Bing now includes tweets and celebrity Twitter handles in search results (US)

Bing Tweets

As part of their previously announced partnership with Twitter, Microsoft has now added a new feature to its Bing search service that will allow at least some of its users to search directly for tweets and also celebrity Twitter handles.

The new feature, which appears to be restricted to just the U.S. for the time being, allows people to search for a Twitter hashtag in the search box – such as "#windowsphone" – to then see the top tweets in the search results.

Bing will also let users find specific Twitter accounts. It states:

"Say you are looking for Ashton Kutcher's Twitter handle and start typing '@a' in the Search box on Bing. You will see top suggestions for Twitter handles that match your input along with additional info that shows up on hover, to help you quickly find the right person."

Bing Tweets

Microsoft has also extended its celebrity search features in Bing to include the top content currently published on Twitter in its search results.

What do you think of this new way to find Twitter messages in Bing and will it be useful to Microsoft in its quest to take some search market share away from Google?

Source: Bing blog


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Bing now includes tweets and celebrity Twitter handles in search results (US)


Thanks for the link but it thinks about it, then sends me to Bing UK on my phone, might work on a PC I suppose but I still use Google on that...

can't agree more. i never hear google say this.

duck you microsoft, getting really annoying.

No my phone region is India only. As I typed @a it gave me suggestions. Nothing more than that

As long as it just doesn't appear in normal Bing searches in ok. Otherwise this will get old and annoying fast for me.

Same here, seeing as how I don't use Twitter... Then again, I hardly ever use Bing search, seeing as how it never seems to find what I'm looking for, unlike Google. Maybe they should try making a quality product instead of adding gimmicks...

what exactly are you looking for on Bing that is not found but is found on Google?


I use Bing 100% at work and i find it much better, much less spam links and pages to get what i need and i Bign all sorts of esoteric algorithm and linux stuff for work.

I wish Microsoft's partnership with Twitter would extend to updating the Windows Phone Twitter app, last updated seven months ago, and the Windows 8 Twitter app which I'm not sure has seen any updates since release!

Who told its not available outside U.S...
I've my Phone with INDIAN region & its working...
And my time zone & region settings are under INDIAN region Only...

Anyway to disable this and image results in text search? When I search something, I just want the text result. The problem is because these popups annoy the hell out of you when you do research.

Fck Bing, MS and USA. 

Cortana only for the US only (OK England, Canada, Australia ??), Swype keyboard - english support only. Bing rewards and contests, new maps - U.S only. Surface Pro 3 U.S, xBone the same (I had to order it from Germany), Lumia Icon U.S only. 

what the hell should that mean ? am starting to be angry on MS why are they ignoring Eastern Europe completely ? Why should I want MS when MS doesnt want me ?? S*it

Umm... you have some issues.  Surface Pro 3 is not US only.  Xbox One is not US only.  Lumia Icon has an equilavent international version under a different name.

They are not ignoring Eastern Europe.  They are based in the U.S., so they have to test out their products out on a select market before bringing it to the masses.  Also, if you read the previous Bing article it said their priority now is on bringing Bing worldwide support since Cortana, and key features in Windows and Windows Phone depends on it.

US Only again! If Google and Apple did everything US only they would not be where they are right now.

It's working here in Canada.  Also, see the previous article with for Bing's priority now on international.

Glad is working for you in Canada, sadly here in UK though English speaking country we still receive many various services/features much later from Microsoft, mainly Bing is a big issue here and this is coming from a dedicated Microsoft device, service and software user/admin.

The problem is in the title, US only. They really need to hurry up and get all of Bing out to the rest of the world.

expect nothing before 2018

they just hired a newbie to get it started, o wait, they still search someone

you know how those projects go.. stratup.. blabla .. testing...blabla...testing and in 2020 it might work as good as google in your country.

Troll comment.

They actually hired a senior person to manage it WORLDWIDE.  It's their priority right now, you obviously didn't read the post.  It's also coming sooner than later because of the dependency of Bing's data and services with Cortana, and key features in Windows and Windows Phone.

It's not just for celebrities....  It's for any 'verified' twitter handles.  It could be companies, significant figures, etc.

Stuff like that shouldn't be limited to the US only that's really silly, that's why so many people don't use bing as the best features are omg available in America.

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Wow Bing is looking really good!  Much more fresh and sleek compared to Google's search results, and better results too (at least here in Canada).