China releasing Lumia 800 CDMA in March, other phones in April

Lumia 800c

We've known that China has been testing the Nokia Lumia 800c, a CDMA variant of the popular Nokia handset, and now we have some more information.

The handset is due in March on the China Telecom network and will come in cyan, white and black upon release. In addition, the Lumia 710 is due in April and even the Lumia 900 is expected to launch there too, though no firm date was given. All phones are expected to be upgraded to Tango.

Of course with the mention of CDMA bands, our US readers are probably wondering about a Verizon/Sprint release. While it seems technically easier to do so, we're holding out for a Verizon announcement of a 900 with LTE sometime in the future but our latest intel still has no Nokia devices for Sprint. Of course being the mobile industry, things can change fast.

Source: Weibo; Thanks, nba-lin, for the tip


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China releasing Lumia 800 CDMA in March, other phones in April


It's not MSFT or Nokia that don't want this phone in all US carriers..it's the carriers that are refusing them...spefically Verizon and Sprint. Verizon supposedly had a Nokia planned for release around April but canceled it. And nothing on Sprint.

thank you for saying something. Ppl who post dumb comments about msft and/nokia not wanting all US carriers on board have issues. They cannot force carriers to sell their product wake up ignorant ppl

It is Microsoft in that they went after a premier partner in AT&T. I have a feeling they get first stab at every phone but what does Microsoft get out of it? Does ATT get cheaper pricing on purchase of units? Likely....which could be causing issues with other carriers. I think Microsoft was short sighted in seeking out a premier partner in the US and I think it is hurting them in the US market while other markets are starting to show traction.

sorry but MSFT is not Apple. What you explained is an Apple move. Did you not read the stories of Sprint not wanting to carry anymore WP7 until MSFT "proves" itself? Maybe you missed the stories of Verizon saying they won't carry anymore WP7 until MSFT has LTE support....where have you been?

What if we import this phone over to the US, and just swap the SIM card? Will it work on Verizon's network here? I rather do this than switch to AT&T and pay a high ETF to Verizon

That's not entirely true...my current Verizon HTC Trophy, a Windows Phone, has a SIM card under the battery, and can be easily taken in and out

the reason the trophy has a sim is because its a "world phone" and uses the sim to connect to gsm networks during international travel. 

I can only dream of seeing a CDMA variant on Sprint. My contract isn't up yet so I still have time to wait but if they don't have something new out around the time summer/fall rolls around I'm going to seriously considering leaving Sprint.