Check out this custom underwater housing for the Lumia 1020 and Fabien Cousteau

Underwater Lumia 1020

Last month we learned about Fabien Cousteau’s Mission 31 (mission-31.com). As you probably can surmise from his last name, Fabien is the grandson of legendary oceanographic explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Fabien will attempt to spend 31 days underwater to live and work. Nokia is helping to sponsor the event, which is why you’ll find devices like the Lumia 1020 living with him underwater to help document to achievement. CNN has an interview with him where we get a glimpse at a crazy underwater housing for the Lumia 1020. Check it after the break.

If this isn't working on your device, you can download the MP4 video here.

Check the video embedded above (or click the source link below if you’re on mobile or just can’t see it) and you’ll catch a glimpse of the custom housing made for the Fabien to take his Lumia 1020 underwater. We’re mad jealous and would gladly spend 31 days underwater if that meant we could play with it.

Anyone brave enough to take their Lumia 1020 20,000 leagues under the sea?

Source: CNN

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Check out this custom underwater housing for the Lumia 1020 and Fabien Cousteau


Removable battery is a dieing breed. While I understand the convenience for that .01% of the time that it's useful. But it also can add thickness to the device and in general impact the design/finish quality. So most of Nokia's devices aren't going to have it.

Samsung sales seem to contradict your claim! Recently I revived a Galaxy S (1) so that my two year old baby could play piñata, by simply buying a generic battery, still works after almost 3 years in the drawer! I gave my other 11 year old daugther a Galaxy S3 Mini as an MP3 player and she loves all its features, by simply buying a generic battery, still works after almost 1 year in the drawer! One of my personal best features of my Galaxy S4 is the removable battery!

So Samsung is selling well because they have removable batteries? You know non removable batteries can be replaced too, right?

Removable batteries are just not a dying breed! Simple, for a lot of people it is great feature, simple choice, if you don't want one get yourself whatever suits you, if I want one smartphone with a  removable batery I will. It is like all the plastic vs aluminum, could not be sillier, aluminun is the cheapest metal, and all I see is most get protected by a plastic case, again choice! But do not critice plastic if you are going to protect your cheap aluminun with it! Simple.

I don't understand why we need a removable battery. Windows phones never hang like those androids where you have to remove the battery to restart it. SD card might an option to have but why removable battery?

More like a childish claim. To say that new Android devices hang is absolutely untrue. A removable battery is a matter of ones preference, not because a OS supposedly needs it in case it crashes...

Brought to you by the Nexus M8

I like the idea of a removable battery, but how do you charge them?  

Is there a charger that one buys or does the battery charge in the phone?

Most removable batteries can be charged externally with a generic universal charger. ... I used one before, ... not very good cos it kills (shortens) the battery life....

Yeah. What I do is that I have a portable charger always with me.  When my Lumia 1020 needs a charge, I just use that. 

Depending on the cost of batteries, it may be worth it even though it shortens the life of the battery.

Mine does. Lumia 925 on 8.1. Probably freezes once a month, maybe a little less than,that.

No waterproofing will have the same result as this hardware. Its not even a case, its separate hardware.

Sorry Galaxys and iPhones, you guys stay here and take selfies, while Nokia Windows Phones go do all the heavy lifting and cool stuff like going into orbit, climbing up mount Everest and going deep into the ocean. Have fun with that Beats thang.

And when you are bored, watch your phone because you can't do anything other than making photos.. Love this phone and really wanted to buy 1030 (if thats the name for the next crazy camera phone) but they are TOO SLOW with apps.. It's insane.. I think MS will never be even close to others.. And one day when iOS and Android put 41-50 mpx they are dead.. 

Clearly on my 1020, i can play games, watch films/ videos, surf the web... Make calls, send messages, receive emails, take low light pics, and pretty much do what people on android and iso can do, so maybe sit down Willis, and think about what you clearly didn't think bout writing before posting...

I can't think of a single app that is desperately needed at this point. I WOULD like for then to focus on making the apps that we have more robust and featured complete in comparison to the other platforms. But everything is in good order all the same.

I hope Microsoft stay with the Pureview 40mpix stuff. My contract is up in January and I would love the newest 1020, if you see what I mean.

Omgoodness I need one for my 1020. I got one just before moving to Maui and I wish all the time it could go into the sea with me!

This is Windows Phone Central... You do know that alot of your readers access your articles on their Windows Phones... Why on earth would you post an embedded video that cannot be played on a Windows Phone? Even the source link cannot play it because it says you must have flash, which of course, Windows Phone does not! If CNN has its own Windows Phone app, they must have a playable source that you can embed instead! I don't know, I'm just Supositron!

Thanks for doing their work for them... I'm starting to think that WP Central needs to be decoupled from Mobile Nations and brought back to its roots... Not enough thinking (focus) about Windows Phone lately... About the video, I wish that Cousteau had opened up the case and showed us just how the Nokia Lumia 1020 fit inside it instead of just holding it up against it!

I have Windows Phone 8.1... Are you sure you're not confusing this with Windows 8.1? Click the source link on a Windows Phone and see if it's supported... It will tell you that you need to install a flash player!

Indeed. I thought I remembered something about playing videos in the browser with the WP8.1DP release notes. But I think that's only for YouTube and mp4 video.

I don't know about you, but the link provided by WPCentral works for me. Lumia 1520 on 8.1. It takes you straight to the mp4 version.

Weird, I've been looking into waterproofing for my 1020 for the past few days. In an attempt to replace my Kodak Playsport with something more convienient. 

Granted, this case is almost certainly way out of what I'm willing to spend on a solution, the fact that it'd appear when I'm looking is pretty crazy. 

Why don't they (Microsoft) compile all of the cool stuff that the 1020 has been used for and do a commercial with it? Smh.. Come up Microsoft.. Wake up. Ok Microsoft loving rant is over..

That's a pretty serious looking case. They are custom made though so they probably won't be for sale unfortunately :O

Just use a Dicapac. I think they have a dive rating of 20 metres...(but since it's just a bag, I reckon it could go far beyond that given the 1020's rock solid build quality.

Hell yeah I would! But neither of the video links work on mobile when accessed through the WPC app.

Totally read the title as "custom underwear" and got very confused.

"Is that a Lumia 1020 in your pocket or..." well, you know the rest. ;)

What's the big deal about living underwater for 31 days? Submariners live underwater for up to 6 months. Why not just live in a sub?

I loved my Xperia Z1 for being waterproof, I spend aclot of timecon a boat in the summer and last year my Z1 fell out of my shirt pocket and was in about 28ft of water for over half an hour before i got someone to get it for me. 

wish nokia would invest more in accessories for their complete smartphone assortment for the general public as well.

With such a thick case, it would've been nice if they added an optical zoom functionality - I.e twist lens to zoom

Microsoft should just make a waterproof phone like the Sony Xperia Z series

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I wish someone would make a waterproof case specifically for the 1020.  Something that is a lot more custom than those lame bags that are meant to be a one size fits all solution.  The iPhone has the Griffin Survivor case, and something like that would be great.  It would be nice to have at the beach or pool, but I am afraid it will never happen due to the small market.