Bittersweet shimmer will let you pick new colors for night mode on the Glance Screen

Windows Phone 8 Bittersweet shimmer Glance Screen

You love leaks, so we share leaks. The next big update coming to Windows Phone is GDR3 . That will bring the ability for handsets to support quad-core processors (like the Snapdragon 800 processor), 1080p displays, and more. Like GDR2, Nokia will be producing their own update to go with GDR3 for Lumia handsets called Bittersweet shimmer. We’ve seen screenshots from both GDR3 and Bittersweet shimmer, but here’s one more to help satisfy you until you get it on your own devices.

Bittersweet shimmer will be an update for Lumia devices that launches alongside GDR3. It differs from GDR3 in that it enables certain hardware and software features that you can only get with Nokia’s lineup. For example, the GDR2 equivalent of Bittersweet shimmer, Amber, enabled Bluetooth 4.0 in some current Lumia devices.

GDR2 brought the glance screen to Lumia devices. Right now it’s limited to showing you the time and whether or not your phone is on vibrate. It also has a night mode, where instead of white it shows red. You can select when night mode begins and ends. It’s pretty handy, but it looks like Bittersweet shimmer will bring a few more options to the mix. Night mode will now show blue or green as an option. Not groundbreaking, but more customization is something we can always get behind. Edit: According to the leaker, you'll have all 20 colors as options, not just blue and green. 

What else do we know about GDR3 and Bittersweet shimmer?

  • Custom sounds for text, voice mail, e-mail, and reminders (not seen in this build of GDR3)
  • Restore over Wi-Fi when you reset your phone
  • Huge amount of work on Bluetooth with various vehicles and devices
  • Driving Mode
  • Screen rotation lock
  • 'X' to close out apps in multitasking
  • Icon for multitasking apps
  • General performance improvements
  • 1080P Display support (for new devices)
  • Support for new Qualcomm chipsets
  • Notifications on glance screen

What features are you most looking forward to with the GDR3 and Bittersweet shimmer update? Thinking of adding it to your existing phone or upgrading to a new device like the Lumia 1520? Sound off below!

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Bittersweet shimmer will let you pick new colors for night mode on the Glance Screen



Yeah, my wife is pretty excited about AT&T's screaming fast update system since she is still running Mango on her Focus S and STILL has to deal with the disappearing keyboard. You may have had a good experience, but my experience with their updates has been terrible.

Yes these all sound like great features that you probably won't get unless you buy a new phone on AT&T.

I'm not a fan of how change.org spams your email inbox. I signed one petition with them years ago and still get emails from them, even after I requested they stop.

Signed... Not that I expect it to change anything. Carriers don't trust MS updates obviously. Which is why we don't get them. If MS was so great with testing them then ATT wouldn't have to find issues with it. ATT doesn't need drama from phones not working. They'd rather make u wait.

Actually the fact that VZW pushes out WP updates turbo fast kinda cancels out your post.   Verizon is the ultimate test 'till death carrier and if THEY can push an update out that fast, it tells me there is some severe issues with AT&T.

I don't know about anyone else, but here in England, for me O2 was like AT&T. Updates took a shameful amount of time to get to my HTC HD7. I actually had to do that trick where you connected your phone to your laptop, disconnected WiFi, then get the update for Mango. For MANGO lol. So i didn't even get 7.5 the legitimate, secure way because O2 were useless. Oh and HTC generally suck with Windows Phone imo anyway. I'm with Vodafone now, Lumia 920. Couldn't be happier.

Since when? Only reason anyone on AT&T has Amber is they flashed the leaked version. Only thing they're first at is foot-dragging. 920 user; AT&T customer for (sigh) 10 years.
On the bright side, their slowness is why I learned to flash the ROM myself.

Chris this literally made me die from laughter. Luckily, AT&T already sent me 12 lives along with GDR 8.5 , so bring on the sarcasm. 

Some people just don't know how great at&t is just see the comments below Lumia 920 user. And thank you at&t your just the best.

Meanwhile in AT&T HQ… “It has come to my attention that a violation to our company policy has occurred… at this moment we don’t know the detail and extent of it but you can be sure some heads will roll, in the meantime all of you can forget of this year bonus”.

Not gonna happen.  They are equally horrible with updating Android phones as well, no matter how high end. 

