAM to read when the app is in phone storage. Correct me if I'm wrong

Sigh.....Beta must be whats "in" now....

This is getting ridiculous. Developers know that consumers want access to sofware as soon as possible and they take advantage of us, making all of us free beta testers instead of the development houses actually putting in their best effort to ensure a complete product is released to the public.

I am all for beta programs that are not for the general public (even easy to access ones like the Developer Preview) but when you start a trend of releasing beta programs on the entire population, something is wrong. This isn't like the open beta programs where the software is early in development and it will eventually mature to a 1.0 complete and the beta is closed and a full app is released. History shows that Windows Phone apps usually stay in beta for months if not years and this hurts the ecosystem. Why would a user of another OS leave BBM to go to BBM Beta on Windows Phone or Instagram to Instagram Beta. I don't even use these apps but it is ridiculous. Also, Instagram should have had the same app icon as on iOS and Android, bad enough it is a beta but then the icon looks like a 3rd party or fake app as well.

Developers need to stop hiding their incomplete software under the public beta umbrella and release complete software and update it along the way as it has been for decades.

BBM could have been released without the beta tag and still had information about the future updates. Beta used to apply to software versions that were below a whole number and the actual complete release would be version 1.0. Now we have beta applications that are  above 1.0 versions.

Really....that is a shame. Hiding the actual lack of features under a beta tag....

WOW give Blackberry a break man geez im trying to build a app for windows and its a bit dificult as i am not used to C# or XAML. It has a private beta to test upcomming releases and the public beta to keep thier promise of releasing the app in JULY. That and yes BBM is version 1.0 and still in beta as there are bugs and missing features. BBM is a app that should run in the background 24/7 and in windows phone its not (its suspended) so blackberry had to build the app to work in that environment plus build in a new language and design the whole thing for a new UI other than the BB10 UI design that takes time. 


While I agree with the beta status of alot of apps and its annoying as Instagram seem to have forgoten WP users ... Blackberry has been releasing updates Weekly for us private Beta testers and have made changes to the app based on our recommendations I would knw im very active in the Private beta forums and have also made some UI design changes in photoshop and sent them to BB.  

Check the forums here for my post.

BBM should not be in beta for long i say 2 months again tops to get it to level its supposed to be. I love BBM and have alot of friends on it but currently WhatsApp performs better and is faster / more fluid than BBM atm .... as they had a head start of some years .... vs BB in 6 months or less.

I'd rather the beta test for some apps and report bugs than wait 3 to 6 months for a final app that had limited beta testing and is horrible to use. As for instagram and other apps that are in beta for years they are just focused on andriod and IOS as its the marketshare thing  which is unacceptable thats why 6tag and other are better than even the official andriod and ios version.


BTW beta is not the name of the app it is very much still under serious development and missing features that IOS and Android have.

Nice finally! Ive used BBM a year ago on a Blackberry and all my contacts still there. :)
You know, there is people who don't like whatsapp because it's number based. BBM is pin based, so a bit more private.