Employees in China protest Microsoft's massive layoffs

Chinese employees protest Microsoft's massive layoffs

Nokia employees in China are protesting the massive layoffs introduced by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella last month. Hundreds of employees in China are said to be picketing the "hostile takeover and violent layoffs" for hours on Friday, and those employees would convene in the afternoon to hand over their demands to the Lumia-maker.

The protest occurred at a Chinese office that employs 2,400 people. However, it's reported that only "hundreds" participated in the demonstration, carrying banners and shouting slogans against Microsoft.

The protest stemmed from Microsoft's $7.2 billion acquisition of Nokia and subsequently announcing a layoff of 18,000 employees as it reorganized itself in a new change in strategy. Of those 18,000, 12,500 of those cuts would be made on the Nokia handset side.

In addition to the protests, it is also reported that Microsoft is facing difficulties in China. A Reuters report states that four Microsoft offices were raided by the Chinese government as part of an anti-monoply investigation.

Microsoft's public image extends beyond China's displeasure with labor moves as Finland had also expressed its "betrayal" by the layoffs.

Source: Reuters


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Employees in China protest Microsoft's massive layoffs


Some could say they hate China even more. Cheap mass produced knockoff products, hostility towards anything related to the US yet they copy every product the US produces, could go on and on.

Of course it's always painful to lose your job but I can't help but see the hand of the chinese governent in orchestrating the protest.

Let's not forget last week's Chinese government raiding the offices of Microsoft---I;m sure that had *nothing* to do with last month's lay-offs...[snark of course]

The copy every product the US produces? 

Most of your electronics are made in China.
And I think they have all right to complain considering the situation most are living in. We use them for slave labour and when companies have financial difficulties they get cut off. 

You should watch documentries on what this chinese workers go through in the process of producing our phone. The evironmental and chemical hazards, we wouldnt permit in Europe or America. 

I understand Microsoft needs to cut workers, but I understand the Chinese peoples frustration. 
This is a source of livelihood for most of their families. 

Anyway this goes to show how cooperation dont give a f*ck about the workers.

At the end of the day, all is business, do-what-is-best-for-the-company mentality, with utmost disregard for human life.

We all must hold love in our heart to move forward. Consider life first.

Yes...steals & copies US products.  A few months ago, Chinese nationals were found stealing a USA based Biotech firms prototype crop DNA samples, seeds and plants and attempting to bring them to a China based seed company.  If successful, it would have saved $10B and 15 years off their current roadmap to catch up to them today.

It's real...it happens all the time.  

Their living conditions are horrific in parts...if only there was a strong central government over there who could do something about it...

There is no "moving forward" without the end of our global commercial society. The end of money/capitalism. What I'm talking about is a "resource based economy". Look it up!

A resource based economy would invove, at the very minimum, a violent revolution of sorts to take power away from the richand middle class people right now. You are essentially saying all the billions of dollars they have are worthless. Money is, amongst many things, also a mechanism for the fortunate to remain fortunate at the cost of the unfortunate. I am not talking just about the 1% here, I am referring to the vast middle class that has amassed wealth in the hundreds of thousands or even low millions. It pits vast sections of society against one another. It is not something that can be discussed in a comment system of a blog. Is it desirable? yes. But there are genuine problems to overcome before that happens.

I agree with you that logically there would be much pain in the process of change needed to reach the goal of an actual global resource based economy. But whether that change takes place in our life time or not, it is indeed required, for our species to survive. That is if the global population stays roughly the same as is, or increases. Which logic says it will. Our treatment of this plant, driven by greed for something we humans artificially created (currency), can not be sustained. Life as we know it now, will not last for much longer. This revolution you speak of is inevitable. It's money that separates us and motivates us to despise our neighbors, keeping us from the vast power created out of community, sharing and love. These are things our species was founded on. Only recently (in the grand scheme) have we deviated from this behavior. Again I do agree there are genuine problems to overcome before this change happens. On a side note. Enjoy your Windows Phone my friend.

Lol, as you type all that on your completely American-made keyboard to your completely American-made computer and router/modem.

Um funny enough, my laptop and router are made in china. 

And I dont have anything against USA. The problem is against big coporations with disregards for human life.

Get this through your head you retarded fool. Nokia was doomed either way, and if Microsoft hadn't bought Nokia, someone else would have and still laid off thousands of employees. If nobody bought Nokia's handset division, it would have gone bankrupt anyway. So there's no way those jobs survive. So China and Finland can get f&cked.

As for you hating Microsoft, nobody gives a damn.

In addtition, Microsoft will not just cut them off completely without compensation. The lay off is inevitable but they will also get severance pay. That may not be enough to completely remove the pain but at least it will ease it so they can look for other jobs. The alternative is for Microsoft to continue employing redundant and unecessary employees and eventually go bankrupt - then all jobs will be lost and that will be truly horrendous for everyone.

