Check out property throughout the UK with Rightmove for Windows Phone


There are many ways to locate the perfect home to turn into your humble abode, from local media to websites and estate agents. Rightmove (www.rightmove.co.uk) is a leading UK property website that specialises in helping you find your next property. With over a million properties to search through, the Rightmove team has released an app for Windows Phone for mobile browsing.

What's great about the Rightmove app is that it's not only useful for those who are actively seeking a mobile solution to the Rightmove website, but it's seriously well designed. The app is absolutely gorgeous, which is something we've come to enjoy (and to a degree, expect) from developers on the Windows Phone platform.

As one would expect from a Rightmove app, you can essentially search through, filter and browse in more detail millions of properties listed on the system. Sporting a Modern UI focused experience means that you're able to easily navigate through the app and get to the content most relevant to you.


So how about some features?

  • Fast access to recently viewed and saved searches
  • Fast access to recently viewed and saved properties
  • View photos and floorplans of a property that you’re interested in
  • See stations and schools near a property
  • Share properties on social media and using 'tap to share'
  • Save property viewings straight from the app into your calendar
  • Learn about the area before your viewing by looking at property in the UK with Streetview.
  • Contact estate and lettings agents and developers directly in-app

That's quite the list of functionality. If you're a big fan of the main website and are seeking a solution for your Windows Phone, look no further than the official app. You can download Rightmove from the Windows Phone Store for free (available for Windows Phone 8).

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Reader comments

Check out property throughout the UK with Rightmove for Windows Phone


Such a beautiful and well designed app on the main screen, shame about the not so nicely designed subsequent screens but still it's sooooo much prettier than the iOS version! Go Windows Phone!!!

Wow...now that's a milestone example how beautifully a metro app can be created.This app is miles ahead in beauty compared to its iOS and android counter parts.loving it.

I was looking for this the other day and so I'm really glad an app has now been released! The website has been brilliant so far and I'm sure this app will compliment it well.

Wow, this and the Lloyds TSB app in one day! I think that's the only two remaining apps that I've been waiting to get that i had on iOS but not on WP! Awesome.