Well.... My HTC ONE is getting 4.3 tomorrow. I love WP, and WILL be back once it has the basic features that I (we) have grown accustomed to. I sold both of my 920's because the market was falling out on E-Bay and I knew it was a losing propisition, so I had to take what I could get for them. It is because of the lack of updates that sent the prices into a free fall and that's not cool, but I think ATT has done this on purpose. I really don't see the 920 getting GDR3, maybe 2 sometime, but that's it.

Droid phones usually get a "quick" update, then maybe one other one if you are lucky. It's going to be interesting to see how some of these new phones are going pretty quick to 4.3, but then 4.4 is a whole new version so it will either take forever after it's released, or my bet, never.

Yeah, Android updates might not come faster. Remember how long it took for Verizon to update the Nexus previous gen? (just to name an example) Carriers are usually slow with Android updates.

I have had to hit the back button 15 times on occasion to close the Facebook app! WTF was Microsoft thinking by not including the close feature from the beginning?!!!

You're doing it wrong. One long press to bring up the multitasking page, then two very quick presses on the back button will close it down quickly.

Thanks this works but only for the last open app not the app in center view on the multitasking view. Also for some reason this trick is not working for the Facebook app. Thanks though...

I thought you could scroll left and right to see the open apps, click on the one in the center, use the back button and it's closed, no?


THE LUMIA 1520 HAS EYE SCROLLING! (someone I know, not into mobilephones as much as me but heard me frequently talk about the device told me they spoke with a guy who had it in his possession, and he demonstrated it for her. The guys wife allegedly is an ATT employees a he's testing it.)
she is a trustworthy person

No its missing alot of features to really compete like saying a car is good but there's no radio,ac,power steering,and and bad gas mileage but it runs great.....um

Oh that Rodney! He means well, but just take half of what he says with a grain of salt and ignore the other half.

No it isn't. WP needs these updates to even stand a chance to compete. Like being able to close apps from the multitasking is perfect and much needed. There's still alot of basic tasks that WP can't perform, and its a shame. Microsoft needs to pick it up before they go down the trail of blackberry.

Are you serious?! I don't think WP has reached a point where it can be called a real smartphone OS.
Main issue is with the multitasking. Just as you type something in an app where it takes text input and if you switch to any other app, may be for example, to check the sms you just got and you go back to the previous app, the text you typed will be all gone! I don't think that should be the thing if it is to be called a multitasking OS.

That's odd, I've seen the opposite behavior.  I've started to type a text message, switched to another app, gone to the home screen, gone into text messaging, pulled up the same conversation, and my half-composed text message is still there.

I agree with yako, I've never had multitasking issues on the OS level. They've always been on apps (only two I can think of are Engadget and YouTube)

I'd have to see a screenshot of what the night mode looks like. Can't picture it. So just a blue or red screen? Doesn't that sap battery rather than a black background?

Same here, this all sounds like a much bigger update than GDR2 was. The notifications on the Glance Screen and the x to close apps are the features that excite me the most. 

Absolutely! Rotation lock has been a long time coming, and I find it immensely useful for when I'm using my device lying down or something.

If there was actually people buying the phones in U.S maybe they would put more effort in to it?

^^^ Agree with this. Windows Phone sales in the U.S. Is hardly a runaway success. Nokia in general have never really been a big deal in the States so it comes as no surprise that networks put very little or no effort into after sales support

"I'm sure the feature anyone who has a Lumia 920 on AT&T wants is GDR2"
FTFY. You don't have to be a fanboy to want an update.

Maybe people who aren't tech-savvy, but now you're saying that anyone who owns a Nokia Windows Phone and knows about phone updates is a Nokia fanboy.

That's right!
I am a fanboy!
When the sh*t tries to attack and hits the fan - Oh boy! It's gonna splatter all over the place!
But in a shimmering second the fan is clean again!
Ain't that Bittersweet!

No, I'm talking about the guys here who bash Samsung and HTC for "not supporting" WP when both released updates before Nokia.

It ain't our fault you picked the company who makes great phones but doesn't support the platform you should of bought the 820-821-822 if you didn't want or couldn't have the 920.

I hope you are right, but I doubt it. The 900 was their baby, then the 920. Each seemed to be very quickly dropped with new phone release. It's more like a cute puppy that gets dropped off in the woods whenever they see a younger cuter one.

I don't live near any woods so I just take my puppies along with me, pull over on the freeway (safely of course) by some shrubbery, let them out to explore, then run back in the car and gun it! Works every time. Puppies aren't that smart!

I gave my 900 to my wife. So I didn't completely abandon it on the side of the road. I'm sticking with my 920 even if Att is never going to approve the update. *angrily shakes fist* a la Grandpa Simpson.

