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The folks behind Duet Display have released a Windows client, allowing you to extend your machine to any iOS device.

Plugging in a second monitor to extend your computer from one display to two is just about as far from a new concept as you can get, but taking an existing piece of technology and using it as a second monitor temporarily is something of a challenge. Duet Display was the first app to make an iOS device into a 60fps second monitor with touch input for OSX, and it remains one of the best experiences for temporarily extending your desktop setup when you're on the go.

Until today, this experience was limited to Mac users with iOS devices. With Windows support now available, Duet Display can now be used to extend the desktop of just about every computer on the planet. We've been using Duet for Windows for a couple of days now, and while it's not yet perfect the experience is thoroughly enjoyable.

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Acrobat DC apps for Android and iOS (and with easy syncing for Windows access)

Adobe may have invented the portable document format — that'd the venerable PDF, boys and girls — but for whatever reason its "Acrobat" suite never really had much to do with consumers, and even for biz types it often was easier just to print, sign, scan and send. That ends today with the announcement of Document Cloud, which brings forth Google Drive-like syncing capabilities and the mobile document power we've seen from Samsung.

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Microsoft has been very busy rebranding the software that Nokia first developed for its Windows Phone devices when it acquired Nokia's Devices and Services division in April. The latest app that got the change isn't technically a Windows Phone app but a Windows desktop app. Specifically, the Nokia Software Recovery Tool has now been updated with the new Lumia Software Recovery Tool name.

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