Chickens and Moles, helping critters escape the farm

Chickens and Moles

One of the oddest pairings in a Windows Phone game has to be found in the game Chickens and Moles. It's a first person styled "Angry Birds" type game where you are tasked with rescuing chickens and moles from Farmer Grumble's cages.  Instead of tossing birds to destroy pigs, you toss boulders (or is it cannon balls?) to free the chickens and moles.

Chickens and Moles has sixty levels where you toss your boulders at the structures protecting the animals in cages. The concept is as the structure crumbles it breaks the cages and the chickens and moles run free.  I wouldn't consider Chickens and Moles a "must have" game but it's not too shabby of a Windows Phone game when you're in the mood for something different.

When you launch Chickens and Moles you get to view a movie on how the chickens and moles cause a disturbance on the farm. As a result, Farmer Grumble cages them. If you're not a movie fan, you can skip the cinematics and jump to the main menu.

Chicken and Moles

The main menu has options to view your achievements, treasures, settings, and the about screen. You also have links to the developer's Facebook and Twitter pages as well as an option to play the game.

Each of the 60 levels can be replayed and the game screen has the caged animals protected by a variety of structures. You are armed with a set number of boulders (indicated in the upper left corner) and to launch a boulder at the structure, just tap the screen. Shots need to be strategic to create a chain reaction that will bust the cages open as the structure collapses.

Chickens and Moles

You'll need to free all the animals to advance to the next level and along the way you have twelve treasures to collect to add to the game's challenge.

Graphics are nice, game play somewhat challenging but there isn't a real hook to keep you coming back for more.  Chickens and Moles is a fun game to play but is more suited for when you need a change of pace.  The biggest downside to Chickens and Moles is that there isn't a trial version. The full version won't break the bank at $.99 but it would be nice to see the first few levels available in a trial version.

You can find Chickens and Moles here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

Chickens and Moles, helping critters escape the farm


Okay Guys.. Being a L 620 lover.. Preparing myself to take another shot at me.. Now .. tell me.. Can we play this on Lumia 620?

Thanks for the review! I'm the main developer of the game. I appreciate any criticism you have and I'm planning a big update in the next few months, so if you have any suggestions let me know. I'm currently working on making a trial version available as well as I know many people like to test out WP games before they buy, including myself.
@a7un: Haven't had the chance to test on the 620 but it should run just fine. If you happen to download it and it doesn't run very smoothly please get in touch with me and I'll try my best to fix it.
@ryaoni: Yeh sorry about that, the game is windows phone 8 only.

Personally I haven't included one because the game engine I'm using doesn't support it. I've put it on the wish list and I'm trying to get it done as fast as possible but I'm afraid it's out of my control just at the moment. There will be one eventually though :)