Lol at least the 900 got 7.8. -Nokia pushed that. ---Practically the only phone on ATT to get the update.

With the 1020, it offers the worlds best cameraphone. I think we will continue to see updates from ATT as long as Nokia doesn't come out with another 41MP camera phone.

I wish MS would do something like webOS to where you could just flick the app away to close and card view. I'm still missing many features of webOS. :(

In iOS 7 the way to close apps in the new multitasking view is to flick them upward. No one acknowledges that this was taken from WebOS but if WP implemented it then everyone would say that MS copied it from Apple.

webOS and flicking cards(apps) off the top, so much nicer than WP8's current style.  Hitting the back button is painful and antiquated.
Long live webOS, everyone should have had a Pre 3, my first smart phone, and then used iOS or Android or WP.
I'll take an "X" to close an app, still antiquated but much better than hitting a back button 3 times on some app's to close.

They could just do drag down like Win8. It would make sense and be working towards the goal of unification of the ecosystem.

I live in a country where carriers don't get to hold back updates and all phones are international and such. I was looking at some of the cheaper Nokia phones, either one of their newer Lumia-inspired feature phones, or a cheaper Lumia like the 520 for a phone that I can use for very rare tethering and phone calls / SMS.
I don't have huge hands, and was wondering if anyone who owns a 520 can tell me something about how big it is in the hand since it's not the thinnest or even smallest phone. Oh and of course, will the international Lumia 520 get the update close to instantly after the release, or is there some sort of Android-like fragmentation aside from carriers holding back updates in countries like the U.S.?

My hands are small and I use a 920 no problem which is bigger and heavier than the 520. Shouldn't be an issue at all

Lumia 520 has a decent sized keyboard which shouldn't be a problem and updates here in the U.K. have rolled out only 2/3 weeks ago. Hope I helped.

Hello Matthias, just wanted to tell you that recent batches of all Lumia devices, be it the ones released before GDR2, ship with the Amber update, so you need not worry about that. Two of my friends got the L520 a month ago, and it came with the GDR2. In any case, my L720 and my brother's L520 which were bought pre-GDR2 and are international versions got the Amber update 2 weeks ago. So worry not. :)

Hey, thanks for the response! You mention you have the L720, might I ask how it is in general compared to the L520? I know that it's overall just a 'better' device, with the ClearBlack Display and everything else, and it's really worth the extra $50 to me (L520 is $110 here, L720 is $160). Then again, the 920 is only $230, but I WAS looking for a smaller phone mainly for texting.. decisions, decisions..

Hello Matthias, glad to share with you that the L720 is in every way a better device than the L520. And the ClearBlack Display, Gorilla Glass are only the tip of the iceberg. The real value addition is in the enhancement of the user experience- I say this from using both the devices. The touch and display are a delight to use, and not to forget, one of the best cameras with amazing low-light capability in that price range, along with a front facing camera. Plus, you get an equaliser with Dolby surround in the Audio enhancements and the glance screen, both of which are absent in the L520. The L920 has a better camera though and the 1 GB RAM certainly might give it an edge over the L720, as I have actually faced some long waiting times while resuming paused apps, and the occasional app crash. Earlier my L720 used to freeze and restart, but it rarely happens these days (Strange). I believe the L920 doesn't suffer from these occasional glitches (I havn't used it much, so...). But one thing I know is that it is definitely heavier, and since you say you have small hands, the L720, being the best of both worlds, will sit perfectly right there in your hands. :)

And yeah, the L720 is one of the thinnest and lightest Lumias around, and rivals the L925 for finesse and form factor. In fact, before the L925 came, I personally considered the L720 the most beautiful Lumia ever.

As far as I know all Nokia Lumia phones are a country version. For Sweden all phones are "Country variant", but in Norway all the phones are available as "Country variant" (no carrier lock in) or available for Telenor. Nokia releases for country and model version when they have completed localization and final testing, if the phone is a carrier version it will take some more time depending on the carrier.

You can see how each model is doing for the amber update here:

Hello Mathias,
I have Lumia 520. The screen is decent for its size and i don't have any complaints against the screen. The lack of ram might show some problems while browsing in tabs because pages would need constant refreshing. I am on Amber update and it's definate that GDR3 update will come to phone soon. It's the best for the price.

Hi Mathias,
I think that you should consider the Lumia 620 also. It is a little bit smaller than the 520 but packs a few more features not found on the 520.