You're definitely on the right track.  If Microsoft hadn't bought them Nokia would have just closed down their own phone division on their own thereby laying off their own employees.  No need to be bought, Nokia still had boatloads of cash on hand to survive, in fact they've been doing so for 175(?) years.  The big deal with the Finnish govt though was that MS promised the govt if they went ahead and approved the buy-out (it would have fallen through without Finn govt approval) they wouldn't lay-off Finn employees, MS broke their promise so the Finns definitely have a good reason to be publicly upset.

Anti-monopoly raid, lol, more like grab all the Windows 7 activation keys. I really can't believe any company does business in China.
PS what company doesn't lay off people?

Not even close, in reality. 3d printing can't come soon enough to knock that county off it's only benefit, legalized slave labor... Though their government is getting more open to business (letting car companies not need Chinese cohorts) so maybe I'll change my tune in a few years if they also get more open with the people as well.

And could soon be the center of an economic crash. Realestate speculation buying homes/units in giant towers of a empty new city.  See New South Chinga Mall.   

China isn't the economic center of shit. It's a sh*thole of a country that doesn't buy products, but instead knocks them off. They don't produce anything worth a damn, they instead try to hack and steal technology. They knock off everything. Nobody is going to take China seriously with this kind of backwards thinking.

The company I work for has been in business for 45 years, currently employs close to 4000 employees in multiple countries, and they have never had a lay off. Just saying.

Sorry how about "way to get people angry MICROSOFT surely after the Nokia acquisition none of this was necessary" it was a bit more technical for you business man, what do you think

I think you need to let us settle this like the civilized way we are doing, and not come in swinging a knife at us

@ULOP3Z I still don't get your point, sarcasm or otherwise. Are you saying it's not necessary for Microsoft to lay off employees even it they are redundant and useless to the company? Because I see the process of laying off as necessary although a painful process. Laying off employees is always painful so that's why there are severance packages. Which are there not because they completely remove the pain but at least help in the transistion to look for other jobs. Microsoft after all is in the business of making money not in the business of charity. By the way, the only thing I get is your sarcasm towards @Tafsern, althought I don't know why.

It's all sarcasm, don't take things too seriously, I can't believe people can't tell when someone is just joking around, now I see why people on the internet go around trolling, people just take things TOO SERIOUSLY

No different to Apple firing nearly all the Beats workforce after the acquisition of that company.

I've been made redundant more than twice in my life. Things change and life goes on..

It's called capitalism... Get over it!!!!

heh. maybe if they love their jobs so much then they'd buy more Windows phones.

chinese WP marketshare dropped from 2.9% to 0.9% no wonder Microsoft laid off China.

The fuck is their problem? What about the jobs the Chinese are depriving of other people in the world just because they are willing to work for peanuts? More and more companies transfer their production to China, leaving the locals unemployed. What about the "Made in China" tag? Isn't this a kind of monopoly when you get to see it everywhere?

No offence against the Chinese people but what the fuck.. Can't be that bird-brained..

You're an idiot that clearly has no idea how business works if you're blaming the for jobs moving there. On the plus side the bigger idiot is the Indian that agrees with you.

You're a bigger idiot. And a racist. So go fall off a cliff mister businessman. Fall onto something soft though, would be a shame for the world to lose your majestic intelligence.

Of course you have a right to protest. But that doesn't change the fact that Microsoft also has the right to get rid of redundant and unecessary employees, as long as they follow the law (like giving severance pay for example) in the process of laying off.

"Hostile" takeover? What the hell are they crying about. Really? Name one thing about the Chinese government or it's many well connected oligarchs that aren't hostile, themselves. I am so done with the supposed emergence of the "Chinese Superpower".


They've all likely been prompted by that stank government to protest Microsoft. But that's exactly what you get, Microsoft. Doing business with a defunct country that steals trade secrets and lies about it's militarily aggressive ambition to oppress it's weaker neighbors to expand it's authoritarian reach.


At the most, with the way china is heading. It will only ever be a regional power, within twenty years they won't even be that.


Get over it, China. It's called a business. If you ask me we're sanctioning the wrong country.

What did they expect. For the company to keep all of them. Almost every company trim fat once its acquires another company

Correct. And it's good business. But still, if I'm part of the fat being trimmed I don't like it!

Microsoft is really being annoying..!! It's wrong what they are doing all of a sudden.. They should inform a month or two before layoffs of particular ppl. But doing it all off a sudden is like being a b!tch

Maybe news travels slow in China since the Government (ahem, Party) controls the Internet there, but this was announce a couple of weeks ago.  Protesting a layoff will only result in losing a job sooner.  But quasi-capitalism is new in China so they still have a lot to learn.

In all in all, they just want more money even though Microsoft has already paid them quite alot and add two month extra money.

I just hope Microsoft is not shutting down the Nokia phone factories and trying to work on outsourcing the job to foxxconn. Who also makes surface and Xbox.

It was inevitable, this is the nature of the business. I personally would've been looking for work once they announced Nokia was selling.