Break MORE Aliens! is a hybrid blast from the past for Windows Phone gamers

It's no secret if you follow my occasional mini-game reviews here on Windows Phone Central that I really dig old school arcade games e.g. Decimation X2, Imposisble Shoota and the various console emulators). There's something about the retro style graphics with updated particle explosions on our phone that grabs me.

Break MORE Aliens! is a sequel to BreakTheAliens! and is made by the same crew who made Corona (see review). It's a mash-up of Space Invaders and Arkanoid with some power-ups and boss battles to make a fun, well designed arcade super classic.

The game features 3 fantastic chiptunes by Multifaros (www.multifaros.info.se) which go very well with the title's theme, it has hilarious scrolling text during the game, 26 levels, 6 bosses and 16 power-ups. What's neat though is the power-ups have a downside to them--sure nuking everything is sure way to clear the board but for a moment, you're blinded. That creativity is one of the reasons I like it so much.

Break MORE Aliens!

Controls were fast and fluid. Moving the "bat" with my finger was simple and intuitive causing no frustration. The ability to choose between difficulties, survival mode or enabling "super mode" (extreme power-ups) keeps the replay value quite high.

The game is free with ads or you can unlock it for $0.99 which is a fair price (I always pay when I can). For those reasons alone, I have to give this game a strong recommendation, especially if you love casual gaming, old-style arcade titles and want something fun to pass the time.

Pick up Break MORE Aliens! here in the Marketplace. QR code and promo video after the break...

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Break MORE Aliens! is a hybrid blast from the past for Windows Phone gamers


There's so many cool games, I wish I was a gamer! What do you guys think? Should I start checking them out?? I do have that $25 app visa card sitting collecting dust.....

Sure, why not? There's so many free games and free trials so you don't even need to spend anything until you find something you like. Check out "Square Off Free" :) I ended up buying the full version of that.

Not much I play the Xbox sometimes wen I get the time to so I just dontplay the phone games not many worth playn then u think of phone battery i try a game out here and there but not often still waiting on wp8

Seems cool, but it fails to recognize touch after about ten seconds. I'd be moving the bumper around fine, and suddenly it wouldn't move--ugh.

We made the game. :) Can you tell which device you're playing the game with? We've got one similar comment before, and we want to track down the bug and squash it.

Thanks for the review, we are very happy to hear you like our game! We appreciate immensely that you took the time to explain all the "under the hood" mechanics that may not so obvious at first. :)