Thanks for the response Worzel! I'm a big design freak, and the 620 while a great device, doesn't fair as well as the 520 in design area. The 620 also happens to be really expensive compared to the 520 and 720 here since its price hasn't dropped nearly as much as those two other devices.

Hi Mathias,
I have to agree about the cost of the 520. You actually get a lot of smartphone for very little money and at the amazing low price point that the 520 sits in there really isn't any other phone that matches it in terms of features and performance. Its design is very nice as well.

That's it. Night mode makes it so your Glance Screen doesn't blind you in the middle of the night. Glance screen tells you the time and will tell show you notifications. 

It tucks you in and gives you a nice little kiss on the forehead and says, "Sleep well. I love you." Nice, huh!

Sounds like a nice update. I have to see the 1520 in person, my concern is too big of a phone and pretty sure it will be, but maybe I will like it.

Otherwise 920 will continue minus vibration not working right anymore.

Happened to me after a small drop. When on speaker they were able to hear me. Used that method for a couple days then one day I turned it off for 10 minutes and when I turned it back on it worked again.

I won't be buying a 1520, but I am dying to see it in person. Im not sold on the mega screen sized phones.

I also wish you did, i feel sorry for anyone without one, but prepare yourself before you purchase as it could prove costly (owner of L800, L720 and L1020)

When I said "How about blue or green?", I just gave those colours as an example, green is my favourite.

But all the 20 colours will be supported.


Sam you can update the post with this info.

Sweet, thanks! Have any more screenshots? sam@wpcentral is a great email to send them to if you do ;) #hinthint

You know it's not possible to take a screenshot of the glance screen.
How about a photo of the Lumia 1520 showing the glance screen? ;)

I don't know if I can do that. But I can tell you Lumia 1520 is the best Windows Phone ever built. It feels so good when you hold it in your hand.

Hey..can u please let us know if the battery percentage indicator and notification centre are included in gdr 3? Please reply.. :) It would be very helpful!

And also...is the option for seperate volume controls included in gdr 3? Or even is that reserved for 8.1? Please respond..:)

And also can u please let us know if the option for seperate volume controls is included in gdr 3? And also if the API's for the developers to access the video library are enabled in gdr 3? Please respond.. :)

Only if you are an AT&T customer. LOL

GDR3 and Bittersweet shimmer will be released by the end of this year.

Thanks for reaffirming my faith on Windows phone. I'll consider the bittersweet shimmer update as a christmas gift.

Can you also choose to just turn it off at night? Cuz when i'm asleep i dont need to know what time it is.
And when its charging at night its lighting up my room because it keeps showing glancescreen instead of turning it off after some minutes...

Hey..can u please let us know if the battery percentage indicator and notification centre are included in gdr 3? Please reply.. :) It would be very helpful!

Thanks for responding so quickly, and that's great, besides notifications that's one thing i was missing atm

Hi, what are the exact dimensions of this phone? It would be very very very helpfull to decide wether or not i'm gonna buy it.

To be honest, I don't care that much about the glance settings. What I really want is the possibility for 6 small tiles in one row on my 920. I really hope that it will be available to more devices than the new big screen devices. The 920 has a screen big enough for that!

Unlocked devices in Sweden had to wait about 1,5 month for official Amber update. Which kinda sucks too. But MS should really keep the operators out of the update process. That's the only thing apple had done right IMHO

Finally custom text tones and email tones etc...

I hope they make it so when I take a screen shot it doesnt make the sound when on silent

Just did it as well. No sound and volume is on 10. Did you guys turn off the shutter sound option in the ringtone/sound menu?

Turning off the shutter sound in the settings took this off.....but i like the sound when i have my sound off.. But when i put my phone on vibrate i dont want it on... Like the camera

this i why i love and preffer to stick to windows phone 8 and nokia because when it gets updated it only makes it better. i do not think there is anything else to add to the android OS and iOS to make it better, ther are old and stale like 3 weeks old bread and filled wilt mold. windows phone is only getting better and better as the days go by

"X" to close apps is the only thing I'm missing from Android & IOS,....so I really am dying for my Nokia Lumia 920 to get some update luv. AT&T sux!!!

If att releases this on time, I'll forgive them about GDR2
I just want my upgraded camera, ability to close apps, and glance screen then I'll be happy

Finally closing out apps with hammering the back button! Yay!. I hope they add an option to close apps by sliding the app card downwards... never made sense to me why they didnot include that on release.  Also they better enable 4.0 LE on top tier devices some of us will be pretty damn annoyed if they don't.